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  1. Hey Justin, I'm going to flash the firmware of my ATV395 with the ATV495 firmware.. any pros and cons?? It's running really slow and hoping updating the firmware will help with out any issues with bricking.. Thank You.
  2. I've even tried updating to the newest version and same thing happens, has this been an issue with anyone else with a ATV1900AC??
  3. Plex v4.5 Crashing.. It's been a while since I've used Plex since KODI, but looks like KODI isn't as popular as it was before with so many Video Addons being shut down. Anyways, I've tried used Plex yesterday after the newest update and the app constantly crashes after the sign in page. Googling the problem, a couple of Plex engineers indicated that it's most likely something that MyGica setup that Plex doesn't like on their Android boxes as I can confirm it works fine on my Android tablet and phone.
  4. Any updates?? Still haven't found anything besides a patch that would work.
  5. None of them actually work, I’ve tried a handful of them and nothing.
  6. Root Patch for latest Beta Firmware 2017.06.12?? Hi Team, Just wondering if a root patch is going to be available for the latest beta firmware dated 2017.06.12?? Runs great, but I lost root from the previous version and I'm stuck with a few apps that need root access. Thanks in advance. jimbo
  7. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1631&start=20#p6711 Good Luck..
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