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  1. For 1900 or 1800?
  2. Jelly, I am sorry for overlooking the middle section that linked to the pairing. I was playing a bit of catchup yesterday with posts. As Justin mentioned, let us know where and when your device was purchased please. You can send this to a PM to Justin if you prefer.
  3. Sammy, I am trying to reproduce this here and see how I can get it going. I appreciate your patience on this and I assure you I will respond as quickly as I can. (likely not today)
  4. Have you tried pairing it?
  5. If your remote is only IR, then it doesnt need pairing. If it has a keyboard on it, then it isnt just IR. The power is turned on and off via the IR sensor, but it it mainly handled through the dongle. Which box did you buy and how long ago? You say it didnt come with a dongle?
  6. Hi GadgetGirl, This certainly seems off. Before we rule it as a potential hardware issue, you can try a factory reset if you like to see if it fixes it. Please note, that if you purchased it from someone who helped you install some apps or programs, you may want to wait for them first. Doing a reset of the device will erase anything that has been done to it. Also, if you do not have 4 bars on wifi, this can cause issues. Please ensure that if you're using wifi, that it has a full connection.
  7. Sammi, Please consider starting a ticket for warranty over at If it is under warranty there won't be any service charge to get this fixed. If it requires service and is out of warranty, there will be a service fee between $30-50 CAD for repair or replacement.
  8. Sammy, I have been trying to figure this out, but we are a bit stumped. I haven't seen this before. Can you try hooking it up without the stereo system in place to see if the sound is working normally without it?
  9. To add to what Justin was saying, You will want to re-load your 582 FW which I will list below, then make use of the fork of KODI 17 in order to get what you are trying to do here.
  10. Hi Sammy, I think I understand your question here. Have you tried going into "more settings" then "sound" then "digital sounds" to see if changing the output device to something else gives you sound through netflix?
  11. GoldieGurl, Did we speak on the phone yesterday? Either way, I am sorry to hear about this happening. It seems like maybe the flash memory was damaged during this process somehow. My suggestion is to get this thing in for warranty coverage if you cannot get it to power up. Please head over to and start a warranty ticket, or consider having the company you bought it from handle this warranty for you. The load my android application unfortunately is not something we can help with, so again, it may be best to try and get this sorted through the seller.
  12. Hi Zum, Certainly. Please head over to and start a ticket to get warranty work. If the unit is out of warranty, there will be a service charge between $30-50 depending on if it can be repaired of replaced. If you are in the mississuaga area and you would rather drop it off to our office, please note this in the ticket information so the warranty agents can reply with the proper response. Looking at your problem, you likely won't need a replacement, just a tech to do the firmware installation properly.
  13. Frankie, The units power usage does not change much if on or off. The device itself uses only several dollars of electricity each year.
  14. Regarding the 32 bit question is that the OS is 32 bit despite the hardware supporting 64 bit, currently. We will look into this issue with multiple Hdd's being plugged in and causing issues.
  15. It seems like each issue needs to have a warranty done on the unit. Please head over to and start a warranty ticket. If it is still under warranty there is zero chareg, but if it is out of warranty it will be between $30-50 for repair or replacement.