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  1. My USB ports (4) failed yesterday as well on my ATV1900AC. I thought perhaps firmware got corrupt so I re-loaded firmware but ports still did not work. I opened up the box to also discover an amount of black hard goop on the 2 chips closest to the 2 USB stacks. I attempted to clean with rubbing alcohol but didn't soften the goop at all. I then used some nail polish remover which slightly softened it, I basically scrapped with my finger nail the stuff and continued to re-apply the nail polish remover numerous times to get it soft. I was able to finally remove the hardened goop off the 2 multi pin chips and cleaned up the best I could. I tested the device and now my USB ports (all 4 work again). I have since reloaded my needed apps and box seems to be working again. Thanks for the tip on checking the motherboard for the hardened goop!
  2. Website Spamming Today, I came to the site and noticed numerous post, which have nothing to do with MyGica products. I reported each of the posts as spam and then noticed that I was not able to post and my post count was 0. I guess the forum has been rest or locked down. Update - I have been able to post this item and now notice my Post count is back to normal. So I suspect the forum may have been under review and clean up.
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