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  1. Please try with other devices to check if it can work well.
  2. Please send your problem to support@geniatech.com and we will check and send new key to you.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. We have sent your feedback to the techs and they are testing about it, if there is any new progress,we will update it at here, hope you can wait patiently.
  4. You use the pad tv app but can not find your devide?
  5. We have asked the techs and describ your problem to him in deatil, he suggests that you can try with the pad tv app, if your problem still exists, please contact us with more information, we will ask techs check it for you again.
  6. It is the problem on the software decoding, please try to download the Pad tv app from the google play store to check it again.
  7. Sorry for late reply, the techs have achieved the hardware acceleration for pad tv HD and you just need to download the latest apk from the google play store to enjoy it.
  8. Or you can try to re-plug your hardware to your computer tightly and check it.
  9. Please try to download the driver and update the driver to check it again
  10. Please try this driver: https://mega.nz/#!a0Vm1KJS!ei6M0VxCvm9c2_NrSTYg7yv5eJ2IEtfrsDzdPlATBiQ
  11. We are so happy to hear that can work well now~
  12. Hi, please try to update the firmware and check it again: https://mega.nz/#!Hs9FjIiJ!Hl3BnYYU3AHaPs406YfXP5mUwO568MTpYe3dULNn3kA
  13. please send email to support@mygica.com and there will be person to help you with the key you need.
  14. So happy to hear that it can work great now.
  15. Please tell us the device you connect to the iGrabber Nano, is the DVD, VHS or others?