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  1. ATV 1900AC endless reboot/freeze

    Jmasta, this is slightly different than this topics subject. If you suspect that this is a hardware issue, lets get it in for repair work.
  2. Bluetooth Keyboards

    Hi Uncled, Welcome to our forums, I hope we can provide a high quality level of support for you now, and down the road. I am disappointed that this doesn't work with android, but I am not surprised. Apple seems to make their things to work with their stuff, and not others. Basically, anything that is designed to work on a pc will work on this device. I have not seen any bluetooth keyboard not work with our boxes outside of apple. That being said, you may save some money and use a 2,4 ghz keyboard and mouse, or keyboard/mouse combo like the k400 logitech instead of bluetooth. The reason why I like 2.4 over bluetooth is because when you use a bluetooth mouse or remote, you have to press the button a few times to get it going again before it works. The 2.4 keyboard usually have a longer battery life and are more responsive. In anticipation of what your response will be, if you are not using a 2.4 keyboard solution due to limited usb slots, you can also add in a usb slot multiplier from your local dollar store. It may not be the prettiest, but it will surely work well.
  3. Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    Hi everyone, Just popping in to mention that we have not given up on this and in fact it is one of my main concerns for getting this to work. Since we are going with a range of models on this chipset series, we obviously want this to be working. I will update even if its bad news and I appreciate all of your patience.
  4. Need Help PLZ

    Yay! Please feel free to come back for help anytime. If you are in Canada, have a great long weekend!
  5. Need Help PLZ

    Native mamabear, Are you not able to use the remote to move to different apps? If not, can you please make sure the USB dongle that came with the system is plugged into a usb slot on the side?
  6. Need Help PLZ

    Can you please let me know what steps you have taken so far so that I can try to figure out what you have missed. The setup wizard to connect to wifi or your network is fairly self explanatory, once you have gotten to that point, but we need to get you there. Have you connected the hdmi cord to the tv, and the power cable to the box? From there, have you selected on your TV remote the correct input for that hdmi (like when you select dvd player, receiver etc)?
  7. Need Help PLZ

    Hi, Can you please provide some more information on what you need help setting up? Please let me know where you are stuck; -connecting it to your tv -getting anything to show up on the screen -getting through the setup wizard -keyboard/remote functionality -setting up your internet connection the the MyGica system. -Navigation of the unit
  8. green light flashing

    Hi Dijon, I am sorry you are not able to get your unit working right out of the box. Has there been any change in this behavior since saturday? If you would like, I can give you a call and try a few things before we get it exchanged. Send me your phone number in a private message if you would like a call. Let me know the best times to call as well so I can fit it to your schedule.
  9. Unit freezes when restarting

    Hal, Is there any chance you have upgraded the firmware manually? The lost connection message is coming from your tv, because it isnt detecting a signal from the device. This usually happens when the 1900ac has been upgraded to newer firmware. The beta firmware is known to have issues with powering back up using the remote. I dont think you should have to unplug for ten seconds though.
  10. no audio

    Ah, If you cannot return it to the store you bought it from, then I would suggest starting a warranty with us. If you head over to mygica.tv/help, you can start a warranty claim there and either bring us or mail us your box (we are in Mississauga) Please indicate which you would prefer. Having your receipt handy will also speed things up as we dont want you waiting any longer than needed to get this back and working. If you would like to have someone contact you to see if it can be fixed with more settings being changed, then shoot me a private message and the best times to call and I will try to arrange someone to do this.
  11. Compatible webcam/mic?

    I have tried several that all worked. I am actually going to be testing several later this week. One that I know works is the logitech c170. I will be testing out some hd ones as well. If you don;t get a reply from me on this thread by next week, shoot me a PM.
  12. no audio

    Owen, Did anything change in this situation? It seems to me that if you have changed the hdmi, and have tried this in every app after playing around with the settings, that there is a possibility of a hardware issue. We can help with this, or bring it back to the store, or let me know how I can help assist in getting this in for warranty work. Where are you located?
  13. VPN

    Hi Tinman, Each VPN operates differently and they may not have a huge R&D department to make sure their platform works on most devices. I have used about a dozen different VPNs that are very reliable on our boxes and do not have the issues you mentioned ie: GoldenFrog and Private Internet Access. You mentioned you found the VPN settings in android, this will work. What you will need to do though is find the PPTP settings on your VPN's website (listed below for your convenience) and navigate to those VPN settings and enter the provided information. The only difference you should notice of their instructions and what you need to do, is getting to the VPN settings, then the rest should be the same. https://hide.me/en/vpnsetup/android/pptp/ Let me know if this solves your problem. If it doesn't I would suggest maybe picking one of the VPN's I have mentioned above. (no we do not have any affiliation with either of them, I just use them personally)
  14. no audio

    Hello, Please give me a bit more info. Do you have this plugged into an audio receiver before it goes to the tv, or is the hdmi hooked directly into the back? What settings have you tried changing, and did you change them to the default? What programs are you using? Have you tried this in multiple programs ie; youtube, netflix?
  15. Loses Network Connection after Standby

    JC, Please give us some more details of the type of network you are hooking this into. You mention this is at the office, is this going into a wireless connection, into a router, switch? the more details the better. I use static at home, and have not run into this issue. I am running a bridged modem into my cheap router. I suspect that maybe this is related to how your network is giving permissions to its ip addresses. However, I do not want to jump to any conclusions just yet.