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  1. ATV 495 PRO HDR ATVxperience v2H firmware AndroidTV For those who prefer the AndroidTV interface, ATVxperience v2H works perfectly on the ATV 495 Pro HDR. You can download it here. You'll need to use the AMLogic Burning Tool and a USB A to A cable. The guys over at ATVxperience have a handy Youtube video showing the process. Plug your A-A USB cable in the USB port nearest the back of the box (next to the power connection). Open up AMLogic Burning Tool, load the .img file. Once loaded, click START. Those sneaky guys at MyGica didn't provide the ATV495 Pro HDR with a reset button, so to get into update mode there are a few ways, but the easiest is to download Terminal Emulator on your ATV 495 and install. Open the app and type reboot update Once it reboots, you should hear the USB connection sound on your PC and it'll flash the image. Once it's at 100% and green, unplug the USB and power. Plug power back in and give it about 5 minutes to boot the first time. Welcome to AndroidTV 7.1!
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