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  1. i get it. i already downloaded the Windows APP installed it, the click and open app then turn on APP on PC, when i click on the IP on the PC nothing happens. lots of bugs wiht the 495 box. they will need lots of fixes.
  2. yes i have tried this but doesn't work. run app on pc gives me ip address to click on but nothing happens.
  3. Miracast is just terrible app with my 495 Pro....finally sound click on for 1 day and now gone again.... something is wrong for sure within app.
  4. tried the laptop to tv, click on pc app shows mygica, click to connect then stops. doesn't work. geeezzzz, insane apps.
  5. yes, check Droid Settings changed to HDMI but the volume is very very low. thanks, will try the other method you mentioned.
  6. There use to be a setting in the 6.0 version for sound for HDMI but now when using Miracast and Windows10 my sound is very very very low. Spent two hours last night trying every possible combination. Any one know the exact settings to get the sound working properly?
  7. the one posted in the download section update_MyGica_ATV495HDR_wv_7.1_20171221_V1.0 Change Log: - Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2
  8. ok, upgraded my 495 pro with latest version and choppiness is gone, but not my volume is way too low. checked all settings but nothing, can't get the volume to be louder anymore when using miracast. in original software there was a setting in sound section that i changed to hdmi, but couldn't find it in new version.
  9. Miracast, Windows 10, very choppy. Hi All, using 495 Pro, with Windows 10 laptop. Tried Miracast to watch live streaming from my laptop. Very choppy and sluggish. Moved my laptop near tv, same thing. Not very good. Plays smooth on laptop, same time, choppy and sluggish via Miracast. Anyone else have this issue? Porkazil
  10. 495 Pro HDR air remote issues, disconnected Hi, just curious if anyone is having issues with their 495 Pro HDR Air remote. Here is the issue, i have replaced the unit 3 times within 1 week of purchase. Once remote is turned off, and then turned back on it rarely works unless i remove the wirelesss usb dongle from the machine. Once i do that it works again. If i turn it off from remote it usually turns back on disconnected. So annoying... i thought it was the machine but after replacing the unit 3 times, i do believe it's the box or software on the box. Any help on anybody having this issu. Thanks in advance. Porkazil.
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