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  1. USBs Not Working on Mygica Box

    Hi Guys, This seems like it may be a hardware issue on the usb ports on the device you have. Head over to mygica.tv/help and start a ticket. If it is still under warranty, we can cover this. If it is not, there may be some out of warranty service options the RMA team might be able to offer.
  2. ATV582 Remote Issues

    Now I am even more confused. The remotes that came with the 582 were originally just IR remotes (KR-60) and later had the KR-40 (small thin remote) added to them. You then mention a blue blinking light, which the kr-40 never had.
  3. Unroot

    yes here it is again in case you're not finding it anymore in the same location;
  4. TAB 1910 Wi-Fi Device Won't Turn On

    Hi Blake, Canada computers exclusively services this model. This sounds like a hardware issue for sure. Please bring it back to them with your original receipt.
  5. ATV582 Remote Issues

    Martin, I am not sure where you are getting your information about needing to take the controller batteries out for 30 minutes. This is simply not the issue. If your remote is having this issue, then it is likely defective. Also, if you are looking for help with the remote, please post some details about which remote you have and which unit rather than just making rash insulting remarks about our company and how to "fix" things. IMPO our remotes are among the better options for android boxes.
  6. Accessing networked drives

    Hi Paul, I am not sure how you have your drive hooked up to your network, but here are a couple ideas. If it is hooked up to your windows pc, make sure it is shared on your network for all and that your box is on the same network. If it is hooked up to your router, then this will be an option inside your routers settings. Unfortunately each router is different and requires using their manual to figure out how to make sure the drive is shared. Once the drive is shared on your network, finding it is a sinch in programs like KODI simply by adding a source and choosing that one. There should be more instructions in your manual of which options to use in KODI as well as a wealth of knowledge on their website at kodi.tv
  7. How to apply VPN settings on a MyGica ATV1200 using XMBC

    Hello Libro, I will need some more information on what is happening. Did you succesfully setup and pay for an account on their website? You have to do this first. Once you have, choose either the app setup method or the manual from the following site; https://www.expressvpn.com/support/vpn-setup/manual-config-for-android-with-l2tp/ Do not setup both methods, but you can try either one.
  8. Programs

    Hello Pro 1900, While we understand that some people primarily use KODI for obtaining free movies and TV programs, it would not be lawful for us to assist in this matter in any fashion. While you may not know this, you are asking for help in pirating media that is owned by other companies.
  9. ATV1950 Quad Core Gold

    Geoff, Here for north america, we have never been satisfied with the quality of the dual tuner system. The issues that we are trying to overcome, in their current condition, are not worth putting out in this state. We too dream of a proper functioning dual tuner, and certainly have not given up. We hope to have something down the pipeline that works how we want it to.
  10. ATV 1900AC endless reboot/freeze

    Jmasta, this is slightly different than this topics subject. If you suspect that this is a hardware issue, lets get it in for repair work.
  11. Bluetooth Keyboards

    Hi Uncled, Welcome to our forums, I hope we can provide a high quality level of support for you now, and down the road. I am disappointed that this doesn't work with android, but I am not surprised. Apple seems to make their things to work with their stuff, and not others. Basically, anything that is designed to work on a pc will work on this device. I have not seen any bluetooth keyboard not work with our boxes outside of apple. That being said, you may save some money and use a 2,4 ghz keyboard and mouse, or keyboard/mouse combo like the k400 logitech instead of bluetooth. The reason why I like 2.4 over bluetooth is because when you use a bluetooth mouse or remote, you have to press the button a few times to get it going again before it works. The 2.4 keyboard usually have a longer battery life and are more responsive. In anticipation of what your response will be, if you are not using a 2.4 keyboard solution due to limited usb slots, you can also add in a usb slot multiplier from your local dollar store. It may not be the prettiest, but it will surely work well.
  12. Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    Hi everyone, Just popping in to mention that we have not given up on this and in fact it is one of my main concerns for getting this to work. Since we are going with a range of models on this chipset series, we obviously want this to be working. I will update even if its bad news and I appreciate all of your patience.
  13. Need Help PLZ

    Yay! Please feel free to come back for help anytime. If you are in Canada, have a great long weekend!
  14. Need Help PLZ

    Native mamabear, Are you not able to use the remote to move to different apps? If not, can you please make sure the USB dongle that came with the system is plugged into a usb slot on the side?
  15. Need Help PLZ

    Can you please let me know what steps you have taken so far so that I can try to figure out what you have missed. The setup wizard to connect to wifi or your network is fairly self explanatory, once you have gotten to that point, but we need to get you there. Have you connected the hdmi cord to the tv, and the power cable to the box? From there, have you selected on your TV remote the correct input for that hdmi (like when you select dvd player, receiver etc)?