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  1. zahirmomin

    Help...I can't get the 7.1 firmware to load

    I updated firmware for 495 Pro HDR box. I used option within settings (I selected Software update manually) and system scanned and picked up the .img file automatically from the USB and rest was to follow the instructions. The .img file was in the root of the USB.
  2. zahirmomin

    Help...I can't get the 7.1 firmware to load

    Hi, I updated mine using a USB key and system detected the proper file and updated fine for me. I updated from ver 6 to ver 7.1
  3. zahirmomin

    ATV495Pro Remote not working

    Hi I came across that issue few days ago with my 495 ATV Pro remote (just power button worked) and it was batteries issue. If you notice blinking red light on remote when pressing any button than change with better quality batteries like Duracell. Hope this helps.
  4. zahirmomin

    No mouse add on with new update 7.1

    Thanks for your help Justin. The Cetusplay remote works good. I had IME Remote but it did not detect or connect the MyGica box by IP address.
  5. No mouse add on with new update 7.1 Hi I updated new firmware of 7.1 for ATV 495 Pro HDR box to solve remote mouse issue and I notice there is no remote option for allowing a 3rd party mobile remote. I searched all the options within MyGica box but did not see it. MyGica Share Remote is only useful when we open the MyGica share application and connect with mobile MyGica remote. This is not good if you loose physical remote or break it. No option to control remote from mobile in that case. Am I missing anything? Please help.
  6. zahirmomin

    Mouse keeps disconnecting

    Hi, I upgraded firmware 7.1.2 to resolve my mouse issue on remote and it is fixed now. I have 495 Pro HDR box and I used file "update_MyGica_ATV495HDR_wv_7.1_20171221_V1.0" But now the wifi does not connect and I do not see any remote option under more settings (to allow phone remote). I noticed Wifi turns in the box and I see my home wifi network but it does not connect. My home wifi was working fine when I had ver 6.0 Solved one problem but created two issues (wifi and no remote option). Any idea? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  7. zahirmomin

    Mouse keeps disconnecting

    Mouse keeps disconnecting Hello, I recently got MyGica ATV 495 Pro and over all box is performing great however mouse within remote is giving some trouble. It just stops working all of sudden and only way to bring it back is by restarting the unit. It is doing more and more and I have to restart box few times in a day. This is very frustrating and need some solutions for it. The firmware version is Android 6.0 Thanks.