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  1. We're trying to find a work around But cannot promise anything DSTV owns the app and the content also, this is how they have chosen to make their content available to their customers. Its a way of protecting their content. If I we're a customer of DSTV, I would be complaining, after all you are a paying customer.
  2. MYgica Atv495x

    If you swap out the 495x with the 1900 in its place, do you still have the same WiFi issues?
  3. Waiting for debugger

    Which model # of MyGica are you using?
  4. MyGica Support

    No way to add it in right now We did make the source code available though, for those that want to modify it and rebuild it with PVR themselves Can be found here Http://mygica.tv/kodi
  5. wv_7.1_20171221 - Useless Update

    We have a few test boxes here that run without issues Are you able to factory reset and try again?
  6. WiFi slow

    Are you able to change the Wifi channel setting on your router to a different one?
  7. I just bought the atv 495 pro

    Did you try to connect the Wifi through the Android Settings? The users manual explains how to connect to Wifi. Because am not sure how you would connect Wifi through Kodi??
  8. Mygica with xfinity (1800e)

    It sounds like this app blocks HDMI out, so there isnt a workaround for this. We use the Mobile Version of Android, so technically it is supposed to appear right on your screen, ie: your cell phone. But we modified Android to display through HDMI instead.
  9. DSTV Now App

    This was posted by just a regular user and not someone from the MyGica staff. The main issue isn't DRM anymore anyhow DSTV decided to take further steps to Stream their content, and made their Android App work on Google Certified Devices only All certified devices can be found here https://www.android.com/certified/partners/
  10. Device Uncertified - Google Play

    We're currently using thr AOSP Mobile/Tablet version of Android. Almost all other Android boxes similar to ours are using this. The ones not using it are listed here Http://android.com/tv Being Google Certified is totally seperate from just using Android. You need GMS Certification from Google in order to become Google Certified, and they do not certify devices that are TV Boxes when using AOSP version of Android. GMS Certification just certifies you to use Googles suite of apps, like Play Movies, Play Music, You Tube etc.
  11. New box, stuck on Install screen

    It is installing apps And did this this work for you?
  12. Request for E-Share app on AtV1800E

    We offer it on the 495 PRO, 1900 PRO, 329X, 195X and 495 PRO HDR It is a paid licensed app, that we pay E-Share to offer on the devices above. I don't think E-share sells the app for retail use, only to manufacturers. If you're looking for something similar, I suggest you look at Air Pin Pro out of the Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.waxrain.airplaydmr2&hl=en
  13. MYgica Atv495x

    Did this happen before?
  14. MyGica Support

    It was just left out on purpose.
  15. Hermione

    Have you tried a different HDMI cable? What are the color of the lights on the front of the unit?