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  1. hazelbag

    Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    Did try the file that was sent and I now have an issue whereby the first few minutes the audio works on 5.1 and then it just goes silent. I have to then switch off audio passthrough.
  2. hazelbag

    Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    No I had to add everything manually. One more thing, is it possible to adopt a SD card for internal use? I have a Samsung Class 10 64GB SD card that I want to use on the box
  3. hazelbag

    Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    Okay, will give it a go. Will all my stuff on kodi transfer to it and will the look be the same as kodi?
  4. hazelbag

    Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    I haven't tried it but it does though defy the purpose of the box then as the main reason I got it was for kodi 17.
  5. hazelbag

    Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    I used a copy of a movie I ripped to my NAS drive. Used handbrake to make a copy of it. Not sure how to share it though. Oh and the movie is American Sniper
  6. hazelbag

    MyGica ATV582 Bootloop

    Thanks. Tried this, the unit does not power on now, it's only got the standby led that is on. Tried the reset again to no avail. Anything else I can possibly try?
  7. hazelbag

    Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    Hi Justin. Same issue here. Any update on the issue?
  8. hazelbag

    Audio Problems

    Audio Problems Hi So in light of my ATV582 locking up I got a ATV495 Pro. Really nice little box and the remote is wonderful. Only issue I am having is, is when I play a media file that is in 5.1 through Kodi that I have on my NAS drive it works well but when I go out and play another media file that is only in stereo (2.0) there is no audio. Even if I quit Kodi and go to the launcher there is no audio. I have to then reboot the unit and audi is restored. Any idea what might be the issue?
  9. hazelbag

    MyGica ATV582 Bootloop

    Anyone around to assist please.......
  10. hazelbag

    MyGica ATV582 Bootloop

    Okay, so I got it back on KitKat after a bit of Googling. Now I am still stuck with the KitKat bootloop... any way I can resolve this? I can get into recovery mode using the reset button.
  11. hazelbag

    MyGica ATV582 Bootloop

    I have tried the recovery image as well. No success.... Seems though I might have downloaded the incorrect file as my bootup logo is no Lollipop....
  12. hazelbag

    MyGica ATV582 Bootloop

    MyGica ATV582 Bootloop Hi So I have had my ATV582 for nearly a year and we moved items around in the living room. I unplugged my device and when I rebooted the device it went into a bootloop. I have tried everything so far that I could and I am not able to get it to boot up. It boots the KitKat logo and then goes off and starts again. Please help me recover this box!!!!