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  1. Good evening, I tried to perform the update tonight, following the instructions provided. When I plugged back the power cord, while holding the Reset button for at least 15 seconds, the Lollipop picture appeared, followed by a DOS window, where I was ask to take action. My options were something like this: Reboot system now Apply update from EXT apply update from cache apply update from Data wipe data/factory reset wipe cache partition burn the keys can anyone tell me what I should do from here? Support would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot.
  2. Hello. I downloaded the new firmware and copy on a micro SD as explained. Now I feel a little cold about doing the update. Most of the latest comments posted here are about bricked devices after doing it and it's been a while since a response had been posted from the support team. Is there anything that can be done if the device gets bricked? Thanks in advance.
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