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  1. edit4ever

    ATV1950 Quad Core Gold

    Any updates on the ATV1960 or ATV1965?? I'm happy to purchase a beta test version.
  2. Nice! Is this in or in need of some beta testing?
  3. PadTV on Amazon Fire TV Just wanted to share that I tried using the PadTV app and tuner (ATSC) on an Amazon Fire TV. It's too bad that the software isn't being worked on for this as the hardware works. I was able to load the app (sideload on Fire TV) run a channel scan and watch TV. Audio worked fine, 720p channels played fine, looked like 1080i channels were struggling to be deinterlaced properly. And of course, I had to use a different remote/mouse to navigate the PadTV interface. There is real potential there to have an OTA tuner on the Fire TV - it just needs a bit of software tweaking. I know the hardware can handle this as Kodi will play the live tv ATSC stream on the Fire TV without an issue. Maybe software could be written for the A681 so a user could just plud it into the back of the Fire TV - similar to what Sling is doing with AirTV (which is just a rebranded Hauppauge tuner). In a perfect world, this software would actually be compiled as a Fire TV app with navigation planned for the simple Fire TV remote. Just thought I'd share my experience in case someone wanted to explore further!
  4. edit4ever

    ATV1950 Quad Core Gold

    @MyGica Support - as an FYI, I believe the engineers used the Mxl603 tuners in the ATV1950. I would suggest changing those to the Mxl608 tuners to improve reception issues. If you want to create an Mxl608 addon board, I'd be happy to test it on my 1950.