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  1. you need to use a computer keyboard, wired or wireless with USB connector to be able to use in recovery screen.
  2. Where do i get the OS 9 pie from for my ATV495Max?
  3. Since ATV582 running on 1GB RAM, i would not suggest you upgrade your box OS to 5.1 it will go very slow and you can brick your ATV582 and no way to fix it back. for your kodi problems, you can use our MyGica Media Center 17.1 and run on OS 4.4.2
  4. We have created a video to walk you through step by step assistance,
  5. Version 1.0.0


    1. Downloaded the file you need to unzip it, 2. Using a USB / MicroSD make sure it is formatted to FAT32 3. Drag and drop the Image file on the root of your USB/MicroSD. 4. Hook it up to your ATV495 Max 5. Using your remote on the screen scroll and select Update App 6. Scroll and click on Select. 7. Find your file and select it. 8. Select Update 9. Select Update again on the popup. Leave it alone for 5 minutes till reboots and comes back to the main screen. (( Note: You are responsible for any issues while processing this update if the file fails to load/ Dead device. )) ** There will be no upgrade or more work on this file ** 2nd Note: The Update is only Netflix Beta App update and not full Firmware. (( Our Phone support won't be able to help you step by step please view the video for help. )) If you are having an issue with installation and app not showing, remember some little points. When it rebooted did you see the installation black background? if not then follow these steps to help you. 1. Redownload the file make sure it is 100% done, Unzip and reformat your MiroSD or USB as FAT32. 2. Drag and drop your file back to the USB or MicroSD. 3. Try the video again and make sure you see the Black screen with roller update. I am sure this time it will work.
  6. that sounds really good, now for OS 7.1, delete files you have and redownload the full file, and unzip and load the file back to SD card and try again. Do not load to USB. update me here, please.
  7. To revive or unbrick your ATV495 Pro here is the best file to process. ** remember ** We will not follow any of these other guys that tell you to open your box or short any pins to develop more problems for your boxes. process these steps and update us here how it turns out.
  8. Version 20170920


    Here is an AML file for reviving your ATV495 Pro, Things you must know before applying this file to your ATV495 Pro, 1. This file is created only for ATV495 Pro and NOT for Models ( ATV495 / ATV495 Pro HDR / ATV495 X / ATV1900AC / ATV1900 Pro ) ( you are responsible for any damages to any of your boxes ) - Only File for ATV495 Pro ** No more Development ** NOTE: Processing this Firmware upgrade will wipe all your Data How to process the steps: 1. Download the zip file 2. Unzip 3. Install USB Burning Software on your Windows PC. 4. Click on file / 5. import Image and find your IMG file And click on Open 5. Hook it up the USB male to male wire to your Computer 6. hold the power for 5 seconds to place your ATV495 Pro to recovery mode Then Hookup the other side of the USB wire to your ATV495 Pro ** Reminder ** (( to hookup the USB wire to 2nd USB connection )) 7. Inside USB Buner application click on Start It should change to 8. Now let the file load till it is 100% (( sometimes it will take up to 6 minutes for the file to be loaded )) then you can hookup the USB from the box and hook it up to your TV via HDMI and Power and let it go through the first installation of preloaded apps. please provide any feedback you may have, in the discussion area.
  9. this portion depends on your External Hard drive it itself, if it is created for NAS based or it is a safe based External Hard drive. because it depends on how fast you can connect back to use. it has nothing to do with ATV1960. any time you want our box trying to connect to USB asap to use. you can check with your External Hard drive company to find out if the inside Hard drive is Green or Red and they can explain what I mean.
  10. The MyGica ATV1960 is Partial rooted and we cannot unroot it.
  11. If you check under Downloads I am sure you can process your firmware upgrade via MicroSD for ATV1960 to OS 7.1.2, to upgrade from OS 6.0 to OS 7.1.2 a manual upgrade via MicroSD is required there is no other way possible.
  12. Version 1.1


