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    Help... error message

    Have an ATV 495 Pro HD, brought about 3-4 months ago, never seen this message until yesterday and it keeps saying that every time I try to play a video or watch tv online. Nothing installed recently. Seems to be working after the full reset, hopefully not going to be an issue again.
  2. Roxy

    Help... error message

    Help... error message Keep getting this error message every time I put on my tv... . Unable to instantiate decoder OMX.amlogic.avc.decoder.awesome ANY HELP IS GREAT!!
  3. My receipt and box say ATV495Pro HDR, so yes, I am using the right upgrade, still with an error message.
  4. Hi, used Netflix’s order version with the right build number. When I switch from tv right to Netflix it just sits there loading forever. If I leave the tv and click on the accelerator a couple times, then Netflix, it works... so no, it’s not working correctly but I guess this as good as it’s been, miss my old box.
  5. I just kept getting that message every time I tried to upgrade so I gave up, I do have the automatic update box checked. Thank you for the help.
  6. Thank you for removing them, and thank you for letting me know that I’m emailing the wrong place. I will let you know about it Netflix once I can get home. The other issue I am having is I have tried to update using Firmware 7.1 but the system keeps saying it is only for “stvs9” not “stvm9”.... any help would be great!
  7. Both from my sent folder, blacked out my email cause I don’t want spam...
  8. It states that the “latest one” when this video was made, and the bigger build, if you only want me to upgrade to a specific version that is mentioned in the video, then it should have been “upgrade to version x, but make sure it’s this build number. This is specific for people who don’t normally have to do this type of things... I am not trying to be difficult, just not experienced and not getting the help when I email support.
  9. Now that I updated the version to the newest one, I get error code 5.8 every time I run Netflix... thanks for no help
  10. Roxy

    ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2

    MyGica never responds to anyone in a timely manner, I have questions unanswered from the beginning of August
  11. ATV495Pro —Switching from TV to Netflix Finished watch tv and now want to watch Netflix, try to load app and constantly get error messages, “Can not load” “Problem with playback” and no matter how many times I exit and go back in, the messages will continue until I shut the box down. Netflix is working fine on my laptop, phone, and through my blueray player so why does it not work on this box! Same if I try to go back to tv... won’t load... have to shut down box and restart. Anyone have any clue why this box is more trouble than it’s worth? *playback is on the auto/low setting *tv app is STB EMU Pro *everything works fine on my other tv which has a cheaper android box
  12. Roxy

    Netflix app not working

    Yes, if you look at the mygica.co.za/faq it states that Netflix will not work and will show an error screen every time to try to play something (which it does). I downloaded the zip file that this website says works, BUT it won’t download. I have the 495Pro.
  13. Netflix app not working Please someone help.... I came on to this site after finding out that my new MyGica box does not have permission to have Netflix, found the zip file (faq section) .... tried 5 times to download this stupid file which keeps getting frozen at 29%. Can someone tell me what I am to do if the link provided doesn’t work??