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  1. zxl


    Sorry, I neglected one question. Is this antenna capable of receiving DVB-T or ISDB-T signal? If not, you can not use it.
  2. Please try another driver below, but you need to install it manually. Instructions: Extract the files somewhere (you need to know where they are) https://mega.nz/#!fvg2HSiS!priDXnkgDzf8wTjECIaPW3OYwMUHdBNT5bKSkFLkXMk Right click "Computer" > Manage > Device Manager > Find your device under "sound video and game controllers" > Right click > Update Driver > Manually search in your computer > Locate the folder > Install Driver > Restart your Computer
  3. Please try this driver. https://mega.nz/#!KuhHBZgL!WpBz3zvS4V1GTnOf6AgKZDbF66Gx72oNrHsh_eRTpfY
  4. zxl


    I think you should use this adapter.
  5. zxl


    Good, you can take a try. But it is better to keep your receiving device and Witv within 5 meters.
  6. zxl


    Yes, you can. If you have the adapter. BTW, is your device Witv or Witv 2?
  7. We are confirming. Could you please send us by email to easily follow up this issue? email address: support@mygica.com
  8. Have already replied you by email, pls track this issue there. We will try our best to help you there.
  9. @Blast@arturojgt@mrrbaires Have you guys tried the apk. I sent? Is there any updates? I need to know the results.
  10. I have reported it to RD, they are dealing with it.
  11. Please download the firmware and update, and check if your problem can be solved. https://mega.nz/#!y2ggUAhD!mJ0L8yYU17sriPaGZKrVedJCBeHskiLY-rGnjkJ-n4U Insructions: The jedi.img files are copied to the root directory of U disk The U disk is inserted into the USB interface of HDCapX Re-plug the power, the system will automatically find the upgrade file to update the firmware During the upgrade process, Rec LED will flash 3-5 seconds, after the upgrade is complete, the system will automatically restart The system firmware upgrade is complete U disk jedi.img will automatically delete.
  12. Please send email to support@mygica.com
  13. What is the configuration of your LG G7?