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    WiFi Issue

    WiFi Issue Hey All, I have two 495 Pro HDR boxes, because I love the remote and the box. One is connected to a TV downstairs by physical cable, the other is upstairs and connected by wifi. Both stream iptv. The one downstairs works fine, the one upstairs is spottier. Right now, the box upstairs is connected using 802.11n, but my router supports 5 GHz, so I set up a 802.11 ac connection. My cell phone is connected and works fine, my laptop is connected and works fine, but the 495 Pro HDR doesn't see the network. So I went to the one downstairs, which is like 10 feet from the router, and switched it to wifi. That box is happy to hook up to 2.4 GHz, but doesn't see the 5 GHz network at all. The literature on the box and Mygica's website all say that the 495 Pro HDR happily plays with 5 GHz and 802.11 ac. What am I doing wrong? JGH