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  1. Follow the Video to know step by step how to pair your Bluetooth remote with ATV495 MAX. Things you need: 1. ATV495 MAX 2. Computer Keyboard
  2. How To Pair Your Bluetooth Remote With 495 Max To fix your Remote issue follow these steps, 1. You will need a Computer Mouse or PC Keyboard. ( wireless keyboard/mouse or wire should be ok to use ) Note: Using Keyboard would help you more. 2. Open the side of your ATV495Max box. 3. hook up your USB wired or wireless dongle for your Mouse or Keyboard. 4. On your Main Screen, you should be able to move icon to icon, asdf 5. Scroll and Select Settings Icon 6. Scroll down and Select Add Accessory under ( Remote & Accessories ) 7. Once started to search for Bluetooth 8. Press and hold the ( OK ) button and Return Key 9. and it should automatically find your Bluetooth remote and connect it. Now using your Bluetooth remote press back till you are back to the main screen, Then remove your USB dongle or your wired mouse/ keyboard. and enjoy your ATV495 MAX.
  3. bindaredondat

    How to Factory Data Reset ( 495 MAX )

    How to Factory Data Reset ( 495 MAX ) to reboot or factory reset is a very easy process. Warning: " by doing this you will lose all data and can not be revived. "1. From the Main screen please scroll down to Settings 2. Select Storage & Reset 3. Select Factory Data Reset. 4. Select Factory data reset. 5. for the 2nd time to confirm you have to select factory Data Reset again. leave it for 5 minutes and your box will be factory reset. Now you can set up your box again.
  4. bindaredondat

    After upgrading ATV-329X to Android 7.1

    With The ATV329 model comes The KR41 Static Remote. And once in a blue moon, you need to pair the remote. follow these steps and please update us with good news. 1. Move the USB dongle from one USB to 2nd, from front of the box. 2. make sure the red light is blinking when you press any button, on your remote. 3. Press and hold VOL+ And Page+ for 5 seconds, then let go of the buttons. You Should see the red light blinking none stop. 4. Press right and left on Navigation keys and your remote should work.
  5. bindaredondat

    ATV495Pro —Switching from TV to Netflix

    Hi Roxy, Please remember that file you see for OS 7.1 is made for ATV495Pro HDR, which is totaly different chipset, and it is not the same box and model as what you have. When you get the error "stvm9" that means your motherboard is also different. We do not have OS 7.1 for ATV495Pro. The Latest Firmware that is available is OS 5.1. There are no more OS development for ATV495Pro. Please do not confuse the ATV495Pro with ATV495Pro HDR.
  6. bindaredondat

    ATV329x Quick Settings Bar Gone Android 7

    Hi Tom, I apologize on behalf of James, I have spoken to him and he indicated "I have confused Tom with someone else." but ( MyGica Support ) is correct. This is great that things are working out and I love your idea on more USB connections. As for myself, I am using a USB hub to connect Two 2Tbyte Hard drives on my ATV495Pro HDR.
  7. bindaredondat

    Can't install APK files

    if you are using ES File Explorer to install APK you are doing it wrong, I would suggest you use the APK installer which is part of the default apps to install, and it is an alot easier way to sideload apps. I have no issue with ES file Explorer/File Manager HD or Xplore App.
  8. bindaredondat

    WiFi Issue

    a few things I would check since you indicated mother's house. if the router she's using is 2 years old, then maybe needs a new router firmware. please check that and update and try again. and update us here.
  9. bindaredondat

    ATV 1200 video player

    That organization is based on volunteers. Remember that Android boxes change very quickly and ATV1200 is Grandpa when it comes to Android boxes. Alot of things needs newer security. faster processors can handle while ATV1200 will lack. Also, Apps also needs a faster heartbeat to work. and ATV1200 Heartbeat is now very slow. it's like Arnold from 80s with Conan The Barbian and now. I am sure Arnold cannot even pick up that Sword anymore.
  10. bindaredondat

    Air Mouse Remote not Working Properly

    that means your remote cannot see the dongle, make sure your USB dongle is connected to your box, and if still not working then pair it. http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41-RemotePair
  11. bindaredondat

    Air Mouse Remote not Working Properly

    KR303/KR301/KR41 Air these will work like charm with your ATV329X.
  12. bindaredondat

    The box freezes after the Lollipop screen

    With respect to warranty period, create an RMA Request via http://help.mygica.tv and our repair centre can fix it.
  13. bindaredondat

    ATV585 Won't boot up no light.

    That means you have bricked your box, if you have no green light in front of your ATV585 then your box is toast. If your unit is under a year please create your Request Ticket via http://help.mygica.tv and make sure you create your ticket with your proof of purchase. if over a year, then please purchase another unit.
  14. bindaredondat

    mygica 1960

    Geniatech has to make sure BestBuy accepts the deal before they could say we are releasing. I know no deal been confirmed and when it will get confirmed I am sure you will see it first on their flyers.
  15. bindaredondat

    GICA 1900ac black screen

    Brick can happen few ways, 1. while updating firmware the light goes off and the firmware is prematurely updated. and no revival for it. 2. power shock, gone through and killed the HDMI or damages parts of the box, 3. the parts quit after long times of work. it can be a Personal error also.