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  1. Remote Control Issues I have a ATV 495 Pro with the air mouse and have been experiencing issues lately: 1. Power button does not work at all. I have to manually press the power button on the unit to turn it on 2. After the unit gets to the main page, remote is often unpaired and unresponsive. Tried parking using Vol+ and Page+ and it does not work. Changing and removing batteries on the remote does not work. The only thing that works is removing the dongle and reinserting it again then pairing it again. A huge headache if this needs to be done every time. Please assist. Thanks!
  2. I apologize. I should have said that it was working fine before the update i.e. the unit worked as per normal before the update. When I was ready to apply the update, I turned off the unit using the remote and removed the power cable. I then inserted the update on a formatted MicroSD card and while the unit powered up with an orange light, there was no response from the TV. Tried different TVs and different cables with no response. (Sorry, should have proofread first!) Just another question, since the box never had the ability to fully shut down, does this mean that the box needs to be plugged in all the time in order to prevent issues from removing the power from it?
  3. It seems like this is an ongoing issue. I should have read the forums before updating ☹️. My box appears to be bricked as well, did the exact same thing as OP. I hope it can be replaced even if it is barely out of warranty.
  4. Yes, there was nothing on the screen before I tried the update. I shut down the unit using the option on the screen, followed the instructions but then it just never turned on again.
  5. ATV495 PRO Not Responding I just tried to install the firmware update 032417 from March 2017 (20170324) and the box does not respond at all. I unzipped the file onto a formatted USB, followed the instructions on the site (hold down reset/power button while plugging in power and holding for 15 seconds). The box now does not respond at all. I tried changing HDMI cables and also changing TVs but nothing works. The orange power light is on but nothing shows up on the screen. Please help!
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