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  1. HI David, There unfortunately is not a switch that would do this automatically, that would likely be impossible to implement, sorry. As for what you have heard, I have never experienced issues on my 240hz screen while using the 60fps settings. Once and awhile I will notice a movie that almost looks like a mexican soap opera (if that makes sense) and looks like a weird version of 60fps, but this was easily corrected on my tv, not android box, by changing the eye motion settings in my tv (LG feature). EDIT: I looked further into this and found a setting under "preferences" called "hdmi self adaptation" that may help if you have found issue, but I see it has lots of issues throughout the forums I found it on.
  2. Hello Winchester. Im sorry to hear the product didn't seem to live up to your expectations. We are always here to help. Please consider handling this issue with a warranty. We stand behind our products.
  3. Version 17 is not compatible with your hardware. To install 16.1, you will need to do a few things. First, go to apps in the settings area, and locate kodi. Once you have found it, click uninstall. You will next need to go to and locate jarvis 16.1 for android. Once you found this, download it to a usb stick. Once the .apk is on a usb stick, insert it into the mygica unit, navigate to "applications" and click on app installer. Find the apk and install it. You should be good to go from here.
  4. Sorry for the delay, I think upgrading your kodi would be a good idea. You wont be able to use the newest version (17 krypton) but 16.1 jarvis will be a good upgrade for you.
  5. Paul, I am happy to hear you have a 585. This unit is not the most powerful, but is still a strong box with many uses. Regarding firmware, it likely has the latest firmware as we do OTA updates for major software changes. As for discussions here, feel free to discuss anything you like except things that are deemed illegal. If you post something that shouldnt be talked about, no worry, our team of mods will surely jump in and take action and let you know what it is that you said that cannot be talked about on a public forum such as this. The power button on kodi sure does seem like it doesn't function, but what it is doing is clearing the Cache. This can take up to 30 seconds sometimes, so please be patient. If it is taking longer than this, than maybe you have installed something in there that is making it act funny. You may want to consider deleting the app and installing it again. As for which apps to use, it is hard for us to recommend for you what to do with you incredibly diverse android system, but try out some games like Angry birds, which will require either an air mouse remote, or using a mouse from your computer to simulate a finger tap or gesture. Other uses include skype, home automation, media, webcam recording software, productivity apps etc. As always though, if you are trying to get a recommendation on an app for something you are trying to do, feel free to ask here as well. People are pretty helpful around here for helping those who are new.
  6. Clive, what type of drive have you you installed in it? Ssd or hdd? If it has been used for a longer period of time, you may feel some heat. How hot is it?
  7. Nicki, I am not sure what has happened, but we were able to download onto our boxes last month, and now the download option isnt showing up on my unit. I am doing some looking into it on my end to see what might have happened. As for being able to update, yes, it is able to be updated from the google play.
  8. Was this purchased from a normal channel, or did you have it imported? I would certainly be returning the unit for an exchange. I am not sure who sells MyGica over there though.
  9. Hi Micro zooms, Wow, I am sorry to hear of so many problems. This certainly doesn't seem right. When and where did you purchase this device?
  10. 1. Does the 585 support x265/HEVC? yes Regarding netflix: In the latest version of netflix you can choose which storage to use for downloading episodes. So I want to put in a 32GB SD card and cache some episodes if possible. 2. Can I update the netflix app via the play store? I am not sure what has happened, but the latest version seems to not allow downloads. I will have to do some looking into this. 3. Can I use one of those mini multimedia wifi keyboards for better navigation(see picture)? If so which one is recommended? Almost any keyboard/remote that works on a pc will work great on our boxes, including the harmony remote. This being said, it is usually a personal preference of which one to use.
  11. Can you PM me the serial numbers to these units, and also tell me where you are located?
  12. Ah, I am a dufus, sorry I am dealing with a couple of tickets at once. Where and when did you purchase these units?
  13. If you can, please go into the "more settings" then "about" and tell me the build number.
  14. Did you recently install the 5.1 beta for 1800e?
  15. Good afternoon, Please provide me some additional information. This is happening to both of your 1800e units? are they both on the same tv that you are trying this? have you tried a different hdmi cable? If you can think of any additional information that will help me identify the issue, please post them as well.