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  1. austenpowers

    Skype on 1800e

    I downgraded Skype from v8.x to v7.x and now it works. I guess the latest version of Skype was not compatible with the version of Android running on the 1800e. All is well now
  2. austenpowers

    Skype on 1800e

    Skype on 1800e Any idea why Skype on my 1800e suddenly stopped working? I am running the latest v4.4 firmware and the latest version of Skype. I noticed this problem after upgrading Skype a few versions ago. My Skype has been working for years and now it will not transmit my video. I know the camera is working because it lights up and i see video locally, but the other party cannot see my video. I've been using the same Logitech C920 webcam, which has been working for years, but now it has stopped. Is Skype no longer supported by this device?
  3. austenpowers

    KR53 Air Mouse power button not working

    Yes, it is likely older stock... however, it is still much better (more useful, IMHO) than the stock remote. And with the workaround i've used, it serves my purposes quite nicely. Tks, Todd
  4. austenpowers

    KR53 Air Mouse power button not working

    Actually, i've found an even "better" (I think?) workaround. I was able to program the "TV/AV" button to use as the Power ON/OFF button, and it works perfectly. Of course, that's not much good to you if you are using the "TV/AV" button (which i am not)... and it works like a charm. Unfortunate this remote uses a different IR remote code for the power button... though i suppose it was designed to work with older versions of this product. Tks for the helpful replies though... appreciate it. Ever since this WiFi disconnect issue has cleared, i've been using this box regularly now... it's a good product (when it works)
  5. Hi, I recently purchased a KR-53 (or KR53 Air Mouse) to upgrade my remote. However, i have noticed that the red power button on the top left of the remote does not work when trying to standby or reboot my ATV582 Gica box. Is this a known issue and is there a workaround (other than having to use 2 remotes)? Tks, Todd
  6. Hi, what Justin suggested for me was to do the factory reset under other settings.. this did work, but wiped out my xbmc data ( which I backed up and then restored) and then I had to re-establish my playstore, netflix, etc credentials. Hi, I did the factory reset and it seemed to complete the update. I now see "Kodi" instead of "XBMC". However, my gica box now has NO N/W CONNECTIVITY!!! It has been down since early April, as we've just been using our very reliable WD Live box for streaming video. Any suggestions on how to fix this??? Another factory reset (and flip a coin)?? The box can see my WiFi networks (i have two) and i can connect and authenticate to the 2 networks, however, there is no internet connectivity. And i know i'm well within range, because my WD Live box is connecting and streaming with no issues at all. Not impressed at all... pls advise. (i'm really considering returning this box to the store... i understand the benefits and how powerful it "can" be... but right now it's an expensive paperweight). BTW, when i first purchased the ATV 582, i had to return 3 of them to the store before i found one that would work. The problem with the "faulty" ones was that the seemed to overheat, and then i'd lose n/w connectivity. 2 of the them would never connect at all (the same problem i'm experiencing now)... is there a "known" h/w issue with these boxes overheating?? They are a VERY compact box, so it's not surprising that they may be prone to overheating. And i don't have it sitting on or beside anything generating heat, so it's all self-generated heat!! Pls help me revive my ATV582, before i return it to the store... Tks, Todd
  7. Hi, what Justin suggested for me was to do the factory reset under other settings.. this did work, but wiped out my xbmc data ( which I backed up and then restored) and then I had to re-establish my playstore, netflix, etc credentials. Yeah, i'll probably give that a go. I don't really have a choice. I spoke too soon when i gave my feedback. Since my upgrade, i have absolutely NO N/W CONNECTIVITY. I started with Netflix - didn't work; Google Play Store - didn't work; web browser - didn't work. Despite having tried a couple different WiFi networks, and both telling me i was connected and showing an assigned IP @, i now have absolutely no internet connectivity. Yet my WD Live Box, right next to it, works just fine. In fact, even before the latest upgrade, whenever i tried Netflix on the MyGica box, it was always choppy and buffering, while my WD Live box has been humming along without any interruption or issues at all. I really hope MyGica will improve it's quality soon - and maybe once i do the factory reset, I will see a noticeable change (i hope so). However, having to do a factory reset after every upgrade seems a bit ridiculous, and it's one of the reasons i will not recommend MyGica to people - because it really just seems to be a Beta product at best. Powerful, yes, but Beta product. You REALLY need to turn this around quickly.
  8. I had the exact same experience as "wallerjs". Upgrade failed 2/3's of the way through (the Android robot froze), so unplugged (after 15-20mins of waiting), powered on again, and then the upgrade completed (except it did not upgrade XBMC... still running v13.2). How do we upgrade this now?? My ATV 582 seems a lot "snappier" now... happy about that. Was surprised to see we are still on Android Kitkat v4.4.2... thought we would have been upgraded to v4.4.4. Tks for the new load!
  9. austenpowers


    Got my ATV 582 working and was able to make some Skype test calls. I'm happy to say that the Logitech C-525 (HD, 720p) webcam works with the 582 (and at $99, why bother with the 1200). The news is not so good for the Microsoft Lifecam HD Studio (1425) webcam. When you launch a call, the video comes up and i can see myself on my TV, however, as soon as the call connects, the video drops. And even if i manually toggle video OFF/ON while the call is up, i cannot get the video from my webcam to transmit. So the fact that the video comes up initially, tells me that MyGica has included the driver for this webcam, however, the driver needs an update (as it is buggy with Skype). Perhaps this can be fixed??
  10. austenpowers


    Mike, check out CanadaComputers or NewEgg.ca... they are selling the newer MyGica models. I just picked up an ATV 582 at Canada Computers on sale for $99. I'm hoping the 582 (or the 1800, which has more ports/connectivity) will have better luck with the newer webcam models. And i wish i could answer that now, but i've got another issue with my 582 right now (might be DOA).
  11. austenpowers


    I've tried with the Logitech C-525 and Microsoft LIfecam Studio (1425) and neither are working. Actually got a bit further with the Microsoft webcam, as i get video when i launch a call with Skype, but as soon as the call connects, i no longer transmit video. It seems as though the driver is installed for this webcam, but is not fully compliant with Skype. Do you think i'd perhaps have better luck with the newer ATV 1800e or 582 models? I see they are on sale this week. Perhaps it's time to return these old ATV 1200's?
  12. austenpowers


    What was the resolution to this problem? I just bought 2 MyGica ATV 1200's with 2 Logitech C525 webcams as Xmas gifts, and i'm having the exact same problem when I try to use Skype. This was a big reason for buying these units, and MyGica explicitly advertises that it supports Skype. Well what's the good of supporting Skype if you don't support the webcams?? Much like Mike, I can receive video/audio no problem, but i can only send audio (no video), and the video light on my webcam does not light up at all. It's just acting as a glorified mic. I was thinking of returning the webcams, and trying the Microsoft Lifecam 1080p HD studio webcam but now i'm thinking of returning the MyGica's (esp. since Mike says this Microsoft webcam does not work either). This is quite frustrating and disappointing. Please tell me there is a simple procedure to load/install the appropriate drivers on the MyGica? Is this simply a problem because the ATV1200 is an older model Gica, while the webcam is a newer model Logitech?