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  1. Seem to be having an issue with MyGica 582 and the Samsung Series 3 TV. When turning TV back on it constantly flickers and then I get a black screen. I am running the latest software and turned the output resolution to the required. To make matter worse the same thing is happening with my ATV1960 and the my newer Samsung Smart TV. I have never had an issue before running various devices such as PS4 and Apple TV on the screen. Now getting a flickering screen issue on this TV as well. What is going on with the devices and why is is causing these problems.
  2. I have a 582 unrooted device. My DSTV Now app is working for Live TV but not catch up. Anyone else have this problem and how could I fix it?
  3. Dstv Now App Live TV working but not catch up Good Day i have unrooted my 582 device. Dstv now app is working but only the Live TV. The catch up channels still not working. Please help
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