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  1. Version 1.0


    Change Log: - Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2 NOTE: Processing this Firmware upgrade will wipe all your Data How to process the steps: 1. Download the zip file 2. Unzip 3. Format your MicroSD Card to FAT32 4. Drag and drop the file from Unzip folder to root of your MicroSD card 5. Hook it up to your ATV495 series unit 6. Connect HDMI, turn the TV on 7. Hold power button 8. Hookup the power cord while holding down the Power button 9. Still, hold on to the power button till you see the Recovery screen. 10. Using the remote select (( Apply update from EXT ))11. Select "update from sd card" if your file is on microSD card or Select " update from udisk " if your file is on USB12. You will see the file img name( update_MyGica_ATV495Pro-HDR_wv_7.1_20171221_V1.0.img ) select it. 13. It will take 3 to 4 minutes to update then goes back to Recovery Screen, Select ( Reboot ) You will see the android guy, give it 5 minutes and you're back to the main screen. NOTE: your Box will be reset to factory settings. you will see the android guy, give it 5 minutes and you're back to the main screen. please provide any feedback you may have, in the discussion area. (( http://mygicasupport.com/index.php?/forum/185-discussions/)) ----------------------------------------- We are excited to bring updates to your Mygica systems. Please follow the instructions closely and ensure that your unit matches the firmware you are installing. Please check your receipt to see that your unit is still within the 1-year warranty before doing a manual update. Mygica is not responsible for damage to the unit outside of the 1 year warranty period. ----------------------------------------
  2. bindaredondat

    Can't install APK files

    if you are using ES File Explorer to install APK you are doing it wrong, I would suggest you use the APK installer which is part of the default apps to install, and it is an alot easier way to sideload apps. I have no issue with ES file Explorer/File Manager HD or Xplore App.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Here is the Beta Firmware to upgrade your ATV 1900AC/1800 series/582/380 to Android 5.1 You can install this using an SD Card or USB drive and the upgrade app listed in the settings area. This does not require manually pressing the reset button. Just extract the IMG file from the zip folder and move it to a USB drive or SD Card that is formatted to FAT32. **PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL FACTORY RESET YOUR DEVICE** Change Logs: 1. Updated to KODI 17.3 2. Updated Google Play Services 3. Faster Performance 4. Fixed Mac Address changing 5. Turned off click sounds when browsing through the Home Screen + Android Settings 6. Fixed Screensaver issue when watching a video 7. Improved video playback 8. Improved standby issues as best we could. There is not much more we can do about this issue ----------------------------------------- Mygica is not responsible for damage to the unit outside of the 1 year warranty period. ----------------------------------------
  4. bindaredondat

    WiFi Issue

    a few things I would check since you indicated mother's house. if the router she's using is 2 years old, then maybe needs a new router firmware. please check that and update and try again. and update us here.
  5. bindaredondat

    ATV 1200 video player

    That organization is based on volunteers. Remember that Android boxes change very quickly and ATV1200 is Grandpa when it comes to Android boxes. Alot of things needs newer security. faster processors can handle while ATV1200 will lack. Also, Apps also needs a faster heartbeat to work. and ATV1200 Heartbeat is now very slow. it's like Arnold from 80s with Conan The Barbian and now. I am sure Arnold cannot even pick up that Sword anymore.
  6. bindaredondat

    Air Mouse Remote not Working Properly

    that means your remote cannot see the dongle, make sure your USB dongle is connected to your box, and if still not working then pair it. http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41-RemotePair
  7. bindaredondat

    Air Mouse Remote not Working Properly

    KR303/KR301/KR41 Air these will work like charm with your ATV329X.
  8. bindaredondat

    The box freezes after the Lollipop screen

    With respect to warranty period, create an RMA Request via http://help.mygica.tv and our repair centre can fix it.
  9. bindaredondat

    ATV585 Won't boot up no light.

    That means you have bricked your box, if you have no green light in front of your ATV585 then your box is toast. If your unit is under a year please create your Request Ticket via http://help.mygica.tv and make sure you create your ticket with your proof of purchase. if over a year, then please purchase another unit.
  10. bindaredondat

    mygica 1960

    Geniatech has to make sure BestBuy accepts the deal before they could say we are releasing. I know no deal been confirmed and when it will get confirmed I am sure you will see it first on their flyers.
  11. bindaredondat

    GICA 1900ac black screen

    Brick can happen few ways, 1. while updating firmware the light goes off and the firmware is prematurely updated. and no revival for it. 2. power shock, gone through and killed the HDMI or damages parts of the box, 3. the parts quit after long times of work. it can be a Personal error also.
  12. bindaredondat

    KR-303 remote

    please process these steps, 1. charge your remote for 15 minutes least. 2. reboot your box and rehook up your USB dongle. 3. try again and see if the mouse gets stuck. if your remote is losing charge fast, try to press all the buttons to ensure your buttons are not stuck to make you lose battery. also, you can turn off the remote when not using.
  13. bindaredondat

    1900pro frequently zapping

    sounds like you have a bad power adapter.
  14. bindaredondat

    32 bit vs. 64 bit

    This Box is 64bit box, but the Firmware is 32bit firmware. so no 64bit app can run on this. 2
  15. bindaredondat

    32 bit vs. 64 bit

    The ATV1900Pro and 495/495Pro are S905 Chipsets, and this file is created for ATV495Pro HDR which has S905X chipset so that is not compatible and you will brick your box if you update.
  16. bindaredondat

    Firmware on 495X loaded 7.1.2 box is freezing

    please contact your seller for repair or replacements.
  17. bindaredondat


    Follow these steps, From Main screen Select Settings // Display // Screen resolutions // Turn off Auto Detection. please update me after you do that.
  18. That is a good news, I was waiting for you to answer then I was going to give you 2nd option to replace your HDMI cable. I am happy it all worked out.
  19. bindaredondat


    Can you please process these steps Apps // Droid Settings // Sound // HDMI RAW reboot the unit and please update me how things are...
  20. bindaredondat

    mygica 1960

    No ETA,
  21. bindaredondat

    YouTube status bar issue.

    what you are asking for is not part of the app but it is part of the firmware. We have indicated this to our developers to remove it for future firmware updates. but for now no eta.
  22. you need to reload the firmware on your ATV400, which is the dual-core box. try this file,
  23. Follow these steps, From Main screen Select Settings // Display // Screen resolutions // Turn off Auto Detection. please update me after you do that.
  24. check your codecs on your PC, or media player to make sure you get proper decoder on your PC.
  25. bindaredondat

    Help...I can't get the 7.1 firmware to load

    not really sure, in that case, please create yourself an RMA ticket and let our repair center take care of updating the OS for you. here is the link to create RMA Request ticket, http://help.mygica.tv