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  1. 1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    Ok so when audio is set to SPDIF on the box and the optical is connected to the receiver the audio is garbled?
  2. KR-40 remote control stopped working

    Try re-pairing your remote Here is a video to help you
  3. Set Up

    Most apps from the Google Play Store are made for touch screen devices.
  4. 1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    Am a little confused on this then. If your receiver only uses Audio through optical, and it works using Optical from the mygica box to the receiver What is the issue then?
  5. Google Playstore Certified

    The issue has been determined that it is the DSTV app itself They have decided to make their app work with Google Certified devices only. We will try to fix this, but no guarantees.
  6. 1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    Is your Stereo receiver DTS or Dolby through HDMI?
  7. Should work on all MyGica products.
  8. Google play store uncertified

    You're correct, our devices are not GMS Certfied by Google. As Google does not certify Android Boxes using the AOSP(Mobile/Tablet) OS We cannot control how a company decides to distribute their content through their apps In this case DSTV. Also, most MyGica boxes come rooted, which model are you using?
  9. Google Playstore Certified

    There is not really a patch for this Google does not certify Android boxes that use the Mobile/Tablet (AOSP) OS, so it will never get onto the certified device list. We will try to get this to work, but there are no guarantees We cannot control how a company decides to distribute their content, in this case DSTV.
  10. Screen orientation

    There should be an option for this under the Display settings of Android
  11. Sintonizador TV - No Funciona

    Which firmware did you install? And which tuner are you using in your country? DVB-T2, ISDB-T or ATSC?
  12. ATV585 No root access

    What are you trying to do exactly? If your looking to do a reboot, just hold down the power button on the remote and you will be given an option to reboot that way.
  13. Is atv586 supports both isdb and dvb?

    We're only familiar with ATSC and not DVB-T2 Please email support@mygica.com for better support on this
  14. Air Mouse Remote not Working Properly

    Sounds like you need to re-pair the remote Info can be found here http://wiki.mygica.tv/index.php?title=Kr41-RemotePair
  15. mygica495x rca video output problem

    You cannot use the RCA and HDMI at the same time Only one at a time. Also, 480P is not supported on RCA only 480i Try connecting just the RCA and remove HDMI, then doing a full power reboot It should connect after this.
  16. New lease on life for myGica 582 with Kodi 17.6

    Thanks for sharing this You're welcome to paste links from the Libreelec forums if you want to also
  17. My gica 195x

    What did you unplug exactly? The 195x uses a Bluetooth remote. Did you try new batteries on the remote? When you press any button on the remote is the light flashing or only light up each time you press a button?
  18. Unable To pair YouTube To Mobile

    Try installing it from the MyGica store It should be on there
  19. Playstation Vue & 586

    Then yes you can try this
  20. Playstation Vue & 586

    What thread is this in? As you just pasted a direct download link
  21. ATV520E

    The ATV 520E only works on Android 4.2 You cannot update it to anything higher then 4.2
  22. Ate 585

    Can be found here
  23. Wifi will not turn on. 1900 Pro

    Sounds more like a hardware issue If you bought it in Canada or USA I suggest submitting it for warranty by going to http://help.mygica.tv
  24. MyGica Market YouTube app.

    Try installing the You Tube Android TV version from the MyGica store This should be the version you're looking for
  25. The box freezes after the Lollipop screen

    Have you tried re installing the firmware?