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  1. Go to the google play store app and search for kodi and there will be a button to upgrade to 17.6 the latest version.
  2. Why bother, once you release Android 7 for the 1900pro the problem will be fixed. The bigger issue I have with the KR303 is that the range isn't as good as the KR301 which makes it very glitchy.
  3. Just install kodi 16.1 and it will work fine. It's not the boxes fault that kodi changed the way it works with android in version 17 after the box was already released. I don't know what the problem is with netflix but I know there is a bunch of threads on here about it that might help. Maybe uninstall the default netflix and install the google play version or the aptoid version.
  4. True, because it does add heat which isn't good but the issue I noticed is that if you have a hard drive in the internal slot and an sd card or any other stick or drive plugged into the usb's the unit gets confused what port to assign each slot to. Like if I rebooted the unit what was in udisk0 before might end up in udisk1 this time and sometimes it doesn't even recognize another drive is plugged in...and if one of your usb drives is partitioned into two or more drives, forget about it.lol The slot assignment should be hardware driven instead of software, that would probably fix the issue.
  5. Using the internal slot for a hard drive has always been a nuisance on this unit. It's best to just plug a portable hard drive into the usb's.
  6. It will be if they ever release android 7 for it.
  7. Install Kodi 16.1 until they release Android 7.1.2 for the box and everything will work fine.
  8. bkwashby


    I have the kr303 not the 301.
  9. bkwashby


    Any chance you could put up pairing instructions for the KR303 in case I have an issue like that with mine?
  10. What is with this remote. When I first use it, it works great. Then after a while the air mouse cursor starts freezing in spurts and I have to hit buttons multiple times for it to register and sometimes it flashes as if it's trying to reconnect to the fob. It seems like it's a dying battery but it doesn't matter if I charge it over night or unplug the fob and plug it back in. The only thing that works is factory restoring my box. Is this remote not perfected yet or what?
  11. That's because "Force Stop" doesn't actually close it from being open in the background. Try it, if you have an android phone. Open an app then back out of it or hit the home button and go to settings and hit "force stop" on that app then hit the square button, you'll see that it is still open in the background.
  12. I have an explanation as to why, when after playing a file with AC3 audio in kodi the PCM audio doesn't return for other apps after kodi is exited. Like other android devices (phones), when you hit the square button it brings up all the apps still open in the background and gives you the option to close them. I have found that on another android box that gave me the option to have the triangle, circle and square button, once I hit the square and was able to close the kodi app still open in the background, the PCM audio returned without having to restart the box. The MyGica firmware doesn't give you the option to have the triangle, circle and square button to be able to do this so I'm left to assume that simply exiting or backing out of the app doesn't completely close it and therefore explains why the PCM audio doesn't return...and why restarting the box works because restarting the box closes all apps still open in the background. Likewise, the problem still remains that if you play a file with AC3 audio in kodi and then try to stream a video through an addon that has AAC audio or play an mp3 or aac music file, the PCM audio is still suppressed until you use the square button to close the app and reopen it to go back in; seems to be a problem that was never addressed with Kodi 17. So afterall, the problem is and always has been kodi 17, not the Mygica firmware so upgrading it to Android N won't fix the problem unless they add the ability to have the triangle, circle and square android buttons to be able to completely close apps still open in the background.
  13. That's awesome, what's the ETA on that?
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