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  1. ok, this is what is currently happening: 1. Disable all automatic updates in the upgrade section's tick box 2. Uninstall DSTV now 3. Restart 4. Run the patch 5. Restart 6. Install downloaded DSTS apk v1.42.6 7. Go to Google Play > My apps > Installed > select DSTV > Top right is 3 lines, click it > Unselect the Allow Auto Updates box 8. **Do not add a DSTV now shortcut to home screen** 9. Open DSTV now, Log-in , do your thing This is the last one that appears to be successful... Not sure how long it will last, but hope it helps the next person reading this
  2. Looks like i spoke to soon. It is now doing the same and even if i reload the patch it doesn't work Any other advice please?
  3. You guys are awesome. I did a factory reset, but then the dstv app didn't work. I followed the steps to download, copy to usb, go to upgrade, press line button 10 times, update. Now my live sport works perfect. Many thanks from South Africa
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