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  1. But then Netflix won't work at all as I won't be able to install it?
  2. There's a Beta firmware version on the mygica website that has Netflix pre-installed
  3. Thank you sir. I cannot begin to tell you how tiresome it is using the current Beta Firmware version. It appears to be on a 2015 version. looking forward to an upgrade.
  4. Thanks @delacosta78 It's much appreciated. I've installed the Beta version workarounda few months ago. It looks like the version needs an update as it's losing connection to the Netflix 2 server. Will try a reinstall. The Beta version I have appears to be using a 2015 version of Netflix. Netflix says there's missing data points that's causing the problem. I'll try the Kodi add-on as well. If I come across anything of use I'll post it here. Thanks again for the assist.
  5. How would one go about getting Netflix to work after the update has been done?
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