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  1. Tried the video, same issue, just living with it.
  2. No, I'm using the remote that came with the MyGica ATV585. Its a RF remote with a keyboard on the back.
  3. I've noticed a couple issues. Not sure if its the Kodi 17.1 build or the LibreELEC build. It has happened a couple times were the wired network stops working. Now that I think about it both times was after hitting the power button to do a reboot. Hmmmm....now I have to try it again to see if that's lead to the condition. The more annoying thing is that the menu or option button on the remote doesn't work. That's the button with the 3 lines to the left of home. I've tried with and without the remote.conf file loaded. Anyone else seen this and do you know how to correct it. Thanks. btw, I still love what LibreELEC has done to my 585. Its like a new box.
  4. hexec

    Totally Dead ATV520E - not bricked

    This company must be going out of business. Nobody even comes by the forums at all.
  5. hexec

    Totally Dead ATV520E - not bricked

    Ok, I get that this is an obsolete product. But really, nobody at mygica can provide this information? That's sad. It's not like I'm asking for trade secrets.
  6. hexec

    Totally Dead ATV520E - not bricked

    Nobody has a pic or an Mygica engineer has no idea what this chip is?
  7. hexec

    Totally Dead ATV520E - not bricked

    bump, still looking for some help. Anyone have a clean pic or or can ID the chip I need? thanks
  8. hello friends, I did something really stupid. I had used the wrong power supply to power my ATV520E and it burned one of the components on the board. I want to try to replace it but the markings have rubbed off from the overheating. Does anyone know what the component is? Or perhaps if you have a clearer picture that I can read. Would be appreciated. thanks