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  1. Hormone therapy? Really?
  2. The 1200 with 1 gig of RAM and 4 gig of onboard memory will never support Kodi 17 or Android 5.1
  3. And yet another one. Apparently Sharon reeaaaalllyy like showbox. Even provided a link. Seems kind of funny, I almost get banned by jamesc (glad that mod is finally gone) for asking about MagTV which is (was) a legit and promoted Addon to mygica boxes, but new posters can spam about showbox?
  4. Your 380/582 is still running android 4.4 which is not compatible with Kodi 17. Fix? Get a new box or wait until there is an official Android 5.1 out. FYI... My Krypton 17 is running absolutely flawlessly on a non-Mygica box that I have.
  5. Limited but not removed completely
  6. You have got to be f*****g kidding me, right? The second paragraph of the first post of this thread is "I found the "beta" 5.1 image which for some reason is the same across 4 of your models. Terrible lag" He installed it. He tried it. He hated it. He found it unusable. Do you, as a Mod, even bother reading any of the threads you answer? This is one of the reasons I've purchased a competitors product that I'm more than happy with. Removable memory card that I can easily upgrade OS, running official Krypton 17, 1 gig ram. $40 less than the average 380/582. More to mention. Shall I continue? J
  7. That's why I bought a Raspberry Pi for $80 Canadian.
  8. +1 for Libreelec. I'm running it on a box with 1 go of ram and clocked at 1.2 gig. Instead of slogging along with an Andriod build, its snappy using 17.0 Estuary.
  9. Suggestions for possible banned words... "Leafs" "Toronto Sports Network". Just sayin'.
  10. Give Kodi 17.0 (7.010) a try. Blows 16.1 out of the water. I've been running libreelec since December 15 or so, but not on mygica.
  11. In the last day here I can buy prescription drugs from India, and fashion footwear and other "enhancements" Taiwan. One post has been up since 7am yesterday.
  12. My understanding is that, since it's based on tablet style Android 4.4 and 5.1 firmware, none of them.
  13. So let me see if I read this right. The link Bohica93 sent was for the "new" Lollipop out in June 2015. 18 months later in MygicaLand the first "stable" release of 5.1 is out in November 2016, but only for the newest 4 boxes... *Sigh* Time to turn on one of my other competitors' boxes (this is a $90 one) and update it to the latest official Kodi Krypton beta supplied by the manufacturer.
  14. Ok now I'm confused. "Rooted" means you can install anything you want as Admin, you have super user access, etc. Your first post says you want a rooted box, MyGica Support says this firmware will allow rooting, so what's the prob?