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  1. I will pass along this suggestion Thanks
  2. Justin

    ATV1960 only run android at 1080p

    How did you determine that everything is 1080p when the box is outputting 4K? Or do you mean the apps you're using and content you're watching?
  3. Justin

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    We sent to about 5 users privately so far with good results. Fixes the audio issue + many other good features and it runs very good We can PM you as well if you like?
  4. The update is done using an SD card Plus you need to have all the files on the SD card and follow the instructions? The only reason why it would end up in the Recovery screen is that you did something wrong. Not sure why you would format internal sd
  5. Justin


    Can you please give a more detailed explanation about this?
  6. Boot into Recovery mode with the reset button And clear the cache Then reboot and try to install it again.
  7. Justin


    17.1 is out It should be on the Aptoide store.
  8. Justin

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    I private messaged you something to try
  9. @Jalize and @erndog I Private Message both of you Android 7.1 Beta files to try. Please note this is still in Beta However it has gone through about 4 weeks of changes to get to this You will have to re-install all of your own personal apps It also uses a different Home Screen.
  10. Justin

    Device is not certified by Google

    If you factory reset the box it should work after this
  11. Justin


    Had to install Bose Connect on your box?
  12. Justin

    WiFi Issue

    Good to hear and thanks for sharing Let us know if you have any other questions Thanks
  13. Justin

    Netflix downloading

    Netflix does have a download for later feature They have instructions for this listed here https://help.netflix.com/en/node/54816 Please note, not all TV Shows/Movies available on Netflix can be downloaded.
  14. I will be getting a newer update tomorrow Will try it out here on our side and see if it can be shared to others on the forum privately
  15. Justin

    Up and Down on remote

    With the remote that came with the unit No, I don't know of any way around this Only way I can suggest is to get a USB style remote.. Sorry.
  16. Justin

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    I can try and PM you something later this week or early next
  17. Justin

    ATV585 Won't boot up no light.

    Then their is only 2 things that could be the issue here 1. Your power supply is no longer working 2. The device has died If you bought it within North America Please go to http://mygica.tv/help to submit a warranty ticket
  18. Justin

    Google play store uncertified

    I said that Google doesn't certify TV boxes that use the Mobile/Tablet version of Android They do however certify TV Boxes that are using the official Android TV OS https://www.android.com/tv/ Many Telcom companies are starting to get certified Android TV OS devices from Google We also have the ATV 495 MAX which is coming out soon, it is certified by Google using the Android TV OS
  19. Justin

    Up and Down on remote

    Which model did you purchase? Did it come with an IR Remote control or a USB Dongle remote? If it is an IR Remote control, the issue might be that the IR code is interfering with your TVs IR signal.
  20. Justin


    The showmax download link worked for me I got it from this link https://www.mygica.co.za/downloads/
  21. Justin

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    Do not have an exact ETA right now, as we're still testing But hopefully soon
  22. Justin

    Update 4.4 to 5.1

    Can be found here