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  1. Well, another update came out so that might have solved something... but in addition before it did come out I solved it by lowering the signal strength on the 2.4 GHz network and upping the signal on 5 GHz one, so that the box would pick up on that better... and that worked.
  2. Anyone? Support, where are you guys? This model/version doesn't recognize 5GHz wifi networks so I have to connect to a lot crappier network instead... causing quite a crappier experience.
  3. Nope, no update available on my end - I even tried checking for it manually, says no update available. What is the latest version? Mine is on v6.0.1, Build MyGicaS905X-2 v2.00
  4. I have the same issue - the new 495 HDR does not recognize the 5GHz wireless networks at all.... while the old 495 PROs did just fine. How do we sort this out?!
  5. Yeah, just trying to move files from my computer onto the device itself so I can play them directly off of it, to minimize and streaming buffers, delays, network issues, etc. What is the other easiest way to access the storage on this device via network or whatever...?
  6. Tried just that. No go. Same problem.
  7. When you say "resetting", you are referring to what? Resetting the whole box?
  8. EShare Internal Server Error?!!! Ok, I thought this was an easy one, as in it was supposed to work without any fuss... but I guess I was wrong. When I go to on my computer, then go to "Wireless Storage" -> "sdcard0" I get a blank page with this error message on it: SERVER INTERNAL ERROR: IOException: length=164; regionStart=19; regionLength=-2 I can somehow access my USB stick that's in there under "udisk0" and see its directories, and upload the files to it... but I can't access the main storage on the unit itself anymore (I was able to once, I managed to copy a file to it, and that was it - I was never able to access it again). What seems to be the problem?!
  9. @JustinI'm not that interested in the Kodi 17 as I find it unstable and confusing, and any time you don't close it properly it resets all kinds of settings and you have to reconfigure the layout all over the place from scratch... so I'm fine with Kodi 16 on ATV585, but I would love to see more stability in terms of video/audio playback (I get audio cutting off every once in a while during movies, even the ones playing off USB or locally downloaded ones - super annoying) and more reliable WiFi settings - some days the box won't even connect to my WiFi and it doesn't matter how many time I turn the WiFi OFF and back ON, it is stuck in the "Turning WiFi On......." step or recognizing the available networks. And rebooting the box doesn't help much either, so if you could fix those two things alone I'd be happy.
  10. Is there a way to download it somewhere/somehow? Or is OTA only? And is it only for specific models?
  11. Well, I guess I was misinformed then and sold a few of these 8GB boxes under false marketing and misinformation, being told they do support Netflix HD. So much for the distributors having a clue what they are selling...
  12. So wait, let me just clarify... what's not available on 8GB model, Widevine Level 1 DRM certification and whatnot software, or just the Netflix HD app? Because if 8GB model is capable of using and playing Netflix in HD and the only limitation is the lack of the right app.... you see where I'm going with this.
  13. Is it not available on ATV 495 8GB model? And what's the difference between Netflix HD and regular Netflix app? Are they both available on Play Store, or are they pre-built into the MyGica Android build and we can't add them separately?
  14. I see that the new 495 PRO and 1900 PRO are being advertised with Netflix HD support?! Does that mean that you guys finally got the required certification from Google / Netflix? And how is this implemented? Via Google Play app? Or a custom app bundled with the box? So many questions...
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