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  1. OK I'll install the TVtap app which has recently come out and check the chrome version has updated. I must say I find it dissapointing that streaming companies and broadcasters withdraw support from legacy systems after a few years. The box was well constructed and is still in good condition as it was mainly used for holidays. youtube still works without problems. At a time when concern about plastic waste and the environment is ever increasing we should look for ways to recycle old products. I'm retired now and was a microsoft systems engineer. I only have limited experience of Linux and my understanding of Android is even less, if an app doesn't work it seems difficult to remedy. Version upgrades seem very limited. This issue came to light on BBC watchdog a few weeks ago when people were complaining that the apps on Smart TVs they had bought only a few years ago no longer worked and support was withrawn. Thanks for your reply and I'll leave you with this video to ponder on, I think I have to accept that the device is not broken but I cant fix it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO-EuhVzONM
  2. ATV 1200 video player Most apps for TV have stopped working. I got the device out a couple of weeks ago and the only one that worked was TV catchup in the Android browser but not in Chrome. Tv catchup won't work in its own app either. Today I discovered that it would no longer work in any browser. At one time I had BBC iPlayer that's stopped working, I'm in the UK at present so its not the IP. I downloaded the app for TVmucho today, it works fine in Chrome on my windows 7 PC and in the app on my Android phone but although the app shows the program guide and you can log in to it etc it will not play the TV programs, a black screen with silence all channels. The version is android 4.1.2 Build no v 1.03.04MX01_20131102 I'd like to have TVtap, TVcatchup and TVmucho all working Installed TVmucho today. IPlayer and ITV player would be nice. What needs to be done to get these up and running, I'm not fussed about HD or 4k just a normal picture like we used to have would be good.
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