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    ATV 582
  1. Jules

    Kodi 17 for ATV582

    Thanks for the support and advice
  2. Jules

    Kodi 17 for ATV582

    Thanks Justin, I have installed your version of Kodi 17 and it works perfectly. Could I ask for some advice, I have bought an aditionl ATV582 however I have not opened the packaging yet so I could still return it. Will you / MyGica Team continue to support the ATV582 with Kodi updates as per the Kodi 17 media player in your post and will it ever be possible to update to Android 5.1 or is the box going to become redundant. Thank you
  3. Jules

    UnROOT ATV582

    I love his Forum and the support for the Mygica , Justin you are a legend. Patch loaded and everything is working fine now