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  1. Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    Hi bucks, As you know, we sent around a patch to a few select people. We had a couple of success instances but mostly non-successful. We will continue pushing the engineers to update this.
  2. mygica ATV329x setup

    Where did you guys send inquiries to? Have you received a response?
  3. Firmware 6.0 not run with program VietNam UNO TV ?

    Hi Vernon, The chipset on the pro is already a little older. You said this is brand new? Where did you purchase this from? Unfortunately, the chipset maker does not provide the tools to upgrade this set to the newer operating system. We have to build this ourselves. We are working on it and if we can create a stable high functioning version of 6, we will add it in.
  4. 1800E can't be updated

    If somehow you are near the toronto area, consider dropping in and I will give this a try as well.
  5. Sounds stops working or is messed uo

  6. 1800E can't be updated

    Hi Postalyoda, Please try this download and follow the video. This should have you up and running in no time.
  7. 1800e does not turn on and turning off

    The unit comes with a 1 year warranty. Head over to mygica.tv/help and start a ticket. Please include a copy of your receipt as well to make sure we avoid any fees. Can I ask, is the remote the original remote for this system? Which remote is it?
  8. 1800e does not turn on and turning off

    Hmmm, hat seems strange and certainly would be a bit frustrating. When did you purchase the unit. If it is out of warranty we can still service this for a small fee as it seems like something might be up with the hardware, possibly. I know this may sound weird, but I dont turn my box off. Just my TV. It uses such a low amount of power that I don't care.
  9. 1800e does not turn on and turning off

    Supernatural, Has this only started happening after the upgrade to the beta 5.1? We knew this was happening on some of the 1800e's after the upgrade. It was one of those things that if you absolutely needed the 5.1, that this was one of the bugs. If you need it to be turning on with the remote rather than leaving it on, please consider going back to 4.4 for this system.
  10. The chipset company has assured us and our engineers that they are close to finishing a patch for this that we can apply to our models. I really wish I had a clearer answer as to when other than what I am told, which is "soon". I cannot stress enough that this is a subject that is not going away for us and the longer it takes us to fix, only hurts us more. We share your frustration and will always come to a solution that has our loyal customers well-being at heart.
  11. Latest Update?

    Hi Guys, I'm sorry to inform you that this chipset will not allow a newer operating system onto it. While we had some success with 4.4 to 5.1 with some other chipsets, this one was something that could never be brought up to a higher OS. Although this chipset is almost 7 years old, we were updating it right up until Feb 2015. Thats better than almost all mobile chipset companies producing STB's and even phones.
  12. Hi Guys, The update that Justin mentioned earlier was something we hoped the engineers had sorted this issue on. The update obviously didnt have this. We have spent an incredible amount of time trying to solve this before realizing that this is an issue with the chipset. Once we finally figured out what was causing the problem (longer than we had hoped to take) we involved AM Logic to work on this. This is an apparent issue on this chipset line. I assure you we have not turned out backs on this issue. We know 100% that turning away in favor of new units will not give us any success. We aren't some huge company like Apple that can afford to just turn a bind eye to ongoing problems. These types of issues going unsolved do not disappear for us. There's not one single person in this company who feels differently than what I am saying. This is important! While Justin has been taking on more roles here, others have stepped in to assist him on the development of our current AOSP lineup of boxes. I just want to mention some ways that we have supported our loyal customers in hopes that it means something and shows we are not trying to do a money grab from the people who have helped us grow. ATV1200- This box was discontinued in 2013. We were addressing and releasing updates for software limitations of current firmware until Feb-2015 Android 4.4 - Within only several months after we discontinued our 1800e Model, KODI made their newest software reliant on having android 5 or higher. The chipset manufacturer did not provide the tools or the SDK to companies to create a higher android on those versions of chips. We set out and developed our own 5.1 for the 1800e, 1900ac, 380, 582 and a couple others. While it wasn't our fault and we had no way of anticipating this happening, we knew we could not go back and suggest to people who bought one of those products, that they must buy another. MMC- For the massive number of people who either didn't have the know-how to upgrade to this 5.1, and for the much larger crowd of people running android 4.4 on other brand boxes, we created a fork of KODI 17 called MyGica Media Center. This was a fairly large expense to us knowing that the majority of people using it would not be customers of ours. MMC works on android 4.4. While we ask every day from the engineers about an update on this, it is unfortunately up to the collaboration of our engineers, developers and AM Logic's engineers. We are waiting with baited breath just like everyone else. I can personally say that I am probably anticipating this update more than anyone else.
  13. Anybody using SPMC

    This is actually a known issue that we are in development with AM logic to resolve with our chipset. We will be releasing an update to address this soon.
  14. Mygica 1960

    Geniatech owns the MyGica brand. For one reason or another, they put up a listing on a couple marketplaces selling this item, even though we haven't given approval for specifications. While the product is genuine, it is likely going to have some quirks out of the gate until we finish with it.