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  1. MyGica Support

    Webcam support for Skyping on ATV329X

    Thats very strange that this is happening. I will create a report and check into this on that model.
  2. MyGica Support

    Device is not certified by Google

    HI everyone, The google play store bug has been fixed and we are doing testing on the firmware. We will be releasing an automatic update to this system to fix this issue within the next week. We are also aware of a few other bugs that are being worked on including the shortcut buttons acting improperly with the kr-301 remote. Feel free to note anything else you notice and we will have them addressed right away.
  3. MyGica Support

    sound and screen freezing issues

    Which apps is this happening in? Also, please give some information on what audio selection you are using in settings, as well as what audio system you are hooked into.
  4. MyGica Support

    495x not reading SD Card

    I've never heard of a device not reading the SD card. Do you have any others that you can test in the SD slot? Just to clarify, are you trying to install apk's onto the sd card, and run them from there? This would require merging the SD card with the memory. It is always better to run apk's internally and store info on sd cards. Also, you can plug in a usb extention and add more usb's.
  5. MyGica Support

    My Kr 41 remote works intermittently

    How long have you had the unit? Is this something that has popped up recently, or since day one?
  6. MyGica Support

    495x not reading SD Card

    Oh, I thought you were trying to install apk's onto this card, rather than loading apk's onto it to install on the internal memory. I'll admit that I am a bit stumped, however, can you just use a usb stick to transfer the apk's?
  7. MyGica Support

    My Kr 41 remote works intermittently

    Hi there, Is your unit located inside a cabinet? Is there anything solid blocking the view that might interfere with the wireless signal? Do you have a bunh of wireless devices in that area? I suspect that the signal is being interrupted by something.
  8. MyGica Support

    495x not reading SD Card

    Hi there, sorry to hear you are having trouble. Have you gone into the file manager app to check to see if it is appearing at all? Does this card work on another device? If it appears, did you attempt to "merge" the card into the main memory?
  9. MyGica Support

    New Firmware Playback Choppy?

    Youtube is pre-installed on the firmware. Checking to see if HD videos play properly on that is a good way to check if the GPU is working properly. Generally, if a 1080p video is playing properly in youtube, then issues relating to playback in kodi are generally user error during setup. If 1080p videos are also choppy, then this usually signals a hardware issue with the system. While the 5.1 fw for the 1800e isnt perfect, it shouldn't have any problems with what you are trying to do.
  10. MyGica Support

    Very low/No streams

    I assume you are asking about third party add-ons on kodi, and unfortunately, we cannot support this on the forum.
  11. MyGica Support

    New Firmware Playback Choppy?

    Have you tried a factory reset and starting from scratch? Does netflix or youtube stutter as well?
  12. MyGica Support

    Green flash on screen

    Please try using a different hdmi cable and also different cables hooking the camera up to the cap-it. It may just be that it is incompatible with that type of signal. I always had trouble getting my Mini DV tapes to record to my pc and had similar issues. The tapes didnt last long and were quickly replaced with HDD's and Flash memory.
  13. MyGica Support


    There are other versions on the Aptoid TV market installed in your "applications list". We included this version because it seems the most stable with updates. Using the air curser or a mouse makes it a lot easier to navigate.
  14. MyGica Support

    MyGica ATV 495 Pro HDR not working with Android 7.1

    On the working tv, please go into settings, and check to see if the display settings are set to automatic or not. If they are, try changing it to a different refresh rate. If it is off, then try turning it on.
  15. MyGica Support

    Green flash on screen

    This is likely an issue in the camera converting the tape to a digital signal. Can you try plugging into a tv instead of the hd capit and see if it also does this?