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  1. glchud

    1800e worst purchase ever

    I agree fully. I have 2 1800E's the first one for 3 years now. While not perfect it certainly does the job and the support has been there for me. Would I buy another, you bet.
  2. glchud

    1800E power on from standby black screen

    Lighten up people. It's not as if the boxes are not working. Having to unplug and plug it back in after stand by is not earth shattering. Calm down, be patient and the fix will come. I have had 2 1800E's for over 2 years now and Justin and the folks have always come through.
  3. glchud

    1900AC 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    Thanks Justin. I do have faith in your group as you have come through before. People just need to have a little patience.
  4. glchud

    1800E power on from standby black screen

    I have had a box for over 2 years now and I can tell you this forum dose provide answers. Sometimes it takes awhile but Justin and others do come through. Friends of mine have bought your so called cheap "Chinese" boxes and that is exactly what they are. Buy them and you are on your own...no firmware upgrades and no one to talk to. Be a little patient and the fix will come through. Just my 2 cents!
  5. Go to the download page and download to an SD card. When you do this upgrade it will wipe out all your addons so you will have to add them again. Lots of information on you tube for all of this.
  6. glchud

    1900AC 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    I have an 1800E and can tell you that the firmware does work, if you do it right. What box do you have and how did you upgrade it?
  7. I have the same box and you can use the Firmware upgrade from Nov 24 which will give you 5.1 and Kodi 16.1
  8. glchud

    1800E power on from standby black screen

    Justin this was happening to me even before the update to 5.1 so that is not the problem. I have also changed HDMI cords but nothing helps. I just upplug the box, plug back in and all works well until the next time.
  9. glchud

    1800E power on from standby black screen

    I have this problem with my Samsung TV only. The 1800E hooked to an LG works just fine and yes I have the 5.1 upgrade installed on both of my boxes.
  10. I have this same problem on the 1800E I have hooked to my Samsung TV. The 1800E I have attached to my LG TV works fine. As such, it appears to be a communication problem with the Samsung.
  11. glchud

    Android 5.1 update?

    This was announced by KODI months ago. It will only work on Android 5.0 and higher. We are looking at different options to offer Android 5.1 for most of our older devices. Right now we have it available for the 1800 and 1900 Justin, is the firmware for the 1800 still in Beta? You had mentioned it may be available this week ( not Beta)??
  12. glchud

    1900 vs 1800

    I would be interested in this as well since I have 2 1800's currently and have been looking at the 1900
  13. glchud

    Android Lollipop OS

    What about the 1800E??? Sorry for the post . Just read again and I see 1800 listed.
  14. glchud

    Android Lollipop OS

    What about the 1800E???
  15. Justin, my TV is a Samsung DLP 750. I find when turning the 1800 on plus TV and my Denon receiver the TV does not pick up the signal until I disconnect power and connect it again. Just started with this new firmware. With old firmware would not pick up 1080 p with this Tv but that has now been fixed with the new firmware. Try powering up your 1800e last. First power up the receiver,....select the correct input,....then turn on the TV and select the correct input. then power up the 1800e. what you may be experiencing is "HDMI hand shake" protocol,....every device handles HDMI a bit differently and sometimes the solution is as simple as just changing the power up order of your devices. Worth a try anyway. Thanks I will try that.