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  1. Make, model, issues.? "I can't get anything started " can cover a lot of real estate.
  2. Sure 16.1 still works. Just not with Exodus/Phoenix etc. If you're complaining about 16.1 not "working" for you now, wait until DRM and Kudelski are introduced.
  3. wjw

    reinstall kodi 16.1

    If you go to Kodi.tv (the only place to get the official 16.1) it stays as a download from the website.
  4. wjw

    reinstall kodi 16.1

    Why not? It's the same link as bkwashby gave in the second post in this thread. kodi.tv/android guy half way down page 1/older posts (half way down that page)/arm/old/16.1 etc... Not sure about the 32/64 bit question. It's an arm download, not windows...
  5. wjw

    Upgrade 17.1

    Well, you did say that you uninstalled 16.1. You then freshly installed 17.1, no? That would explain where your Addons (you called them apps) went. To make sure we're talking the same language, Kodi is an app, Candy Crush (installed from the Play Store) is an app, things installed from within Kodi are Addons.
  6. As a mod, did you really just tell a forum member to watch the video without providing a link to a video or link to the APK?
  7. Spam filter not working again I can apparently buy pharmacuticals from India through mygica now... So, how's the spam blocker working these days?
  8. No, that is a message from KodiTips and TVAddons, a website that talks about third party Addons that is not affiliated with Kodi.tv. That being said, yes Addons are currently scraping from sites that are not useable under 16.1. Or run libreelec 17
  9. Not with Android as your operating system.
  10. Found on Koditips... " Latest Update March 17th Current Status: EXODUS Issues Present on Kodi 16.1 and lower (read below) – Make sure you have version 3.1.5 of the add-on. There has been an increased number of reports about users finding few or no links in Exodus when running Kodi 16.1 and earlier. " I'm not advocating using any third-party add-ons, I am simply stating what is freely available as information on the web.
  11. Android 5.1 will never be released for the 582 or 380. The only viable option is to run a linux-based libreelec operating system and now it will only give you Kodi 17. That being said, that is what most people want anyway.
  12. You bought an android 4.4 box with 1 gig of ram and 8 gig of onboard memory, and now you're bitching that it doesn't do what you thought it would. That's not a question but a comment. Another comment, you obviously didn't research anything so you get what you deserve... A life-lesson and a lighter wallet.
  13. What do you mean "link gets removed"? It's an apk file, you install it.
  14. Unless you reaaalllly want to play with your $200+ box to get Libreelec (or OSMC), there are easier ways to run Libreelec 8.0.0 (or the new (8.0.1) for $100 or less. I have 3 single board computers running various OS's now and couldn't be happier.
  15. Yes, and I'm still wondering why the 582/380 is anywhere from $125 to $139 CDN...
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