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  1. jamesc

    Android 4.2 Upgrade for ATV 1200 **FEEDBACK**

    Alright a Few things, 1. CRT TVs that means you need to change your Screen Resolution, on Flat Screen with HDMI, before you hook RCA from box to your CRT TV 2. if box picture is perfect then you can load Kodi and it will fix the screen size auto if your still having issue, please contact the support line
  2. jamesc

    Android 4.2 Upgrade for ATV 1200 **FEEDBACK**

    it was always Kodi issue, and we have addressed to Kodi, i know they have provided a new APK for the fix, but since your on ATV1200, you need to process these steps 1. Uninstall Current Kodi from box, 2. download Kodi 15.0 RC2 from http://kodi.tv/kodi-15-0-isengard-rc-2/ 3. save it on a USB or SD card 4. hook the USB to ATV1200 5. launch App Installer 6. Select USB or SD card 7. Click on Install and it should be fixed by the way Kodi finally fixed a few issues with Android on this release
  3. jamesc

    How I recovered (un-bricked) and updated my 520e

    I have bricked few times and able to bring it back to life, first time was a headache since i didn't know the proper process fixed it
  4. jamesc

    Kodi wont start, keeps crashing

    the xbmc 13.1 is long time out, and a lot of Codecs are been updated, please update your box with our latest software. The New update will bring you to our Kodi 14.1, those issue should be resolved with this new update.. here is the link viewtopic.php?f=118&t=3140
  5. HI Kasmca, That is awesome that your going to get 2nd box from MyGica, and we are behind our product with hardware and software to make sure it works perfectly... The ATV582 and ATV1800E always was and will be getting support and updates. We already have our dev team work on OS 5 Lollipop, and Planning to launch it soon. There are many Differences between 1900ac and 1800E or 582, beside the Unique Design, The hardware is also different Speed and functions are way better then 582 and 1800E. It also carries AC Wireless Connection, since its 16 times better then N Connection. Since you do have a OTA Antenna we do have another model which is ATV586, that will allow you to connect your OTA annetna. No more hassle of changing Inputs on your TV, just by clicking an app your able to watch your local channels via your OTA on the box it self
  6. jamesc

    Android 4.2 Upgrade for ATV 1200 **FEEDBACK**

    I am not Silent to let you know, we are waiting for an update so we could answer you guys questions,
  7. jamesc

    Issues with Remote

    That is good to hear
  8. the letter b is new version, they didn't put another number on it
  9. jamesc

    Issues with Remote

    you can order it from Amazon or Ebay or our own store mygica.tv but that is odd that it take over functions on your TV
  10. ok good, now if the remote is KR40 it have a Dongle or USB hookup make sure its attached to your box if it is then take out and hook it up to another USB if you have KR34 or KR60 then msg me back
  11. jamesc

    Issues with Remote

    both remote you indciated is not Mygica Remotes, you need ask Rii and JVC about those issues, but if you get one of our remotes like KR40 or KR301 or KR300 or even KR100 those we know how the software functions
  12. jamesc

    Help with advancedsettings.xml

    i love it, if you could help my friend private message and see if we could inform our video guy to bring a video about it
  13. jamesc

    Kodi wont start, keeps crashing

    russ244 on this website we do not support mx3, you need to contact Justin directly for that box
  14. jamesc

    Lets see some Launchers

    great idea, we will inform our video source to create another video for it, and the first launcher picture looks nice