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  1. Switching between open apps.

    If you hit back on the remote to get out of apps, that closes them so they won't show up in the drop down. If you want them to stay open in the background and be visible in the dropdown you have to exit them with the home button.
  2. Switching between open apps.

    Ya once you see the notification bar, grab that and pull it down further and you'll see it.
  3. output Black and White only

    Check all your HDMI ports with a flashlight. You might have bent a pin plugging and unplugging cables.
  4. No 5.1 surround sound from YouTube

    Since when does youtube even have content that is in 5.1? Yes the box is capable of outputting 5.1 but the content has to be in that format for starters and I don't even know if the youtube app is even programmed to process 5.1. Kodi is a home theater app that is made for it, youtube isn't.
  5. Sounds stops working or is messed uo

    If your tv has an optical output, try sending the sound through the hdmi to the tv and have the optical come off the tv to the soundbar.
  6. The chipset issue, is that strictly hardware or can it be corrected with software? If it is strictly hardware, what will you guys be doing to address it for people who already have the box?
  7. Hello, any chance MY Gica support or Justin could get me an answer to this?
  8. Anybody using SPMC

    I tried SPMC on my 1900pro but couldn't get the passthrough audio to work when I played .mp4's encoded with AC3.
  9. Have 1900Pro users been put on the back burner in favor of supporting only the newest boxes? I've asked multiple times; When are we going to get a firmware update that will address the audio problem with the new kodi 17? If after watching a video file with AC3 you want to exit kodi to use another app or even stream from an addon in kodi that is AAC audio, you have to restart the box to get that PCM audio back. Justin told me in the summer that he had a new update that he needed to test for a couple weeks. It's now going on December and still no fix for this problem or response to my repeated inquiries. Seriously this box was $200 when I bought it in April, when the hell is there going to be a fix?
  10. Software Update

    Hey Justin Just wondering when this is getting released. I've asked multiple times now here and in the comments of the 1900 Pro downloads page? Seriously getting sick of having to restart my box after I watch something with AC3 audio every time I want to use another app just to get sound back.
  11. 1900 PRO JAN 30 2017

    Hey Justin Any idea when the new update is getting released yet?
  12. MyGica_ATV585_600_5.1_20170612

    Ya that's how I got it to install, had to do a factory reset first then it would install but it would still freeze when I plugged in a usb hard drive to watch videos or if I was trying to scroll the app page intermittently.
  13. Wifi and portable hard drive problems Why is it that when I plug a portable hard drive into the box, it cuts to a "showbox" logo on the screen and then when it goes back to the main desktop the wifi isn't and won't connect anymore?
  14. MyGica_ATV585_600_5.1_20170612

    Tried putting this on my parents ATV600, nothing but problems. First it took a hand full of times just to get it to install because it would freeze in the middle of the installation. Once I finally got it to install it would freeze if I tried plugging in a USB hard drive also it would freeze if I was using my KR301 remote to navigate the app page.
  15. MyGica_ATV585_600_5.1_20170612

    The pin hole is on the bottom of the box.