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  1. if it is an sd card issue why does it happen when I use a USB key also? Gord
  2. I tried the usb route as well with the same result
  3. I followed your instructions exactly the file before unzipping is 697,407,115 bytes (702.5 MB on disk) When I select the file in the Recovery menu it says at the bottom of the screen... Recovery is listening add side load... Waiting ads side load command... E:failed to mount /dev/block/mmcblk0 on /sdcard by read-only (Device or resource busy) It also shows the files in the menu as I wrote before. Is the file the problem because is is a different size than you mentioned? Gord
  4. Help...I can't get the 7.1 firmware to load I am hoping that someone can guide me . I downloaded the firmware update and loaded it on a micro SD card and attempted to update it. When I select the file update_MYGica_ATV495Pro-HDR_wv_7.1_20171221_V1.0/ another directory comes up :// _boot.img _bootloader.img _dtb.img _logo.img _recovery.img when I select boot it tries to execute but it fails E:cannot load volume/misc! Finding update package... Loading update package... E:failed to mount /dev/block/mmcblk0 on /sdcard by read-only (Device or resource busy) Verifying update package... E:footer is wrong E:signature verification failed Installation aborted. Thought about how to remedy this anyone? Thanks, Gord
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