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  1. Request for E-Share app on AtV1800E Hi Moederators, would it be possible to share the Eshare server apk for us? Its on the 495 and would be great to have on the other 802, 812, 905x devices. Thanks 😉 JvanD
  2. Thanks Justin, the DSTV now app is pretty much affecting now the majority of my Android devices (tv's, smart boxes, etc.) If the engineers can find a fix - right on 😎
  3. So maybe I am delusional but I am pretty sure it was said the Atv1800, 582 was Google certified. See my attachments for claims made and a screenshot of what the app states. We here in South-Africa cannot use the DSTV app as it appears that there is again the issue of the device ID. Justin, thanks for helping us in this matter. JvanD
  4. Android TV firmware Dear Moderators and Support Admins Can we expect a working Android TV firmware upgrade for the ATV1800 etc in future? I like the leanback interface and would like to use it. Thanks
  5. Likewise- would love this too as some of my apps dont work now.
  6. Will this mean hd Netflix is coming soon? Hehe, I really want this. Also will the new nf app have Dolby 5.1, 7.1 sound capabilities? Thanks! Here is Justin's response on the Netflix HD debacle ... viewtopic.php?f=42&t=2724&start=200 Oh Netflix can be Dolby Digital if the right DRM and Widevine licenses can be acquired P.S Hope Mygica leaves us with a solid KitKat 4.4.2 experience in case some of us wants to revert back should the new OS not live up to expectation.
  7. Well Justin in my own opinion please push an "official release" out that Mygica deems acceptable. Glad and grateful you are looking into it. To honest I have seen regression of the AML codec in Netflix. On the K200 boxes the 108K4 firmware was the best for Netflix. I'm sure you will come up with a fix. No pressure my side - I cancelled my Netflix account.
  8. I applied the settings and there is a noticeable difference on my Netflix experience. It ain't perfect but a step towards the right direction. Thanks for sharing guys but it ain't sorted out yet IMHO. Needs a bit of work still and I'm sure others are looking for and official release in the form of a rom soon. Betas are fine but they should be just that ... betas. To better your Netflix experience set the box to 24Hz ... it looks better this way.
  9. Hi Moderators What is the status of the new update? Is it in progress? .... still having Netflix issues. Thanks in advance.
  10. YouTube also has issues on this rom - just doesn't work - did all the needed including a factory reset. Had to revert to older stable firmware. So far this beta is a no for me , Netflix still broken, YouTube not working, Playstore working.
  11. I will try to obtain the latest stock firmware to see if it fixes our Netflix synch issue. But if it's broken in stock, it will be broken in all versions of the firmware.
  12. Actually I'm awesome, I gave the patch to you! Oh and Justin gave it to me. Yeah I agree - you are awesome and I am awesome for sharing and oh ... yes Justin is also awesome. Happy now?
  13. Thanks Dlangejc, that worked! What does it do? Owner who pays $180+ for a box gets his streamer fixed, not by a mod who "answered" his post on June 17, but by a patch supplied by another user. Nice! @ wjw I'm just that awesome - its simple
  14. Does anyone know if the Netflix issue has been fixed? I wont be able to load until the weekend and I dont think i will provided that it fixes the Netflix synch issue. Not being terrible here but it didnt sound convicing that the issue is now fixed from Justin's reply.
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