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  1. how big is ur sd card ? ive only had luck with using a max 2 gig. try that with only the files needed on it. hope that helps... good luck
  2. wow.. he stumped ya..lol.. been a while since ive seen that. anyhoo not totally sure here on the usb update but it shud be the same as sd card. if youve dl the kodi 17.1/1900 firmware file to your usb stick. all ya shud have ta do is plug the usb in. disconect power. hold in the reset button on back of box beside the hdmi w pen/pin etc. n plug power back in as u hold the reset button for 5-10 secs. it shud do it all its self from there. good luck
  3. sorry ta hear ur having issues.. all i did was dl the upgrade move ta my sd card did the unplug reset deal the lil guy poped up an viola . maybe justin has more ta offer
  4. yup. i have. all the files are avail. here. i like it but i find it a bit slower and choppy sum times. im not a fan of the layout as im a long time user of the old and used to it but over all its not perfect but it works and can only get better w testing.. good luck.. make sure to full delete old kodi. clear everything an do a fresh install ta eliminate any issues. i also did the nstools dl from app store/ add patch from this site first.. i removed the hot plug an bumped up core speeds to 612mhz i believe on both 16.1 and 17.1 16 was killer fast w min buffering. on 17 it helps but ???
  5. i feel ya here bro. i had the same issues a while back. how i corrected it was first i upgraded my internet speed from my provider. i was at 30mbs . now im at 150. aswell i looked at how many things i had that were taxing/ on my wifi. i had 3 tabs 5 cell fones and 4 tvs n 2 comps all on the wifi.. wich slowed the sys big time. since jus the speed upgrade.. it was night n day better but as i turned each of the other items off the wifi the buffering got less an less so more of a dedicated net conection to the box vers everything online n bogging it down. give that a try n see if it helps.. good luck
  6. not sure if i can offer ya anything ya havent tried but perhaps in your security software try allowing the box address a bypass ? or exemption type of deal if that makes sense at all. untill there is a fix that is. hope that helps a bit anyhoo.. jus my 2 pennies worth i guess.. good luck
  7. then sell it.. or drive over it.. if it bothers you that much that instead of leaving it on with no return issue than why are u wasting your and everyones time with the same endless bitch. its a simple fix to leave on.. its a simple fix to dl nstools from google play and remove the hot plug so all 4 cores are at idle.. this gripe you have can be fixed but you keep complaing on the same things that have a fix if you choose to. far as i can see this topic should be closed.. try the fixes offered or move on..
  8. soo down load the nstools app and remove the hot plug.. i did.. its awesome. set it to 612 max or performance mod, ... if man made it you can change it. you just have to a lil more open minded with how to change it is all im saying.... keep all 4 cores at idle waiting for you to give it gas so ta speak..
  9. personally i get there is issues with the 1800 5.1 kodi 16.1 upgrade for sum.. how.. im not sure. but for me an the 10 or so boxes i have done for friends n family. some were stubborn n some went quick, over all at the end of day they all work an work great. ive tried the 17.1 upgrade on my own 3 1800s at home and have put them back to 16.1. i feel its smoother an faster but non the less they both work. if urs is crashing off stand by. stop using it an just let the unit b at idle. its not costing or hurtin anything.. also need not forget this is a free site and after your 1 time purchase cost of the box.. your watching something you would normally pay for.. thanks to all that help make this possible.. with out the team that brings the software to the public at no cost.. we would still be paying for it..
  10. exactly.. just leave it on for frik sakes.. and move on with it already.. mines been on for years. red light green light.. same shizat .. if it crashs when in stand by mod leave it on and have no issue next time you select it on ur inputs.. very simple ppl,,
  11. works great.. dont upgrade to 17.1 if youve never used the box it will only confuse you more. 16.1 is great n works well.
  12. 17 is not my friend on 1800s wait for 18 to come out or just stay on 16.1
  13. try a reboot . do a wipe on cache an sys. reload the 4.4.2 get that back up working.. then go back.. do a reboot with the auto loading lollipop n 16.1.(1900 upgrade) if it freezes try the unplug replug. it shud work.. has for me and tons of others,, dont upgrade ta 17 kodi. stay on the 16.1 till they get 18 up n running.. good luck
  14. is this your 1st android box? if so i understand. i feel the same sometimes even now after 4 years of owning 3 boxes. but over the years ive figured this box out an talked friends n family into them as well. an they felt the same in the beginning. you just n have to b patient and figure out the quirks so ta speak an when ya do(read lots on this site.. all ur answers are here) .. you'll see its actually a decent lil unit. is it the best? not sure its all i use . is it a POS.. nope. cause it always works the way its supposed to. i have no complaints as to the unit and how it works .. my only advise is upgrade to lolipop and stay on 16.1. i am not a fan of the new kodi 17 an feel my box runs slower and the new platform isnt as user friendly as before. but maybe its just im so used to the old one an the new kodi hasnt shown me the love im used to.. dont give up.. it is what it is and when ya figure it out .. you will love it.. thanks..good luck.. just my 2 pennies worth
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