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  1. Already I received the files in my email. Thank you.
  2. I had this problem before and I received an e-mail file sent by MyGica. I received instructions to place the file in the root of the flash drive, connect the power and wait for the update. Was solved. I do not have the update file. I have a device from a friend who needs this update, because some captured videos are corrupted. I have another unit that is another problem, only the green light indicating power comes on and not respond to any commands, and no sign on the TV.
  3. I had a unit that was a problem of corrupted files. The problem was resolved with a firmware update that was sent to me by email. I'm in a unit of a friend who is having the same problem, but I missed the update files. I would like them to send me the latest firmware version HD CAP X to my email. Thank you.
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