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  1. It is true, however DVB-T2 channels (actually single channel) are transmitted on 530Mhz
  2. just a small note...the provided driver fix is for 64 bit systems. it will not work for 32 bit systems...i asked Angela to provide also fix for 32 bit systems
  3. yes, official driver package would be nice....
  4. Unzip the files to your desktop, then go to device manager, find your t230c device (under sound video and game conrtollers), right click , go to update driver, browse my computer, point it to unzipped driver folder on desktop and let it update the driver...after that rescan 530mhz
  5. no installer, the driver was copy/pasted to my system. the driver version is 1.35.0811 and seems it was built on 17/04/2018....asked Angela if this going to be official and the answer was yes...
  6. So, very good news...i had remote control session with Angela and engineer, who installed new driver and now I can scan and see DVB-T2 channels on 530Mhz frequency with my t230c device!! Thank you very much for your support!
  7. As i already said, this is brand new mygica t230c device i bought from AliExpress. From the moment i plugged it in, It never received DVB-T2 channels. It can receive DVB-T channels and they are working OK, but not DVB-T2 channels.
  8. I see there is driver for t230c DE. ..can you try checking if it works?
  9. i will try anotehr software today evening, sorry did not want to offend you
  10. yes, i tried both with dashes and without....does not work either way...anyway i don't think Total media will help with anything and i don't need it....i will email her, but frankly i dont get why she can't help us here ..this is the support forum..
  11. So, i tried to use it also on a modern Win10 x64 laptop and have the same result. First i tried install the driver you provided, but it did not work...seems that the driver you provided is for t230 (dated 2014...) and not for t230c which is a newer device. I had to install drivers from mygica web site to have it to work. Next, i cannot install Total Media ...the license that i received together with my t230c device does not work! - it keep saying Invalid license key....i had to install NextPVR to work with it. The result is the same - i can only see radio channels on a DVB-T2 frequency, not video channels. I am starting to regret buying t230c....
  12. I have Windows 10 64bit system with modern hardware. The T230C tuner is new from AliExpress (ordered from https://www.aliexpress.com/item/dvb-t2-GENIATECH-MyGica-USB-TV-tuner-Stick-T230C-DVB-C-T2-DVB-T-HD-TV/1883597971.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.3da24c4dKJFIR9) DVB-T2 frequency never worked on it. I tried SmartDVB, NextPVR and VLC I see 3 options here..either DVB-T2 standard in Israel is different (is it possible at all?), i got fake T230C tuner (how can i check it is original?) or the t230c i got is broken somehow...
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