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  1. Youtube Search

    To update on this I grabbed logs of this issue on a box at office this week I sent off Hopefully we can fix this Seems Android changed something in their recent YouTube TV update
  2. UnROOT ATV582

    About 5-8 mins If its stuck, then it froze for you
  3. device broken?

    Sorry, I have not been on forum for 3 weeks. Please submit this as a Warranty ticket by going to http://mygica.tv/help Thanks
  4. ATV1800 freeze/crash during video stream playback..

    If you can make a short video of this, and Private Message it to me That would be helpful
  5. New 495X issue

    Ok great to hear.
  6. Justin Please Read - "Stand-by" issue idea worked

    Yes currently that is the latest.
  7. ATV582 issue with DSTV NOW APP

    I would contact Showbox/DSTV directly about this.
  8. Android update???

    If you are referring to Android 5.1 on the 586 I made a post regarding this here
  9. DSTV now and Supersport app

    The new moderator is located at our office in China The whole country is on their Autumn festival this week until Oct 8th I will have them posting on here by the 10th.
  10. Cant scroll in netflix app

    You need a USB computer mouse or USB Air Mouse remote to scroll on a web browser
  11. May I know which version of 5.1 you installed onto your 1800e?
  12. Help: Last ROM made for ATV1220T

    Did you try here? http://www.mygica.com/html/Support/
  13. What did you select inside the recovery menu once you got into it? Did you try Wipe Data/Factory reset and then Reboot?

    You cannot upgrade to latest version of KODI because Kodi 17+ only works on Android 5+ Your ATV 585 came with Android 4.4 Their are however a few options for you to get Kodi 17+ 1. Download our Android 5.1 Beta for the ATV 585 Make sure you Follow all of the instructions + watch the How to Video before doing so You can find the link here 2. Look for the app called "CEMC" on the Play Store on your current Android 4.4 ATV 585
  15. ATV600 Lillipop Update date range stops at 1983

    Are you using a Static Ip address or DHCP for your network?