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  1. Takes a few mins before it boots past mygica screen
  2. This was your issue you posted about on Page 1?
  3. Ok let us know
  4. You will have to submit your unit for warranty Please go to http://mygica.tv/help to start an RMA ticket.
  5. So new batteries fixed this issue?
  6. Can be found here
  7. The TV tuner on the 586 is meant to be used with an Indoor or Outdoor TV antenna Are you using one in your house?
  8. Which version of Firmware are you currently running?
  9. The boot card files are some of the only files that would fix something like this. If these dont work, then please keep reading. We don't have any pin shorts for the 585 like the 1200. You could also try a USB to Serial Cable with the Amlogic USB burning tool, if you happen to have one of these cables. There is a plug for it on the main board for this type of cable.
  10. Info about PVR add ons can be found here http://kodi.wiki/view/PVR
  11. You need a different version of Netflix for this. As Widevine Level 1 is already built into the box to make HD work.
  12. Can find Android 5.1 for the ATV 380 here 5.1 will be the highest version available for the 380 There is almost no difference between 5.1 and 6 anyways But 5.1 is where support stops for this chipset.
  13. There is an Upgrade app that is pre installed on all boxes. If you open this, and turn off automatic updates, you can search for an update manually. Or if you leave this turned on, anytime we send out a new update you will see a pop up in the middle of your screen
  14. Would you want to install it manually for now?