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  1. You always need to make sure you've gone through all the basics before trying all of the more complicated checks and solutions... That's why I asked. another basic (honestly I want to call it "stupid" instead) question is... do you have the T230C or the T230? (because this is for T230C) It's interesting to me how it worked perfectly fine for 2 people and suddenly a third person comes and for him its not only working in an unstable way but actually crashes his system. If we are using the same OS, on 64bit, same windows update and tuner (T230C not t230)... I'd say you either have a software or driver that is clashing with the t230c driver, or, different hardware like... idk an AMD CPU and board and maybe this driver is optimized for intel systems in some way... I really don't know this is just a shot in the dark here. try to turn off as many programs that are running in the background as you can before re-installing the driver and maybe also remove any unnecessary devices from your PC. I would say, since for now it worked for us on win10, first isolate your checks to the win10 machine. If you get it to work on that you can move on from there to other OS versions. that is unless the main system you will use the T230C on is win7... in that case, maybe open a new thread... because all these posts are hiding the solution that did work for some of us from new users who it might work for. anyway I'm no expert obviously and you might know much more than me... there's not much I can do but be a fresh set of eyes... hope you get it to work!
  2. my driver is on the same version are you using a 32 or 64 bit system? what windows version are you running? did you follow these instructions and did you restart between the driver installation and trying to see if its working? are you on the latest windows update?
  3. SOLVED I can't edit the main post so if you are reading this, until there's a full official solution with a proper installer, here is how to manually install the working driver. download this: http://mygicasupport.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4105 Extract the files somewhere (you need to know where they are) Right click "Computer" > Manage > Device Manager > Find your device under "sound video and game controllers" > Right click > Update Driver > Manually search in your computer > Locate the folder > Install Driver > Restart your Computer & research your local DVB-T2 frequency. That's it! it worked for us, hope it works for you. @zxl if possible please either Edit this into the top of the thread or sticky this or something so people could see it when they first go into this thread.
  4. It's working! I guess you need to work on the installer than... If you want me to check other versions of the installer for you, please email me @zxl
  5. Haha just did that while you were writing this. Going to rescan soon.
  6. The one from your link. Edit: sorry I thought you meant which driver. tried it on HiDTV NextPVT and SmartDVB where do I paste the folder from the file smarg sent? C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository here?
  7. Doesn't work for me. I guess its time to teamviewer whenever you are available
  8. do you have an installer for the driver? Angela maybe an official link so I could put at the top of the thread? @zxl
  9. I'm the same, never received DVB-T2 channels with this device. The title of the thread saying "Once again,..." is because I'm not the first with this problem to write in this forum.
  10. It's the same thing for me with the new software... honestly I don't think the problem is the software... I've already tried several software with the same result... it's either a Driver or hardware Issue with the t230c and DVB-T2 on the Israeli DVB-T2 frequencies. so what's the next step now? teamviewer or is there more we can do without it? and again, thank you for your support!
  11. its not really going to help you solve the DVB-T2 problem but.... did you write the "-" dashes when you wrote the license key? because you should have... for some reason they didn't make it as an auto input and they didn't allow it to work without dashes. anyway, for now, email her.... lets hope she will help us more there.
  12. I'm not at home right now and can't answer all of your questions now. I will send the email when I get home after I got all of the answers. For now: 1. I'm still trying to figure out which software would be the best and most comfortable for me so I've tried several softwares like smartDVB, nextPVR, vlc, kodi with a few plug-ins... How about you share with us what software and settings you used to get it to work? 2. I'm guessing you are looking for a components list so: Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX H270I GAMING CPU: Intel Core i5 7500 Graphics card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti I don't think that the other components could matter in anyway... Although the graphics card shouldn't matter as well. Running windows 10 3. It's a new computer I built about half a year ago... No upgrades or changes since. And it's not like the DVB-T2 on the t230c used to work and then I made an upgrade and it stopped working... It just never worked from when I bought it. 4. Screen shots will be sent later to your email along with everything else when I'm back home. Thank you for your support.
  13. Just incase you missed the notification. I really hope we could resolve this issue quickly
  14. same result using a different computer. not using your driver I get only radio on DVB-T2 frequency. on regular DVB-T frequency i get both video and audio (radio) channels. also I should note, its the same thing on an android device.
  15. trying it now on a different computer. again didn't work with your driver link. will try with a different link and update here
  16. well it was installed properly as far as i can see... I uninstalled anyway and tried to install the version you linked to. doesn't work. re installed the version i had before.
  17. Once again, t230c doesn't scan dvb-t2 I sent an email for support but no reply. I've seen a few posts about this problem but haven't seen a working answer. I get a 72dB connection with 100% signal strength and 100% quality on the cable that I connect to the T230C from an antenna I had professionally installed on the roof of my building. I also have a non USB DVB-T2 tuner that is able to receive all of the channels. For some reason I don't get the DVB-T2 channels on my Mygica T230C DVB-T2 tuner... I installed the latest driver from your website, I tried to change some settings, I searched online for possible solutions but still no luck. I live in Israel and I have a Windows 10 based PC. I get both the video and radio channels on the regular DVB-T frequency (514MHz). But on the DVB-T2 frequency (530MHz) I only get radio channels. Again I should mention, I have a non USB tuner that is able to receive the DVB-T2 video channels with no issues on the same connection so its not a signal issue. Hope you could help.
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