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  1. Upgrading Firmware & Kodi 17 Fork

    Hey Justin - yes - installed both img files. Was really frustrating to work with, but maybe I will reflash and give it another go this evening.
  2. Upgrading Firmware & Kodi 17 Fork

    Upgraded last night. Fairly unusable. Slow to respond to the mouse, programs would close frequently. Going to look at it again tonight, but may go back to kit kat to get stability and use the mygica media center. Also I didn't have root (couldn't install Titanium), is that by design?
  3. Upgrading Firmware & Kodi 17 Fork

    That's great - downloaded and on my to do - likely the weekend though when I have time to play with it. @justin - have you tested the FW on a 582 much? Performance as good as kit kat (I read that initial boot up is slow but that's not a huge deal )
  4. Click on add-ons, then click the box in the top left menu
  5. Updated Media Center Fork - 17.1

    This actually has nothing to do with Kodi or mygica... Tvaddons who hosted that addon and others shut down, as they are being sued for copyright infringement. Third party addons are not supported by Kodi BUT if you search a bit you'll find something that works I'm sure.
  6. Kode 17.2 update

    and now they are up to Kodi 17.3.
  7. Updated Media Center Fork - 17.1

    Actually 17.2 deployed today for at least android and Linux.
  8. Updated Media Center Fork - 17.1

    LOL and then 17.2 dropped ... *sigh*
  9. Updated Media Center Fork - 17.1

    @Justin Still on target for May for 17.1 fork?
  10. Updated Media Center Fork - 17.1

    Thanks - might be tricky with the playstore just given the news around Kodi as of late, but I'm good with a straight up APK or play store updates - just should be a dedicated area in downloads for the fork if that is where users should go to get updates. Great job by the way - enjoying the 17.0 immensely.
  11. Updated Media Center Fork - 17.1

    Updated Media Center Fork - 17.1 @Justin any update on the readiness of the updated fork? Will that go directly to the playstore, and if so, will the 7.0 fork register it as an update? Thanks!
  12. Media Centre

    Yes - its a different app. Doesn't change the official Kodi, use the new app.
  13. Kodi v17 - MyGica ATV582

    Posted a link to it in this thread ..
  14. Kodi v17 - MyGica ATV582

    Can't say I am having the same experience - have it installed on a Linux laptop as well as multiple phones and working very well. Additionally, the MyGica fork is working well for me - in fact I had been using Exodus and getting non-working HD links on 16.1, but over 25 for the same show on 17.0 fork - all working. Your experience may vary.
  15. Kodi v17 - MyGica ATV582

    @Justin Can you put out a notice of some sort when the 17.1 version of your fork lands in the playstore. Been using the existing APK - works very well - THANK YOU!