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  1. Did you try kodi or an app like vlc to see if it will recognize?
  2. Which unit is this on? If it is the 1800e, there is a small issue where in order to turn off the box, you would have to unplug and plug back in to get the screen to show again. This is not on all users systems, but it is well known. We will have a fix to this very soon and we already have the fix for our newer model 1900pro. For now, I would say to stay on what you have, unless this becomes a real pain in the butt.
  3. Sorry for delay, 1. unfortunately, unless the hdd comes preformatted, it must be formatted in some way before being used. This would have to be done on a computer, tower, mac, or something. 2. The easiest way to probably do this is to just take the mini sd card from the camera, and put it right into the box into the sd slot.
  4. Ksmitty, I completely agree. We chose a busy time of year to make the forum switch. I plan on going through and optimising the new format as soon as I can. Until then, I will try to make sure important posts are made more accessible.
  5. No need to be worried. Sometimes the android system switches to wifi as default. Newer versions of android do not have this issue. If this keeps happening let us know.
  6. this update was turned off a month ago. Did you recently update your box and now there are no lights? If this has just seemingly happened on its own, there may be a hardware issue. The fact that there are no lights tells me this is seperate from this topic. Please head over to and start an rma/warranty claim. If your box is out of warranty, there may be service charges, which are low.
  7. We should have a fix for this in the coming week. I know you have all been waiting patiently. We received a fix for the 1900pro for this issue, once we approve this fix tonight, we will release it for the 1900pro tomorrow OTA. The 1800e will follow very quickly.
  8. Hi Everyone, I have received a fix for the black screen issue on the 1900pro. I am testing it all day today. If it works and I give final approval, it will be released as an ota update tomorrow. As for the 1800e having this issue, it will also be made into an 1800e patch in the next few days. Thanks for your continued patience. Edit: initial testing seems to be working well!
  9. I'm not sure why you say that you know we don't care, when we have a forum and answer questions and concerns. This issue has proved more difficult to figure out. I can't go into detail about how many resources are being given to this matter, but I can assure you that we are working on this. We understand how frustrating this might be and we will not let this go on any longer than we have to. I also understand the mentality of switching brands when an issue arises. All we can do is hope that you hang in there while we accomplish this task.
  10. this must have been shipped with the same 5.1 that we have experienced issues with. The decision to bring this box in with 5.1 on 1gb of ram was not up to us. A private company brought in some from China. I haven't actually tested one before. This being said, you can try installing the 5.1 for 1800, and give feedback on its performance.
  11. Meagain, I searched all over yesterday as to where it was that I had missed your answer to a question that I had missed. With the forum format being new, I dont know how I missed your PM. This being said, I am still happy to uphold my offer. It seemed that in another forum post, that you were having more than just a black screen issue when trying to restart, am I correct?
  12. Meagain, You and l have had several conversations in the past where you have voiced your anger and frustration towards our company. A lot of other people praise us for our service. I understand that we have had some issues that have caused you a headache. We are constantly faced with issues created when new chipsets and hardware comes out with little support in way of making them work on tv boxes. Some people say to just buy a cheaper box with default android and these issues wont be there. A lot of people are looking for the better system come to us, see an issue and rightfully have some frustration. Sure you can get a basic box for cheap that will do the basic functions that a lot of users may find to be fine, but there are many limitations on those systems in way of audio abilities, actual 4k, as well as all of the other new stuff that we do that others do not. Another thing I would point out is that these other boxes usually do not have any licensing, including electrical safety licensing. That for me is a no-no when it comes to being put into my home. The lack of licensing means less apps work from the google play store. If you value these types of things that I have mentioned above, then you can understand why going to the cheaper system is not advised. Going back to the issue. We are working on this problem. I spend a lot of my time recently in this forum going through all of the work our moderators, mainly Justin, has put into solving problems no matter how big or small. I can say with confidence that the majority of every single problem whether it is user, hardware or a software issue has been resolved in some fashion with the consumers satisfaction at heart. It seems that your frustration with our product is so much that you are here in what it feels like an attempt to get others to not purchase our product. I am asking you to please stop doing this. You can see that we are quite liberal with things being said openly on our site without deleting posts. In saying this, I hope you can respect this in some way. We hope to resolve this conflict, and trust me that I know that issues like this are not good for business. While it is frustrating for you, it is incredibly tough to see it not only affect sales, but that the loyal community is not happy. If we didn't care about the quality of our product and the feedback of our customers, we wouldn't have this forum.
  13. Im sorry you are having this issue, but which 4 buttons do not work? Obviously this is not intended, and we are happy to fix or replace the unit if it is still within the remote warranty period.
  14. Bohica, I think that the apps may not be working due to the firmware not being rooted anymore. We do have a root patch that should rectify this issue and get those apps running for you.
  15. You are talking about in the "more settings" area, and you have clicked on reset? Also, where did you purchase this device from?