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  1. how big is ur sd card ? ive only had luck with using a max 2 gig. try that with only the files needed on it. hope that helps... good luck
  2. then sell it.. or drive over it.. if it bothers you that much that instead of leaving it on with no return issue than why are u wasting your and everyones time with the same endless bitch. its a simple fix to leave on.. its a simple fix to dl nstools from google play and remove the hot plug so all 4 cores are at idle.. this gripe you have can be fixed but you keep complaing on the same things that have a fix if you choose to. far as i can see this topic should be closed.. try the fixes offered or move on..
  3. soo down load the nstools app and remove the hot plug.. i did.. its awesome. set it to 612 max or performance mod, ... if man made it you can change it. you just have to a lil more open minded with how to change it is all im saying.... keep all 4 cores at idle waiting for you to give it gas so ta speak..
  4. personally i get there is issues with the 1800 5.1 kodi 16.1 upgrade for sum.. how.. im not sure. but for me an the 10 or so boxes i have done for friends n family. some were stubborn n some went quick, over all at the end of day they all work an work great. ive tried the 17.1 upgrade on my own 3 1800s at home and have put them back to 16.1. i feel its smoother an faster but non the less they both work. if urs is crashing off stand by. stop using it an just let the unit b at idle. its not costing or hurtin anything.. also need not forget this is a free site and after your 1 time purchase cost of the box.. your watching something you would normally pay for.. thanks to all that help make this possible.. with out the team that brings the software to the public at no cost.. we would still be paying for it..
  5. exactly.. just leave it on for frik sakes.. and move on with it already.. mines been on for years. red light green light.. same shizat .. if it crashs when in stand by mod leave it on and have no issue next time you select it on ur inputs.. very simple ppl,,
  6. Once rooted I install NSTools its a free app that lets you change the CPU Scaling Governor. I set mine to interactive its like performance and keeps all cores active but allows the cores to idle lower when not active to reduce heat. When the CPU power is needed they all ramp up. Since i rooted and set to interactive with a min of 600 mhz on interactive the unit is WAY faster. Hot plug stops cores as much as possible to save power and idles them as low as possible this is not a good setting for a always plugged in and always on android box as the unit uses a power brick and will draw the same power if its on or off. here is the link for what i use. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.cyann.nstools&hl=en here is the description of the governors I spoke of : (There are over 100 Governors ) 8: Interactive: Interactive scales the clockspeed over the course of a timer set by the kernel developer (or user). In other words, if an application demands a ramp to maximum clockspeed (by placing 100% load on the CPU), a user can execute another task before the governor starts reducing CPU frequency. Because of this timer, Interactive is also better prepared to utilize intermediate clockspeeds that fall between the minimum and maximum CPU frequencies. It is significantly more responsive than OnDemand, because it's faster at scaling to maximum frequency. Interactive also makes the assumption that a user turning the screen on will shortly be followed by the user interacting with some application on their device. Because of this, screen on triggers a ramp to maximum clockspeed, followed by the timer behavior described above. Interactive is the default governor of choice for today's smartphone and tablet manufacturers. 3: Performance: The performance governor locks the phone's CPU at maximum frequency. 21: Hotplug: The Hotplug governor performs very similarly to the OnDemand governor, with the added benefit of being more precise about how it steps down through the kernel's frequency table as the governor measures the user's CPU load. However, the Hotplug governor's defining feature is its ability to turn unused CPU cores off during periods of low CPU utilization. This is known as "hotplugging."
  7. not true on losing your addons. if you go to the back up under programs . set it to ext/sdcard and save. the exit out. open again hit back up. wait till done. after fressh install go back and repeat but with restore. works fine. im using a older 1800 kr32 remote on 5.1 and kodi 17 now . system running great
  8. i have done 3 1800s now w the5.1.1 update aswell as the root update and nstools. system works great.. did a backup for each.. awesome. my question is i have run all in interactive and performance mods at 600mhz and 812mhz . i find that they seem to work faster and smoother on the performance mod at 812mhz. is this a bad choice to do or should i just stick to the interactive at 600.. thanks for the great info given here..
  9. wow man.. a lil harsh.. we are all in same boat here and dont forget that this stuff is shareware..freeware.. etc.. so anything given to us openly should be thankfull not beat on.. this is not a free .. guaranteed or because justin has nothin better ta do but hook us up site. soo i think a lil appreciation for whats being offered to us at no cost is in order. there are other ways to post issues with releases that can help the mods and other to help make a better product for us all .. thanks.. jus my 2 pennies worth.
  10. as much as i like the way my sys it working w new firmware an 15.0 b2. on kitkat. and i use lolipop on my cell. to be honest i wud really like to know what wud the benifits be for loli on our system at this point? dont get me wrong.. i love loli 5.0 jus a q' i had on this topic. thanks
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