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  1. Suggestions for possible banned words... "Leafs" "Toronto Sports Network". Just sayin'.
  2. Give Kodi 17.0 (7.010) a try. Blows 16.1 out of the water. I've been running libreelec since December 15 or so, but not on mygica.
  3. In the last day here I can buy prescription drugs from India, and fashion footwear and other "enhancements" Taiwan. One post has been up since 7am yesterday.
  4. My understanding is that, since it's based on tablet style Android 4.4 and 5.1 firmware, none of them.
  5. So let me see if I read this right. The link Bohica93 sent was for the "new" Lollipop out in June 2015. 18 months later in MygicaLand the first "stable" release of 5.1 is out in November 2016, but only for the newest 4 boxes... *Sigh* Time to turn on one of my other competitors' boxes (this is a $90 one) and update it to the latest official Kodi Krypton beta supplied by the manufacturer.
  6. Ok now I'm confused. "Rooted" means you can install anything you want as Admin, you have super user access, etc. Your first post says you want a rooted box, MyGica Support says this firmware will allow rooting, so what's the prob?
  7. Ok then, humour me. What's so great about it? Does the hdd come with it? Is the remote substantially different than the 401 remote I got for $20? How does 17.0 Krypton (beta) work on it? Marshmallow in the future? Right now I'm running two "other" boxes, one is running (and has been for two weeks) Kodi 17 while my other one I'm currently using as a NAS. Both are running Libreelec.
  8. Kodi Krypton 17 beta is running very well on my newest box via Libreelec. Then again the box I'm talking about is not a mygica box... I think I'm beginning to give up on $100 + boxes that are going to be stuck on Android 4. 4. 2 and cannot be updated past that, therefore you will not be able to run Krypton 17 from Android.
  9. Short answer, no. already been asked.
  10. You've posted almost 60 times since November 14, I guess for some people that's a "long stint"...
  11. Sounds like one of those prevalent "HDMI blackout issue" problems known to haunt the 582/380/1800 group of boxes. Basically, certain boxes coupled with certain tv's don't talk when turned back on. Thus the "don't see any video" issue. If you unplug/plug in the HDMI what happens?
  12. Every time you get out of Kodi (as in "quit and go back to android") you clear the cache. Don't forget, these boxes only have a default cache of 20-30 meg (not the full ram like 0cache does) so you would only be saving 30 meg max. You're also running (streaming) a file within an Addon that's running within Kodi that's running on a platform (Android). With that kind of bloatware 2 gig of ram is s**t.
  13. A direct quote from the "1800 Downloads" section The same info can be found in the "582/380" section under "downloads" Sounds like the same file to me...