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    MyGica T230 DVB-T2
  1. I buy from Aliexpress Product Link: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/dvb-t2-r ... 97971.html Order time & date: 17:37 Jan. 12 2016 I call to Thailand NTBC center he tell me far from digital DVB-T2 singal about 2 kilometers. I think I have visit in very very strong signal but tuner show no signal and I test on digital antenna with power insert it's show no signal same first. This video show function problem :
  2. I was CC on the identical email you sent us and support@mygica.com Please await response from mygica.com on this by email Thanks I try to install new driver from e-mail but it's not fix my problem. It can't use perfectly as same as this review (Same model)I think it's a defect piece. Please Help.
  3. Sorry for my English. I recently bought a MyGica T230 USB TV tuner(T230.jpg). I live in Thailand. Far From Digital TV antenna about 1.9 Kilometers(map.jpg). In my country use DVB-T2 for Signal. I installed the software and drivers as per the instructions but when I scan for channels it give me 0 channels. After, I try to download new driver to support windows 10 from this link http://mygica.com/html/Support/ and its not work. I try to use the tuner with my phone(Android 5.1) and my tablet(Android 4.4) via PadTV HD app but it's not work too. I use both bundle and my new active external TV antenna(antenna.jpg) for the signal but it give me the same result. I try to use on other computer with TotalMedia 3.5 and other tablet it's not detect any channel - Windows 7 64bit not work - Windows 8.1 64bit not work - Windows 10 64bit not work - Android 4.4 not work - Android 5.1 notwork Can you help me to fix this problem?
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