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  1. ATV 495X very slow I recently updated my ATV 495X to the newest software version from the Downloads page. As a result: (1) Device has renamed itself ATV 329X (2) Device runs very slowly, navigation within Play Store is particularly slow, as is any navigation with the remote control, despite increasing the pointer speed - Navigation is to some degree quicker and more reliable with an external keyboard and USB dongle. Is anyone else having similar problems?
  2. Hi Justin...Are there two versions of the 495X (495X and 495X HDR) and is the 7.1 update suitable for both?
  3. Dear Justin. Ironically Skype and the Logitech C920 webcam worked on 4.4 (although Logitech stated a minimum requirement of Android 5.1). What would be the procedure for downgrading back down to 4.4 and please can you attach the files I should use.
  4. Yes, I have looked....although there is nothing really of relevance that I can change within the Skype App settings and the permissions should have been granted when I confirmed the permission pop-up in Play Store before downloading the app, so I cannot really find a setting which is obviously wrong.
  5. Problems with Skype on ATV1800 and Android 5.1 Today I upgraded my MyGica ATV1800 to Android 5.1, installed the current version of Skype from Play Store, and tried to make a video call using a Logitech C920 webcam. I get a picture and can hear the person at the other end, but they cannot hear me. I thought there might be an issue with the new Android version, but when I tried to record myself with the webcam using the Camera app, I was able to record myself with sound and vision. Has anyone experienced similar problems with Skype or have an idea what might be wrong? In the worst case, It possible to downgrade back to Android 4.4?
  6. Any news? Has anyone had the same problem?
  7. I have just tried a factory reset but these result was the same.....No sound at all via CVBS no matter which app or which setting is used. This does have the feel of a bug.
  8. No sound after 5.1 Upgrade Following the Upgrade to 5.1 I don't have any sound via CVBS 576. Picture is fine. Had sound and vision on 4.4. Sound settings look OK and all volume levels are on max. HELP!
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