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    Program Mygica remote control

    Does anyone know if the Netflix button on this remote can be reconfigured to start a different app? I just installed the "Active Home Vista" Android app to control my ancient X10 control module(CM11A). It would be nice to be able to start the Active Home app using this button. I searched the net but was not successful in finding an answer.
  2. Kodi crashes when cleaning library Settings, Video, Clean Library. Progress bar hits 35% Kodi crashes. I have about 50 movies in the library. They are stored in a NAS.
  3. With the Feb 25 firmware, enabling Bluetooth in setting showed "bluedroid" as enabled but my BT Logitech KB was not discovered. The March 31 firmware no longer allows "bluedroid" to be enabled. I bought my 380 from new stock in January, how can I tell if it has a built in BT module? When can we expect BT support?