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  1. Solid Green status

    please redownload the Firmware for ATV1800E 4.4 and try one more time to load the file.
  2. Issues with Signing in on pre-installed Apps

    I would suggest you click on the mouse button and inside of Netflix, it is on your top right-hand side. and for YouTube, it is on right side on the top. also, remember to login to your Google playstore and update your apps.
  3. Installation aborted wile rebooting!

    Try this, to help you out,
  4. Box only responding to power button on remote

    is it possible you could tell us which MyGica Model Box you have?
  5. Where exactly is kodi and its addons via CLI?

    we have root files for almost all models, in here under downloads. trakt.tv should be built out side of kodi on PC or Mac or Linux then once it is fixed to install it via file manager or xplore or Kodi file manager and it should work.
  6. Mygica atv1900 pro remote keypad not working

    if you just purchased your box, replace your remote with your seller, Remotes are covered for 60days warranty, so if you are above it, please simply purchase another Remote from http://shop.mygica.tv
  7. Upgrade to Android 5.1 failed - Box jammed at the logo

    please try to get back to OS 4.4 for the mean time we will update you once we have a good reply.
  8. Solid Green status

    Green light and no picture on TV means bricked unit, you can try this but it is not 100% working all the time. download 4.4 files for ATV1800E from here After Download move it to desktop and unzip them, You Need to only process this via SD card and not USB Format your SD card to FAT32 Load all files to root of SD card Double click on DD.exe and press Enter to exit now your SD card is bootable, using a pin manually place under recovery screen. if all good you will see your box after 2 minutes loading all things back to 4.4 then upgrade to 5.1, (( Remember this is not 100% )) at least you can try I have seen success for few people out of this steps.
  9. KR-41 Power Button Not Working

    I am sorry about that answer, I am jumping from post to post and answered wrongfully to this question. The KR41 Static and KR41 Air having Power issue is the sensor, it is a not a known issue, I will escalate to get proper resolution for you quickly.
  10. MyGica search

    I would suggest you seek help for your add-on creators maybe your 3rd party add-on is dead or needs updating, but we do not support 3rd party addons.
  11. 1900 AC no signal ( green light always on)

    That means your unit is bricked, and there is no way to go back Just RMA it and let the repair department fix or replace it. http://help.mygica.tv
  12. Upgrade to Android 5.1 failed - Box jammed at the logo

    let's do it a little bit different, I know our newest beta file have Kodi 17.3 and some little bug fixes, but our earlier Beta which came out on late 2016 is faster on loading lets use that. try this and let me know how things are please.
  13. Arcade Stick - xinmo encoder driver??

    that is a great question to ask Xinmo company for Android OS 5.X or above drivers. from Google company or our company do not have generic drivers for these products since we do not have attention to release such a product or production.
  14. Framerate getting janky after a while on Kodi

    two things, 1. please factory reset your box, also check to make sure you have the latest firmware on your box. 2. file format make sure they are not made with 10bit then kodi can not play it use VLC or MXPlayer. let us know the results.
  15. Lost wifi connection while streaming

    to troubleshoot wifi connection please do not use the streaming software unless it is YouTube or Netflix. test again with these two apps then update us.