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  1. bindaredondat

    Mygica ATV 329x Froze

    oh, no worries I am happy that it is working.
  2. bindaredondat

    Mygica ATV 329x Froze

    to fix your remote try this HOW TO PAIR KR41 In order to pair your Remote follow these steps 1. Unhook your USB dongle from MyGica Box 2. Hold down Vol + And Page + 3. Hook up the Dongle to your MyGica Box 4. Keep holding the buttons till the Flashing blue on your remote Stops That is all now you have successfully paired your KR41
  3. bindaredondat

    Mygica ATV 329x Froze

    I will ask the department who took care of those emails I will check quickly, but we have a General RMA ticket system http://help.mygica.tv and forums like this to help you quickly.
  4. bindaredondat

    Mygica ATV 329x Froze

    To answer you on the frozen box, I am not sure why it is connected to your PC? We have no guides to tell you to connect to PC. To fix this issue, I would unhook power, leave HDMI in. - While holding The power button, hookup the power cord at the back. - hold the power button for next 15 seconds and you will see a recovery screen. then let go of the power button. - Using your remote scroll and select Factory reset / Yes / leave your box for 5 minutes and it will be back to the main screen and you can use it again. Remember by factory resetting you will lose all your content and it resets to factory default.
  5. bindaredondat

    Mygica ATV 329x Froze

    Can you please tell us what number you called and what time you called?
  6. bindaredondat

    HFS formatted drives dont work

    We are aware of the issue now with HFS+ Driver error, on Android OS 6.X, it seems we are missing the drivers from the OS. we will send this to our developers to make sure it would work, as I know our support was AFP, NTFS, and exFAT. I do not know the ETA how long it would take for them to fix and create new Firmware for us. but for now, you can convert your Drive to NTFS it would read it faster then 1900AC.
  7. bindaredondat

    How to reset efuse

    do you have the efuse programmer module?
  8. Our factory never provided us with Burning IMG file that is why your burning software giving you Parsing error. and usually when S802/S805 from MyGica gets stuck on Red light means you burnt something important, like HDMI or power source to bring juice for HDMI. That means even if you try to get the file you cannot load it cause it did not detect your box. If there was a way I am sure we would make a video to help you guys out. --- Tip ----- If you are able to detect your box via Burning Software then create your SD card as recovery and load your file.
  9. bindaredondat

    HDMI sound is just noise

    If you are running Windows 10 then you need "codecs for windows 10" free ones and then test again. I thought the 8550U was laptop CPU, I could be wrong, cause you wrote 1.80 GHz to 1.99 GHz. I usually have seen them at 3.1GHz, PC CPU 8705G. again you need to get proper codecs to make things work. It is not the CAPX issue here rather it is PC issue you need to figure out speak to some good PC geeks.
  10. bindaredondat

    HDMI sound is just noise

    RCA connections are analog, if your pc can read it. tell me what processor and sound card and video you are using?
  11. bindaredondat


    1. External Hard can be up to 2Tbyte connect via USB to your ATV495 Pro. ( NOT ATV495Pro HDR) 2. Use File Manager HD app to go through your folders from Internal storage to copy and then paste to your External Hard drive. Then later once all moving of your files done then delete the movies of your internal Storage. ** Wrong Section for ATV495 Pro **
  12. bindaredondat


    if you are NAS is connected to your network you can backup your files to it yes and use it on your network. You can not hookup NAS directly to The MyGica Unit and use it.
  13. bindaredondat

    Exodus error log help

    Sorry to inform you we do not support any 3rd party add-ons inside kodi. please search the web for solutions.
  14. bindaredondat

    495x 60fps query

    The MyGica ATV495X is a 4K 60Hz box and backwards compatible with 1080P without any issues, as much as it goes with Netflix it is not HD.
  15. bindaredondat

    Netflix HD (please clarify native support)

    I can answer that, Netflix on these boxes are playing is Netflix regular and not HD.