    Here is a factory file for ATV1960, Change Log: - Google Play store Error fixed. - Some bug fixes. NOTE: Processing this Firmware upgrade will wipe all your Data How to process the steps: 1. Download the zip file 2. Unzip 3. Format your MicroSD Card to FAT32 4. Drag and drop files from Unzip folder to root of your MicroSD card 5. Hook it up to your ATV1960 6. Connect HDMI, turn the TV on 7. For Reset a. ATV1960 Hold the Reset button at the back. 8. Hookup power while holding down Reset, via pin 9. Hold for 15 seconds you will see the android guy, give it 5 minutes and you're back to the main screen. please provide any feedback you may have, in the discussion area.
  13. Then please create an RMA request ticket. http://help.mygica.tv click on Green button
  14. Hi, Have you tried to turn on Ethernet via Droid settings which is inside of Apps, Once you go to Apps // Droid Settings // Click down one time then go up and click on Ethernet and make sure you turn it on. see if that helps. do update us.
  15. Follow the Video to know step by step how to pair your Bluetooth remote with ATV495 MAX. Things you need: 1. ATV495 MAX 2. Computer Keyboard
  16. How To Pair Your Bluetooth Remote With 495 Max To fix your Remote issue follow these steps, 1. You will need a Computer Mouse or PC Keyboard. ( wireless keyboard/mouse or wire should be ok to use ) Note: Using Keyboard would help you more. 2. Open the side of your ATV495Max box. 3. hook up your USB wired or wireless dongle for your Mouse or Keyboard. 4. On your Main Screen, you should be able to move icon to icon, asdf 5. Scroll and Select Settings Icon 6. Scroll down and Select Add Accessory under ( Remote & Accessories ) 7. Once started to search for Bluetooth 8. Press and hold the ( OK ) button and Return Key 9. and it should automatically find your Bluetooth remote and connect it. Now using your Bluetooth remote press back till you are back to the main screen, Then remove your USB dongle or your wired mouse/ keyboard. and enjoy your ATV495 MAX.
  17. How to Factory Data Reset ( 495 MAX ) to reboot or factory reset is a very easy process. Warning: " by doing this you will lose all data and can not be revived. "1. From the Main screen please scroll down to Settings 2. Select Storage & Reset 3. Select Factory Data Reset. 4. Select Factory data reset. 5. for the 2nd time to confirm you have to select factory Data Reset again. leave it for 5 minutes and your box will be factory reset. Now you can set up your box again.
  18. With The ATV329 model comes The KR41 Static Remote. And once in a blue moon, you need to pair the remote. follow these steps and please update us with good news. 1. Move the USB dongle from one USB to 2nd, from front of the box. 2. make sure the red light is blinking when you press any button, on your remote. 3. Press and hold VOL+ And Page+ for 5 seconds, then let go of the buttons. You Should see the red light blinking none stop. 4. Press right and left on Navigation keys and your remote should work.
  19. Hi Roxy, Please remember that file you see for OS 7.1 is made for ATV495Pro HDR, which is totaly different chipset, and it is not the same box and model as what you have. When you get the error "stvm9" that means your motherboard is also different. We do not have OS 7.1 for ATV495Pro. The Latest Firmware that is available is OS 5.1. There are no more OS development for ATV495Pro. Please do not confuse the ATV495Pro with ATV495Pro HDR.
  20. Hi Tom, I apologize on behalf of James, I have spoken to him and he indicated "I have confused Tom with someone else." but ( MyGica Support ) is correct. This is great that things are working out and I love your idea on more USB connections. As for myself, I am using a USB hub to connect Two 2Tbyte Hard drives on my ATV495Pro HDR.
  21. if you are using ES File Explorer to install APK you are doing it wrong, I would suggest you use the APK installer which is part of the default apps to install, and it is an alot easier way to sideload apps. I have no issue with ES file Explorer/File Manager HD or Xplore App.
  22. bindaredondat

    WiFi Issue

    a few things I would check since you indicated mother's house. if the router she's using is 2 years old, then maybe needs a new router firmware. please check that and update and try again. and update us here.
  23. That organization is based on volunteers. Remember that Android boxes change very quickly and ATV1200 is Grandpa when it comes to Android boxes. Alot of things needs newer security. faster processors can handle while ATV1200 will lack. Also, Apps also needs a faster heartbeat to work. and ATV1200 Heartbeat is now very slow. it's like Arnold from 80s with Conan The Barbian and now. I am sure Arnold cannot even pick up that Sword anymore.
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