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  1. Please try if this file could solve your problem https://mega.nz/#!Cp800LgB!7NaHb2i3l3tGI2eSfYlm7Xf62dCG99QUNy6fOrTVkuk
  2. Is your product Mygica HD Cap X or Mygica HD Cap X-II? Is it ACC or AAC? What is the video source? Which TV is the message of ACC/AAC incompatibility displayed on? Could you please send us a screenshot? Could you please try to save the captured files with another device(e.g.: A 3.0 USB flash drive or other hard drive) , then check if your problem could be solved?
  3. How do you connect the VHS tapes with HD CAP X and the receiving device?
  4. Which device were you playing the DirecTV show on? Were you playing it onTV? Did the closed captions display when you active it? Or it displayed, but disappeared after your capture.
  5. Could you please try it again with a 3.0 flash drive as well?
  6. It sounds like the speed of 2.0usb flash drives is not high enough.
  7. Please download the firmware from the link below, and try to update again. https://mega.nz/#!2rA3kSIK!jbu4oKJRj2yorwWFCPoHz6zQZgaH7Zl2iAC3aMpVzGs
  8. What is your video source? How do you connect the HD Cap X with the video source? What is your receiving device? Could you please send us a screenshot by email or here? My email address: angela.xu@geniatech.com
  9. Thanks for your feedback. We will report this to our R&D team. We will keep you informed about this issue.
  10. Happy to help. It is not permanent, there is a battery inside the HD Cap X. If the battery runs out of power, it will not remember the date. You just need to repeat the previous steps again.
  11. Sorry for the inconvenience. Which receive device are you using? Windows or iMac? What is the version of your OS? T230C supports Windows xp/vista/7/8/10 OS Please check if the region and digital tv standards is set up correctly. If problem can not be solved, please send us the screenshot by email. Email address: angela.xu@geniatech.com
  12. zxl

    MyGica T230c cannot scan any channel

    Could you please share more details of your problem in order that we can know better of your problem? Which version of software are you running? Which receiving device are you using your T230C product on? What is the Configuration of your computer? What is the version of your windows? Do you use any antennas? How do you connect your devices? Please check if the region and the Digital TV Standards is correct before you scan for channels?
  13. Please download this file into your USB Flash Drives, then power on, the red light will blink. Please check your problem until the red light stops blinking. And please modify the numbers in this file, the order is year,month,day,hour,minute and second. https://mega.nz/#!i7gkQRaa!K3GgDZNSd6MVpNpmuW5kV-9k80XMKqaVjOIKlnuKlAU
  14. Could you please send the receipt and photos of your product by email? My email address is angela.xu@geniatech.com
  15. Could you please send us screenshots by email or here? My email address is angela.xu@geniatech.com