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  1. D-Spayre

    Device is not certified by Google

    Did another factory reset and still doing the same thing.
  2. D-Spayre

    Device is not certified by Google

    Yep, I did a factory reset and still doing the same thing. I'll try doing it again. Thanks
  3. Device is not certified by Google Hi, Picked up a new ATV1960 as soon as I click on the Play Store, I get "Device is not certified by Google". Android version: 7.1.2 Any way around this? Thanks
  4. D-Spayre

    Terrarium tv

    Firmware 6.0 & 7.1.2 isn't stable on this device. Needs some work, crashes and choppy at times. Is there a 5.1.1 firmware available for this model? Thanks
  5. D-Spayre

    DAZN Isn't Compatible

    Ok thanks
  6. D-Spayre

    DAZN Isn't Compatible

    Hey Justin, I'm using update_Mygica_ATV1900AC_5.1_NoNetflixHD_20161121 and I've also tried MyGica_1900AC/1800/582/380_Android_5.1_20170612 1.0.0. Both say it Isn't Compatible. But 1900Pro works fine. Thanks
  7. D-Spayre

    DAZN Isn't Compatible

    DAZN Hi, DAZN is not compatible with the 1900AC but it is with the 1900 Pro, is there a way you can fix this before football season? Thanks
  8. D-Spayre

    Kodi v17 - MyGica ATV582

    It looks like there will be no Lollipop for the 582/380's due to the fact there is only 1gb of ram in these systems. That being said they are creating their own version of KODI 17 on their own to work with the 582/380s. They will be calling it MMC, (Mygica Media Center)
  9. D-Spayre

    ATV 582

    Sounds like your remote needs to be paired back with the dongle. http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41-RemotePair Hope this helps...
  10. D-Spayre

    Unit won't power on

    Well I found the problem. I have a test bench where I do all my testing for anything IT related and realized that I was using one of the older power adapters. New 1900 Pro uses a 5v 3a adapter and the one I was using was a 5v 2000mA (2a) adapter so that 1 extra amp missing was causing me all kinds of issues. But all in all the main issue the unit was having seems to be now fixed. Thanks
  11. D-Spayre

    Unit won't power on

    Ok after leaving the unit unplugged all night and tried it again in the morning it booted up fine. Now that's odd. So I was able to update the new firmware using the Upgrade app and it updated fine. Everything was working fine until I unplug the machine and now it's doing the same thing all over. Just orange light. lol This is very strange. So I'll try leaving it unplugged for a bit again and see what happens. But what would be causing this to happen? Thanks
  12. D-Spayre

    Unit won't power on

    Yep that's what I've done. Lights won't flash, just stays at a solid orange.
  13. D-Spayre

    Unit won't power on

    It won't go into recovery mode. Just stuck on the orange light.
  14. D-Spayre

    Unit won't power on

    Was having issues with the powering up since I bought the unit, so I updated the firmware with what you had posted to fix the issue. Everything was working perfectly until I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in. Now just has an orange light.
  15. D-Spayre

    Unit won't power on

    Unit won't power on Hi, My unit won't power on. Just has an orange light on the front. Thanks