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  1. markymarkis

    ATV1960 firmware update

    ATV1960 firmware update Hi, I bought my unit in Australia, it came with 6.0.1 it won't do update over network, says connect failed. is there an update available?
  2. markymarkis

    4TB internal HDD

    4TB internal HDD has anyone tried if you can put a NTFS formatted 4tb drive inside this unit? I know the box says 2tb max, but is that for android formatted, will NTFS allow me to put the 4TB in, for media storage. thanks.
  3. markymarkis

    HFS formatted drives dont work

    HFS formatted drives dont work Hi, I just upgraded from an ATV1900AC and my usb drives are formatted for Mac hfs+. they are not recognised on my new ATV1960, but work perfectly in my older ATV1900AC is there an update? (its running 6.0.1) when I try to do a manual update over the network it says connect fail.