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  1. Ok as mentioned on the forum before The power issue is affected on certain tvs and we cannot fix it This is why 7.1 for the 495P + 1900P will stay beta As for Harmony, this is probably because its not apart of the Harmony database for this version of FW I'll have to see how we can submit it to the harmony database.
  2. This is when you power off/power on the box with your remote?
  3. This is because the Firmware file was made for a different firmware version of boxes that were sold in North America Looks like you are from South Africa You should contact MyGica South Africa directly about this. As we do not manage their firmware. https://www.mygica.co.za/contact-us/
  4. Justin

    Can't turn on

    This has been handled via PM Thread has been closed
  5. Justin

    DSTV Now App

    Sounds like an app issue You should contact DSTV directly about this issue.
  6. The color buttons would need to be added to the remote configuration file via a Firmware update. I'll have to see if this can be added to our next update with Android 9 Right now we do not have any newer remotes were selling If you look for some third party Bluetooth remotes though on Amazon, those should work with the box. And may I know where your sending us support emails Currently we only manage support@mygica.tv or our ticket system at http://mygica.tv/help We respond to all emails + tickets through there If you have been emailing support@mygica.com, we do not manage that email. It is done by the China Head Office.
  7. USB Remotes don't transfer the power function in Android That is why IR is used for Power And the color buttons probably don't work because the remotes buttons were not programmed into the Remote Configuration files of the 495 MAX. As this remote was designed to work with our previous MyGica models.
  8. You get an error when trying to install the Firmware file Or when you try to open Netflix?
  9. It sounds more like you may have a defective unit then I personally use the 1960 at home with Android 7.1 and do not have these issues If you bought the unit in under 1 year, it would still be under warranty I would suggest trying to get it exchanged with your seller then.
  10. Must be an HDMI Passthrough issue then, as I re read the setup you're using. Have you tried a different HDMI Cable? As some are better then others.
  11. Sorry for the late response This must be some Media Codec issue that Plex changed on their most recent updates of the app for Android 6 on Amlogic devices. Have you tried contacting Plex directly to see if they can assist with this?
  12. Justin


    Most games you will need a mouse or gaming remote in order to play them Are you trying to use the regular remote that came with the 195x?
  13. Which remote + box are you using exactly?
  14. Justin


    Parse errors mean the apps do not work on the Version of Android you're using. A lot of apps are not compatible with Android 4.2.2 so that is probably why you're getting this error.
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