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  1. Seeing you got it probably from Buzztv your warranty is only 3 months I suspect. I suggest you then follow the instructions of downloading the current firmware from the download section of this forum and follow the instructions on how to load the firmware from an SD card. This basically would bring the box back to its original state as new. Something probably has gone bad with the firmware. If that doesn't work for you, submit a support ticket and send it in for repair. Good luck..
  2. Take it back where you bought it from, it has a warranty!
  3. My USB ports (4) failed yesterday as well on my ATV1900AC. I thought perhaps firmware got corrupt so I re-loaded firmware but ports still did not work. I opened up the box to also discover an amount of black hard goop on the 2 chips closest to the 2 USB stacks. I attempted to clean with rubbing alcohol but didn't soften the goop at all. I then used some nail polish remover which slightly softened it, I basically scrapped with my finger nail the stuff and continued to re-apply the nail polish remover numerous times to get it soft. I was able to finally remove the hardened goop off the 2 multi pin chips and cleaned up the best I could. I tested the device and now my USB ports (all 4 work again). I have since reloaded my needed apps and box seems to be working again. Thanks for the tip on checking the motherboard for the hardened goop!
  4. Website Spamming Today, I came to the site and noticed numerous post, which have nothing to do with MyGica products. I reported each of the posts as spam and then noticed that I was not able to post and my post count was 0. I guess the forum has been rest or locked down. Update - I have been able to post this item and now notice my Post count is back to normal. So I suspect the forum may have been under review and clean up.
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