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  1. I answered your same post here
  2. Ya I just made the switch to KODI 17 on my box at home, not too happy so far. Spent an hour trying to go through everything, decided to go back to Confluence Skin Were still going to try and bring a newer version of Android to our older devices, but cannot promise anything
  3. Click the link below and scroll to the bottom of the screen to see a list of our remotes http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Main_Page Which remote control do you have?
  4. What version of Android and Firmware are you currently using?
  5. No updates are available past Kit Kat right now We are trying to make 5.1 work. I will update once we know more.
  6. Kit kat is the latest version of Firmware available for the 582
  7. We are trying to make it work, so right now we have no release date or if we can even offer it. We are sorting through code to try and make this work.
  8. We are trying to make it work, so right now we have no release date or if we can even offer it.
  9. This was removed a long time ago. You must be using old firmware. o
  10. This patch file will unroot your 582 update_MyGica_S802_4.4_20161209_patch_unroot_delsu (1).img
  11. Which model do you guys need it for exactly?
  12. Are you able to try doing a factory reset of your unit? This is the first time we are hearing the 1900 PRO having ethernet speed issues. I personally use this unit at home, and have 250MB download speed, I get on average 235-242MB when doing a OOKLA Speed test on my 1900 PRO. The box functions well as well when using many different streaming apps.
  13. We currently have nothing available This is something that we are trying to work on, but cannot guarantee this right now I will continue to update once I know more.
  14. I use 60HZ on a LED TV at home without issue, same with the 5 units we have on display in our showroom. Is your TV LCD, LED or Plasma?
  15. We currently do not have Android 5+ available for the ATV 585