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  1. MyGica Support

    495 Pro HDR air remote issues, disconnected

    Hi Porkazil, I notice this happens at our showroom too, but not at any other location that I use this remote. I believe it is related to a saturated 2.4 ghz environment. Do you live in a building that has an abundance of wireless connections and devices? As all of our remotes use a similar frequency, changing it to another one will not likely fix this. If you really like using the mygica box, and none of the remotes are stable in that place, then please consider using a mouse and keyboard combo like the logitech k400. Any other dongle based control system will work as well including the harmony remote.
  2. MyGica Support

    No Audio

    Hi Bluebeep, Can you please try right clicking on the speaker in the bottom right hand corner and clicking on "playback devices". From here, select the device you wish to use and "set default" button on the bottom. It should work now. Generally, the audio will go to the default video device, especially if it is using HDMI. You need to manually override this in the playback devices settings.
  3. MyGica Support

    Recovery Mode Trouble

    Hello Gert, I am very sorry that this didn't get seen. While the forum is never quite as consistent for immediate help on non-functioning units, I am definitely curious on who you emailed and then told you to return the product. Please send me a PM with any history of sending this to the support email. You should not have gotten this response unless we were not able to get anything to function or show on the screen and you had just purchased this unit. I would like to look further into this so that I can improve our abilities. Again, I am sorry that nobody responded to this post. While we are all busy lately and have missed some posts, this is not an excuse. We are constantly trying to be better to our community.
  4. MyGica Support

    GICA 1900ac black screen

    is anything showing on the screen? Would you be able to drop it off to us for a look? ( just north of the pearson airport)
  5. MyGica Support

    KR-303 remote

    For best charging results, turn the switch to "off". However, if you need to use it while it is charging it will just slow down the charging process. It usually take less than two hours to fully charge this device.
  6. MyGica Support

    Wifi signal dropping 495x

    Moving this to DM
  7. MyGica Support

    Ministra 5.4

    Sorry Alex, this is the MyGica forums, not the Buzz forums.
  8. A quote from Justin in another thread recently; The issue is with Amlogic, and we're working with them to try and resolve it They sent us something, but it did not work I have been following this every week for awhile now, but no resolution yet. I will continue to push to try and get this resolved. Will continue to keep everyone updated
  9. MyGica Support

    MyGica Share - Where Is It?

    I think this is what is happening: You are trying to control the computer remotely through the program, but this isnt what its designed for. Mirroring the screen of your pc to the tv still requires you to use your mouse for your pc. Again, this is not a remote connection like teamviewer, splashtop or logmein. The purpose of mirroring is simply to show what is on the screen onto the tv. The remote curser still shows on the screen, because you are running Android on the box and you are moving the curser around. This is the same for all apps, even ones that don;t have curser support. One thing you can do, is if the pc is nearby the tv, then once the app is running and is mirrored, plug the mygica remote dongle into your pc, and use it as your mouse.
  10. MyGica Support

    495 Pro Freezing and Failing to Load App Content

    Andrew, I have never heard of this happening on one of the boxes. I am worried that maybe it is a hardware issue, especially if your 495 isn't doing this on the same environment. Where did you purchase this item? We are happy to warranty this for you. Shoot me a pm and I will direct you on what to do.
  11. MyGica Support

    HDMI sound is just noise

    Before moving on to try and go through a warranty, can you try switching out the hdmi cables involved to make sure it isn't relating to them?
  12. MyGica Support

    HDMI sound is just noise

    Which program are you using to playback files on your pc? A lot of players dont have all the codecs to play every file type. Can you try playing this file on VLC to see if it is working properly?
  13. MyGica Support

    HDMI sound is just noise

    I am a dummy and had several tabs open at once. I didnt see that this was for CAP-x. I thought it was for an android box.
  14. MyGica Support

    495 Pro Freezing and Failing to Load App Content

    You mention the box going "dim". Can you please elaborate a bit more on what you mean?
  15. MyGica Support

    HDMI sound is just noise

    Have you tried going into the android audio settings in the device and checking the different types of audio output? There should be 3 types. Try each one.