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  1. Hi there. Manually SD reset img file.
  2. Yes. I know that and if you read my posts and reply. That 6 and 7 are the problems. After upgrade to 7 from 6. I cannot downgrade to 6 from 7 the links above... And 6 has live wallpaper but 7 does not. Nor does it allow to see recent apps. So you can't close them without third part app..
  3. Sorry ok.. But you had it in 6? And if taken out in 7.. Help me put it back please. I know you have less things running. But not adding live wallpaper is just crippling the rom.
  4. Hi. Good day. You are in fact correct. It is part of nova launcher. I ran it as a better option that the static launcher. I have had other boxes in the past as well with static launchers and you load nova from the play store and load a live wallpaper so that your TV don't burn in. But all the other boxes you could go straight to running live wallpaper because they left it build into the android itself. Is there by any means to add it into the rom? It seams to just be missing live wallpaper picker but it stops after you try and run it. I suppose it has to do with rights and it not being a system apk? Maybe if I had root I could force it into the rom by means of titanium backup or something of that nature? As far as I know live wallpaper picker is a standard Google android part as I've seen it even comes with the gapps packages..
  5. Thank you very much for the replies. Will be waiting patiently.
  6. I think that the [update_MyGica_ATV329X_ATV195X_wv_7.1_20171221_V1.0] rom has some missing apks or some incomplete install bugs in it.
  7. God morning. Yes that [MyGica_ATV195X_ATV329X_WV_6.0] is the one I tried to downgrade to. The other link to 7 [update_MyGica_ATV329X_ATV195X_wv_7.1_20171221_V1.0] on the page is also the one I used to upgrade. That is the one with the missing live wallpaper picker.. And I also found that you cannot display recent background apps. I even installed nova and made a gesture or long press menu to open recents. Just does nothing.
  8. Hi there. Yes. I did so. Same story.. I reset to factory. I keeps 7. I can reflash 7. But cannot downgrade to 6.
  9. Downgrade 329x? Good day. I updated to 7 from 6. Live wallpaper says app not installed. I tried installing many different live wallpaper pickers but to no avail. As soon as you try a live wallpaper is says live wallpaper picker stopped working. I tried to downgrade also to 6 but flash fails and goes back into 7. Anyone got any suggestions?
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