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  1. I posted our fork of KODI 17.0 called MyGica Media Center on this thread 17.1 will be the the official release
  2. What model # of MyGica are you using?
  3. You guys can try it if you like. We have tested it here and it works well. It will install as a separate APP from KODI 16.1 This will work on our ATV 1800/582/380/585/586 running Android 4.4 @TeamKodi - If you read this and see there is no source code available, I apologize for this. It will be available within 1-2 weeks, once we finish a newer version based on KODI 17.1 You can email me directly if you have any questions mygicaMediaCenter20170310.apk
  4. You using KODI when trying to watch DTS audio?
  5. The 495 PRO should come unrooted out of the box. Have you tried the latest firmware update V120 we sent out today via our server??
  6. I have the APK currently for 17.0. We called it MyGica Media Center. But now 17.1 came out so were upgrading it to this. Should be completed within the next week and available on the Play Store along with Source Code on Git Hub
  7. The 495 PRO comes un-rooted, so therefore there is no patch to un-root it. We only have a patch file to root the box for this model.
  8. 1. If you go to Settings part of the Home screen 2. Click on more settings 3. Click on Sounds 4. Click on Digital Sounds 5. Switch to SPDIF After this, you should get the sound you are wanting.
  9. After going through the forums and back and forth Pms It seems this has been determined to be an issue with 5.1 on the 1800E only. So were trying to find a solution for it.
  10. Either setting will work well. But if you do view 4K content then I would suggest the 4K Resolution setting
  11. Yes we have a fork of KODI 17 to work on older devices. But now we are upgrading it to 17.1. Hope to release it next week for download and on the Playstore.
  12. The 520E came rooted. Sorry but we do not have a patch file available to un root the 520e as no longer support this model
  13. Sorry just to confirm, you want to change the bootup logo and name? If so, we do not allow the user to do this as this is built into the Firmware.
  14. Have you tried this
  15. We did not make any changes to our software in regards to the remote Our remotes ON/OFF button is done via an IR Code and not through the USB. If you hold down the power button when you want to power off the unit, do you get a pop up screen with options to standby,reboot and power off?