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  1. Accessing networked drives

    Use Kodi, to access them Since we do not know how you set up your network it would be little hard to determine. 1. Make sure your Movies folder is Shared on your Windows PC ** Remember that Windows PC as of Windows 7 requires you to setup user id and password (( if you are using email address as your userid remember that )) ** 2. Make sure your 1900Pro and PC hooked up to same SSID or Network. 3. inside kodi a) Movies // Enter Files Section // Files // Add videos... // Select Browse // Windows network ( SMB ) b) find your PC name ( you should know which drive and which fold you have your files under c) Click Ok and Scroll down and add name and then click OK you're done.
  2. Hard disk issues

    As a guy using a 1T hard drive, and not losing any data, I converted my HD from exFAT to NTFS using windows and Command line.
  3. Hard disk issues

    @Amex You know both are the different chipset, but the hard drive no issue on 1960, but can you tell me which firmware on 1900pro you refer to please, I could check?
  4. Hard disk issues

    This is something we are working on too, not all but some Hard drives are not detected we are trying to figure out if it is due to the speed of the hard drive or type of hard drive.
  5. atv 1900 pro freezes after 2 or 3 apps

    Can you do me a favor and try these steps. Login to Google playstore and make sure you update all apps first, once that is done, power cycle your unit and use it don't matter YouTube or Kodi or Netflix for good 20minutes let me know if still freezing?
  6. 495PRO

    If it turns off every 10 minutes make sure you check daydream and timing on it. under settings // display // if did not work, then you can factory reset it. Settings // Reset // follow the prompts. For software update check here ( ) and also log in to google playstore and keep your apps up to date.
  7. external hard drive getting ejected by mygica

    few things comes to mind when you say disconnection, - USB wire, or USB connector issue, to trouble shoot this, use a small 8GB or 16GIG or 32GB which ever USB dongle you have placed a few videos on them that are over 90MB and try to play them see if that same issue happening. if you are getting disconnection via Small USBs that means box something went wrong software corrupted, then I would factory reset and try again. if still having the issue then RMA request let our repair team fix the issue.
  8. very bad stutter on video

    @OurGicaTV, to me after all these troubles it feels that you have a hardware issue, please go ahead with RMA request, through our website http://help.mygica.tv and click on the green button and let our repair team, correct the issue or replace your unit.
  9. Little to no sound

    follow these steps,
  10. upgrading from Kodi 14.2

    The ATV586 running OS 4.4 and Kodi 17.3 requires OS 5.1. Due to Hardware limitation, we can not upgrade ATV586 to OS 5.1, but we have gone little further and Customized the Kodi 17 and made it compatible with OS 4.4 so you can upgrade your Kodi to Kodi 17.3 via our version of Kodi called MMC 17.1 here is the link and how to install on your box. The name you have mentioned Covenant that is 3rd party add-on which is 100% pirated we do not support or help in any way to get it. but to fix box to help you get on the latest version of kodi that we can do.
  11. Solid Green status

    please redownload the Firmware for ATV1800E 4.4 and try one more time to load the file.
  12. Issues with Signing in on pre-installed Apps

    I would suggest you click on the mouse button and inside of Netflix, it is on your top right-hand side. and for YouTube, it is on right side on the top. also, remember to login to your Google playstore and update your apps.
  13. Installation aborted wile rebooting!

    Try this, to help you out,
  14. Box only responding to power button on remote

    is it possible you could tell us which MyGica Model Box you have?
  15. Where exactly is kodi and its addons via CLI?

    we have root files for almost all models, in here under downloads. trakt.tv should be built out side of kodi on PC or Mac or Linux then once it is fixed to install it via file manager or xplore or Kodi file manager and it should work.