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  1. No problem. Now I have one little issue. Sometime the Remote control froze it and one time stop working, if I try with my desktop kit keyboard and mouse logitech I can use the tv box. It "solved" turning off for a few minutes the atv329x then when I turn it on it work again. Maybe is a bug. If you know something let me know. Thanks
  2. Hi again, Well, I solved it restoring to factory. Then, don't update youtube application from Aptoide, because the problem was when I did a full update. Now, everything goes fine. Bye
  3. Yes, I tried different resolution. Now I'm using 1080p-60hz (auto detected). But I tried to change to 720p-60hz with same results.
  4. Videos on YouTube don't fit to fullscreen randomly Hi, I have an ATV329X updated with last firmware. Randomly when a play videos on YouTube they don't fit to fullscreen, sometime they seen fine and sometime don't with the same video. Every two or three videos I have to force the stop of the application to solve it. Which is very annoying. Does anyone know how I can solve it definitively? Thank a lot.
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