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  1. Thank You Followed your link, download and followed instruction, all working fine now with newer rc.
  2. I downloaded it from this forum, and i searched for that kr60 file you mentioned above, but can not find it. So , If you could post the link, it would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance for any assistance
  3. Hi Justin Sorry, I didnt know how to quote your question. I downloaded it from this forum, and yes, it was the only one i found on this forum, it says k34 at the end of the file name
  4. i Have a 1200 that was using the lasted remote, i think "k64", i was forced to reset and re-flash this firmware to it and lost my k64 remote functions. Box will only work with older model remote, Does anyone how to fix it? Or Is there a flash for that particular type of rc? ps: remote is the same used for the 1800e
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