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  1. Which files did you use?
  2. Not yet available. And I have no release date yet for it either. It is being worked on though. We have an updated version to 17 though that fixes the PVR add ons issue.
  3. Did you turn on the remote setting in the settings menu for Remote IME As I said before, the Android TV remote won't work with our boxes.
  4. Ok thanks for letting us know And good to hear it works now.
  5. We will have 17.1 available soon. So you should be good with this next version for at least 12-18 months, since this is usually how long new Official Kodi versions are out until they go to Kodi 18 for example. I cannot comment on 18 right now, as we do not know enough information about it at this time.
  6. You can use a USB drive to take the update also.
  7. Thanks for sharing this.
  8. There is no OS upgrade for the 582 available at this time
  9. The auto update is not going to do anything if you already have the latest update. And you cannot upgrade to the latest OS either, because 4.4 is the latest version available. We are not the only box company with the issue of not being able to upgrade the OS past 4.4. Kodi making their newest version of Kodi 17 Android 5+ has affected a lot of people. None of these types of boxes have the ability to expand memory or slots to expand the memory, I don't think I have ever seen an Android device that offered this except for a project that google had available last year and then scraped. As I have said before, we are looking into upgrading to 5.1, but cannot promise anything at this time.
  10. Please let me know how it works out Thanks
  11. When you uninstalled 16.1 you lost all of your add ons within Kodi. That is why your library is empty.
  12. Good to hear.
  13. Sorry I have never heard of this Can you please explain more?
  14. Usually the version of Openelec or Librelec will tell you what version of Kodi it is based on. Our last version was only based on 15.XX
  15. Is something were looking into see if it is possible to do. But cannot promise anything.