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  1. 1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    The garbled sound is from faulty processing in the chipset of the box. Running the HDMI to the TV first before the receiver doesn't change anything. The only fix is a software/firmware update which they say they are working on to fix all the audio issues. It might help to do a factory reset on the box and then reinstalling and setting up all your apps from scratch for now.
  2. KR-303 remote

    I wouldn't say the cable that comes with it is required, just one with equal or thicker gauge wire then the one that comes with. The one I was using was thinner gauge before I realized that was the problem.
  3. KR-303 remote

    Sounds like the battery in the remote is just dead. I had a similar issue with mine and even after charging it didn't work. Later found that because I was using a different cable to charge the remote then what came with it, it didn't have the current carrying capacity to charge it properly. Started using the cable that came with the remote to charge and it worked fine after that.
  4. 1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    Kodi isn't the cause of this audio problem, neither is the method in which the box is connected to a tv or receiver (hdmi or optical). It's a problem with the chipset. Playing a file with AC3 through kodi17 causes the chipset to not switch back to PCM afterward; is one problem but this one is something that happens in the chipset when the unit is booted up because the audio is garbled for everything right off the bat from bootup. Restarting the box is the only fix and sometimes doesn't work for the garbled problem because it's random and intermittent, in that case restarting multiple times has been the only fix...I've found.
  5. Well it's been another month since I last asked and now a year since the last software update of any kind. Any word on when there will be a firmware/software update to fix the AC3 audio problem caused by kodi 17?
  6. Just noticed another issue. I recently got the KR303 remote and noticed that when I push the Kodi button to open kodi rather then scrolling to it and hitting enter to open the app, the sound is gone right away without even trying to play a file and remains gone (even for other apps except if I play a video file with AC3 audio within kodi) till I restart the box. I noticed this because I pushed the kodi button on the remote to open the app and tried to play . m4a music files off my stick and there was no sound; restarted the box and opened kodi by scrolling to it and hitting enter, music files worked fine.
  7. Well it's been another month; any new news on when there will be an update to fix the chipset passthrough audio problem?
  8. It was still there with mine when I had 17.4.
  9. I don't know, haven't tried it. I've just been restarting the box to get the audio back for other apps. Doubt using the optical out would make a difference. They said it was a chipset issue. So the chipset is still passing the DD and DTS regardless of what port it's going out.
  10. ...but then you're stuck with 2 channel audio for your files that are in 5.1 DD and DTS.
  11. Of coarse it's not going to have the issue if the passthrough is off. The issue is caused when Kodi passes an AC3 audio signal and from what I've heard a DTS audio signal also. You turn passthrough off and Kodi converts all the audio to PCM which doesn't cause the problem.
  12. I've had it with every version of kodi 17. Currently running 17.6.
  13. Does Kodi 17.6 work well on 1900 PRO

    17.6 works well for me but there is one problem that may or may not effect you. When Kodi went to Krypton they changed the way it decoded Dolby Digital and DTS so if you watch a video encoded with them and then tried to watch a video or stream a video through an addon that was encoded with AAC, you lost the PCM audio. Same if you exited Kodi and tried to use another app, the only way to get the PCM audio back is to reset the box. They are working on a software update to fix the chipset issue that causes this problem but haven't heard anything for a month now.
  14. Well it's been a month since I last checked in. Any new updates on the software fix for the chipset issue?
  15. Switching between open apps.

    If you hit back on the remote to get out of apps, that closes them so they won't show up in the drop down. If you want them to stay open in the background and be visible in the dropdown you have to exit them with the home button.