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  1. If all you want is Kodi 17 and nothing else, Libreelec w/ an rpi. My opinion only...
  2. Krypton (17.0) needs android 5.1 The 1200 is so old that it is not possible to upgrade to android 5.1
  3. I'll put this as simply as I can. You had an android based OS (4.4 etc) with an android Google Play Store Kodi installed onto your android based OS. You then installed (overwrote existing) a Linux-based openelec OS that does nothing but boot to whatever version of openelec Kodi you chose to install.
  4. Great, you left a "product review" without mentioning the product, how long you had it (hint: return warranty), what it wouldn't do and what gramps and grandma were trying to do with it. And you expect a detailed response?
  5. But, but, but, you do this every day?
  6. But, but, but, you do this every day?
  7. Sounds like it's an aftermarket Linux-based Kodi install. Look under Settings/System info (or equivalent, haven't played with frodo in something like 4 years) to see what is says under build type.
  8. Okay, so which is it? The Mod who says it doesn't work? Or the guy who says yes it does and "I'm running it on various boxes now"? Right now I'm tending to believe the guy who says "yeah it works."
  9. Haven't been here for a week only to find that Mygica is advertising in their News and Announcements thread... Power Bracelets! Get yours now before their gone! Do these bracelets come with android 5.1?
  10. Hormone therapy? Really?
  11. The 1200 with 1 gig of RAM and 4 gig of onboard memory will never support Kodi 17 or Android 5.1
  12. And yet another one. Apparently Sharon reeaaaalllyy like showbox. Even provided a link. Seems kind of funny, I almost get banned by jamesc (glad that mod is finally gone) for asking about MagTV which is (was) a legit and promoted Addon to mygica boxes, but new posters can spam about showbox?
  13. Your 380/582 is still running android 4.4 which is not compatible with Kodi 17. Fix? Get a new box or wait until there is an official Android 5.1 out. FYI... My Krypton 17 is running absolutely flawlessly on a non-Mygica box that I have.
  14. Limited but not removed completely
  15. You have got to be f*****g kidding me, right? The second paragraph of the first post of this thread is "I found the "beta" 5.1 image which for some reason is the same across 4 of your models. Terrible lag" He installed it. He tried it. He hated it. He found it unusable. Do you, as a Mod, even bother reading any of the threads you answer? This is one of the reasons I've purchased a competitors product that I'm more than happy with. Removable memory card that I can easily upgrade OS, running official Krypton 17, 1 gig ram. $40 less than the average 380/582. More to mention. Shall I continue? J