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    Atv 495Pro

    Thank you so much.... Between you and justin i appricate it. RMA ticket has been submitted but not sure if it's bricked it can be worked around?
  2. Scotts

    Atv 495Pro

    I saw that in a feed yesterday and took down that link. When I plug it in though and hold the button down the light still stays red as if powered off.
  3. Scotts

    Atv 495Pro

    Hi Justin and before i go further thank you the bottom of the bog Android 6.0 tv box Item No Atv495pro HDR I powered it up maybe 3 weeks ago and there was a update on the screen so I said ok. After it booted I got like a "as in windows" a dos type screen with options to reboot anyother to reset to factory defult and a reboot... I tried the factory reset and that has done nothing. Now I just get the red light. I have tried unplug with holding the power button for 15 sec's other times longer and it never flashed nor turned blue.
  4. Scotts

    Atv 495Pro

    Other then 495 hdr pro I will have to get back to you tonight
  5. 495 pro red power light stays on Did the update my 495 pro slit hung so I rebooted it now just stays on the red light I've tried unplug and hold the power button stays red and can't power on
  6. Scotts

    Atv 495Pro

    Atv 495Pro Hi So my ATV 495 hrs pro did the update. It hung so I rebooted it. Now the power button stays red and I'm not able to boot it up. Even holding down the power button and the plugging it in for 15 seconds does not turn the box on. Stays on the red power light