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  1. I've just tried it and it's the same - a scan finds no channels. I think you are missing the point a bit here - all these applications (including DVBViewer) are using the BDA driver interface to access the T-230. This driver is not declaring itself as a DVB-C device and so the device must be in DVB-T mode only. As your website says this device can access DVB-C (http://www.mygica.com/product/t230/), there must be a way of configuring the BDA driver so that it can tune DVB-C frequencies and declare itself as a DVB-C device to the various applications. I know the hardware is capable of accessing DVB-C because it can do so under Linux with a third-party driver - https://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Geniatech_T230 So could you talk to the people who wrote the Windows driver and find out if it is actually capable of tuning DVB-C under Windows or not? If not, would it be possible for them to create a new version of the driver that can? Some sort of switch would be useful to toggle between DVB-T and DVB-C - the Astrometa device does this with a registry entry - set it to '1' and it becomes a DVB-C device, set it to '0' and it becomes a DVB-T device. I hope we can get this working because this is a nice little device for the cost. Thanks
  2. I'm in the UK. I have tried scanning a known cable frequency even though it says the device is DVB-T, but it doesn't find any channels. I know my cable connection is ok because I have another DVB-C USB tuner (Astrometa) and this works fine and find all the channels.
  3. I think this is an earlier driver than the one I already have. Windows won't let me update it as you describe - it says the version I have installed is the best. So I uninstalled the device and installed this version - now the driver version says it's 1.32.1146.0 - before I had 1.32.1748.0. I tried Total TV again and it's exactly the same - it only sees the device as DVB-T, with no way to tell it to use DVB-C Not sure what you meant by "research your local DVB-T2" frequency" - the whole point is I want to use DVB-C, not DVB-T2.
  4. Thanks. I've installed Total TV Player from your link, but that also only sees the device as DVB-T, not DVB-C. So how do I make it see the device as DVB-C?
  5. T230 DVB-C mode in Windows? The T230 is advertised as supporting DVB-C, presumably with the TotalMedia software, but I'd like to use it with 3rd party software (DVBViewer) as a DVB-C tuner. After I install the driver, DVBViewer sees it as a DVB-T device, and even if I force it to be DVB-C, it doesn't work. So how can I switch it to DVB-C mode under Windows 7? Is there a registry entry which toggles it? Thanks
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