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  1. Passthrough audio issue in Kodi

    Passthrough audio issue in Kodi Hey Justin I usually watch .mp4 videos off my external hard drive, I have a lot of movies and TV shows. This only happens with the older files, I don't know if they degrade over time or what but when the sound goes quiet for a second or two like when a show goes black for where a commercial would be the audio decoder in my home theater receiver shuts off and then comes back on when the audio is picked up again instead of just staying on the whole time like with newer files. It ends up causing the first word of talking to be missed if it's dialogue that is the next sound after the silent moment. All my files are .mp4 and the audio is Dolby Digital (AC3) and in the audio settings I have "Keep audio device alive" set to "Always" and "Send low volume noise" turned on. Both settings are supposed to keep the decoder in receivers on during a silent moment during playback to prevent just this problem from happening. This has been happening since I first started using My Gica boxes when I had my 1800E and now with my 1900PRO all versions of Kodi from 15.2-17.4. Can this be fixed?
  2. MyGica_ATV585_600_5.1_20170612

    Ya that's how I got it to install, had to do a factory reset first then it would install but it would still freeze when I plugged in a usb hard drive to watch videos or if I was trying to scroll the app page intermittently.
  3. Wifi and portable hard drive problems Why is it that when I plug a portable hard drive into the box, it cuts to a "showbox" logo on the screen and then when it goes back to the main desktop the wifi isn't and won't connect anymore?
  4. MyGica_ATV585_600_5.1_20170612

    Tried putting this on my parents ATV600, nothing but problems. First it took a hand full of times just to get it to install because it would freeze in the middle of the installation. Once I finally got it to install it would freeze if I tried plugging in a USB hard drive also it would freeze if I was using my KR301 remote to navigate the app page.
  5. MyGica_ATV585_600_5.1_20170612

    The pin hole is on the bottom of the box.
  6. MyGica_1900AC/1800/582/380_Android_5.1_20170612

    Hey Justin I asked back around the beginning of Aug and don't think you got back to me; just wondering when this will be out of beta and out as a full version? Bryan
  7. No Android audio after exiting Kodi

    I'm gonna take a look at that and see if that fixes it for me. I heard it was because in Kodi 17+ they changed the way that it decodes and passes through DD and DTS signals.
  8. Software Update

    Hey Justin Any updates on this yet?
  9. MYGICA 1900PRO video files stops after 5 minutes.

    Forgot to mention that if I do a factory reset on the box, it fixes it for about a month at the most before my videos are freezing again.
  10. MYGICA 1900PRO video files stops after 5 minutes.

    I get the freezing issue also when watching mp4's off my external hard drive. Although I have two hard drives, one is a 2TB single partition and I never have a problem with that one but the other is a 4TB separated into two 2TB partitions; that one freezes when watching videos off it from time to time, especially if the file or files have been on it for a long time. Did it with all versions of Kodi 17, currently up to 17.4 with the latest FW update on the box.
  11. 1900 PRO JAN 30 2017

    Hey Justin Just wondering when the next firmware is going to be released. Tired of having to restart my box to get sound back every time I want to use another app after watching a video with AC3 on kodi.
  12. MyGica_1900AC/1800/582/380_Android_5.1_20170612

    How long till this is out of beta and released as a full version for the 1800E?
  13. Cannot upgrade firmware + arrow bug

    Well all I can say is try to upgrade it directly from their servers on the box or try putting the file on an SD card then trying it.
  14. Cannot upgrade firmware + arrow bug

    Just edited my last post. Read what I said about the remote and why you can't get the update to work.
  15. Cannot upgrade firmware + arrow bug

    If you have the .img file on an SD card or usb it should show up in local update if you hit the menu button 10 times, never seen that being a glitch before. If you don't already have the latest firmware you should be able to do it without downloading it externally by clicking automatic/manual update just below local update. I get the arrow showing up on my screen also when hitting the back button sometimes, it's definitely a glitch that could be worked on by them...but if the other buttons aren't working I'd try putting in a different set of fresh batteries first. Just thinking that maybe if other buttons aren't working then maybe that's why the update won't show up in local update, not every key press of the menu button is registering so even though you're hitting it 10 times the remote isn't sending 10 signals. Try changing the batteries first. You'll also notice if you have kodi 17+ that if you watch a video that has AC3 or DTS audio and then try to back out of kodi to use another app, the audio will be gone until you reset the box. Still waiting on the next update to fix that.