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  1. Hi,


    Any update to this? It seems like the ATV495Max is an issue that can't be solved. It should be recalled of the shelves.

    The product fails and the support doesn't actually provide any indication of when the issues will be resolved. 

    This does seem like a HelloPeter moment. 

    I hate complaining but this is ridiculous.

  2. Hi @admin 

    Is that he new Android version actually on testing or is there nothing that can be done and I should burn this TV box as Netflix doesn't work at all and the update has been in Beta testing for ages. I work in software development and it cannot honestly take this long to complete.

    I've tried everything you guys have said and there's still no hope. If it's a PLEASE BE POLITE product just be honest and I'll gladly bin it and just use PS4 but this run around of not actually adding support is tiresome. 

  3. 8 hours ago, delacosta78 said:

    Netflix is not certified on this device so you won't be able to use it the official way, however, there are workarounds:

    1) You can install a Beta ROM provided in this forum to enable Netflix but it is an unofficial ROM so it could break at some point, besides, it's base under the same Android 7.1 that came originally in the Box so if you later decide to install 9 Pie you will lose Netflix again:


    2) You can sideload the mobile version of Netflix by downloading the APK from websites like APK mirror, or installing the Aptoide Store in your device, but you won't get HD and you must use a mouse.

    3) There is an unofficial add-on of Netflix for Kodi where you can use the service, it must be installed under Leia:


    4) Wait until Netflix finally certify this device by a program they implemented called "Hailstorm":


    Thanks @delacosta78

    It's much appreciated.

    I've installed the Beta version workarounda few months ago. It looks like the version needs an update as it's losing connection to the Netflix 2 server. Will try a reinstall. The Beta version I have appears to be using a 2015 version of Netflix. Netflix says there's missing data points that's causing the problem. 

    I'll try the Kodi add-on as well.

    If I come across anything of use I'll post it here.

    Thanks again for the assist.

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