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  1. Mygica ATV1960: CVBS A/V output and rooting Hello, in the ATV1800 discussions, I posted some weeks ago that I had problems with that model and the wifi connection, so I shipped it back to the seller for a refund, as suggested from Justin. Now I'm looking around for another model. I'm wondering on ATV1960 but I've a specific need: CVBS output and screen settings. I explain better: I need it to be compatible with a big old CRT TV. Is the CVBS available on this model? Other thing: I could be strange but I love the CRT color/contrast etc. against the new HD TVs. At the moment I use an ATV1200 and it's very good with my big SONY Trinitron CRT, but it has some limits due to hardware/software speed. So I would like to have a more performer device. I tried some time ago to update the ATV1200 to Android 4.2 but it lost the possibility to change each screen dimension, so I went back to 4.1.2. because the simple -+ to down/up to modify the screen dimension of Mygica didn't fit exactly the CRT screen. I need to modify each side of the screen, as on the ATV1200 with Android 4.1.2 I saw that in the 1800 was the same. I don't know in the 1960. Anyway, there is an android app, called Screen Shift that could fix that problem, but it needs the device to be rooted. The 1800 wasn't rooted, as the 1960 too, I suppose: isn't it? (The 1200 was rooted natively and I think this thing was really better): is there a way to solve the problem? I see Mygica says that the new devices aren't rooted because there are a lot of apps that don't work in rooted devices, but it's the contrary, in my opinion. I would prefere EVERY Android device to be rooted natively Thank you!
  2. No, I know it's not the last model...I did it because the new ones haven't the composite video output and I need to use it also with a CRT tv. I've also an ATV1200 and it still works great. But I would like to have a more performing one.
  3. VERY slow wifi connection Hello, I've just bought a new MyGica ATV1800e with android 4.4.2 kitkat, from an eBay seller, and I'm testing and configuring it. There is a very big problem. The wifi internet connection on the ATV1800 is very slow. It doesn't depend on my internet network: all my other devices work good with a speed of 5Mbps , always connected to the same wifi network. Tried a factory reset for the ATV1800e but it does the same. And the same for 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency. My internet router is a TP-Link TD-W8980. If I connect the ATV1800e with tethering to my android phone, the speed is better but equally lower (near the half) compared to the other devices. Tested wit a Ookla speed test: Wifi network: MyGica: 0,4 Mbps (I can't use it!); Other devices: 5Mbps 4g tethering: MyGica: 28,96 Mbps; Other devices: 56Mbps I hope you know which is the problem Thank you
  4. I will have to look into this and get back with you. It might be hard to fix this issue, as engineers do not have any CRT Televisions, everything is on HDMI over there. Thank you In any case it is not necessary to have a CRT TV, just connect a TV with RCA cables directly or RCA to a SCART adapter. And Oobee app has to work, even with low resolutions! As van141 said, if there is rca output on this device, it has to work and I expect to be supported... thank you again
  5. But is there a possibility that this problem will be solved from mygica software developers or not?
  6. Yes it works perfectly with 4.1: for this reason I had to downgrade again from 4.2 It's a kind of compatibility problem with oobe and android 4.2 maybe (oobe version in 4.1 and 4.2 is the same, I checked it)
  7. Alright a Few things, 1. CRT TVs that means you need to change your Screen Resolution, on Flat Screen with HDMI, before you hook RCA from box to your CRT TV 2. if box picture is perfect then you can load Kodi and it will fix the screen size auto if your still having issue, please contact the support line van141 has the same problem of mine. With the difference that my screen is significantly decentered and with android 4.2.2 I can't correct it. It's definately a 4.2.2 bug!!! I think it's an important feedback for you!
  8. Exactly! The only difference for me is that my screen is significantly decentered and as you said I can't correct it with OOBE!
  9. As I told, my problem with a CRT TV is that the screen is decentered and only OOBE app could solve it. (Android with umbrella) Unfortunately MBOX can only modify the whole screen size, in percentage. Not move the screen sides one by one as OOBE does. WIth 4.1 I can do it, with 4.2 it works only with hdmi not with cvbs (rca) . I mean, with rca connected, the app starts but it doesn't work
  10. Thank you very much and I'm sorry if I doubt ... I need an explanation before I install again the 4.2 an other time.... I don't understand what has to do kodi with my problem. Do Kodi manage the screen dimensions of the whole Android system? OOBE is not the only application to do it? I mean.... Because I started Kodi and it has only a function to correct IT'S OWN screen size but not the whole of Android system... I don't know if I explained well.....
  11. Thank you for your interest. I tried as you said...but no success. I tell you also that, in setting, there is a reset function that does the same thing (as in all android devices) It's definitely a bug of 4.2 firmware Went back to 4.1 again
  12. If you use a 4.2 android firmware, probably yes, it's different... Also to me it works with 4.1 version...(and fortunately I could downgrade it) My CRT TV is a Sony Trinitron, I tried to find a menu where to change a decentralized screen, but I didn't find it. I found only the possibility to change the screen inclination/rotation as advanced setting...
  13. You are right but the MBox Settings app can regulate only screen size in the complex ,in percentage , but you can't move the screen. So if the screen is decentralized (as in my case), you can't do anything with that app. You must use the app OOBE and in the 4.2 android firmware this one doesn't work with the RCA connected, but only with the hdmi
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