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  1. Yes - I only came across it by chance when searching for a solution on the web. The driver is version 1.40.2303.0 but I don't think the website where you can download drivers from has caught up yet. Happy to hear it worked for you.
  2. Sorry - this fix is for T230C not for T230 - however, if you have the original driver, you can still try it and revert to original driver if this does not work.
  3. Try this fix (copied below) from MyGica for another issue (same product T230C):- I did it and now the tuner is working from hibernate. Only if you are running Windows 10 64-bit SOLVED I can't edit the main post so if you are reading this, until there's a full official solution with a proper installer, here is how to manually install the working driver. download this: http://mygicasupport.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4105 Extract the files somewhere (you need to know where they are) Right click "Computer" > Manage > Device Manager > Find your device under "sound video and game controllers" > Right click > Update Driver > Manually search in your computer > Locate the folder > Install Driver > Restart your Computer & research your local DVB-T2 frequency. That's it! it worked for us, hope it works for you. @zxl if possible please either Edit this into the top of the thread or sticky this or something so people could see it when they first go into this thread.
  4. T230C and resume from hibernation/sleep I have an issue with the T230C stick. If I resume my windows 10 PC from hibernation or sleep, I cannot get sound or picture from the device.It appears that the device is detected as device manager still shows it, but the screen is black and there is no sound. I have to unplug the stick and re-insert it to get sound and picture. I have an alternative generic USB DVB-T2 tuner that does provide sound and picture when resuming from hibernation or sleep on the same PC. It's important that the stick should work from hibernation, as I have recordings scheduled and leaving the PC in hibernation mode is very convenient. The PC wakes up to record and goes back to hibernation after the recording is finished and this should be unattended. Unfortunately, the T230C stick needs removing and re-inserting after resuming from hibernation, and so the PC cannot be left unattended. I have tried the following driver versions, both without success:- v1.32.1748.0 and v1.32.1146.0 Thanks
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