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    Remap remote control

    Droid settings has power off, yes, but that powers the device right down and it would have to boot up each time.... time consuming. In root explorer I see key layout folder but I don't know which file to edit. I have android 7.1 Thanks
  2. Jackdm

    Remap remote control

    There should be a way via root explorer and editing a file.
  3. Jackdm

    Remap remote control

    Not quite, standby doesn't kill running apps in the background while the sleep mode does. Having to hold down the power button to choose standby is a bit time consuming.
  4. Jackdm

    Remap remote control

    Remap remote control Hey guys, glad to be here. Wanted to know if there is a way I can remap the buttons on the remote control. Specifically, I want to remap the power button to put the device in "standby" instead of "sleep". Thanks