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  1. What are the bugs you're experiencing? If you list them all, we will try to reproduce them and fix them Please keep in mind That Android 7.1 Firmware for the 1900P + 495P MyGica Will always be BETA
  2. Justin

    How to unroot ATV 329x

    Which version of Android are you using 6.0 or 7.1??
  3. Settings -> Sound -> Digital sounds -> select HDMI RAW Try this settings change above.. And let me know if it works
  4. I just responded to everyone that PM me with the latest release.
  5. We're testing something this week Sorry for the delay, we had other projects come up that delayed finishing this. I have given this out to anyone who PMs me though for it, so everyone is still welcome to do that.
  6. Hey Guys I was very busy all of last week. Will be back on Forums as of tomorrow. I have New Version of Openelec for ATV 1900,1800,582,380 and 585. Will post it up for download very soon. Works very well so far. Also have a new Firmware file for ATV 1900 as well. Which fixes some issues that you guys have been having. I cannot get any updates to anything else till after Feb 24th, due to Chinese New Years in China. Thanks Justin
  7. Leave feedback here for March 31st Firmware for ATV 582/380
  8. Justin

    Does ATV 1960 have an ATSC Tuner?

    Right now there are no plans to add a tuner to the 1960 I know our team in china submitted the ATV 598 for Google CTS testing about a month ago And I believe it will use the S912 + Single ATSC Tuner, but am not 100% sure. I will have to find out more details. It will run Android TV OS, and for the Tuner + Live Channels plans are to use Google's Live TV Channels app.
  9. Justin

    Green flash on screen

    Are you able to try using a different S-Video cable?
  10. Justin

    Can’t open ES File Manager

    It is listed under Applications as: "File Manager HD"
  11. Justin

    Does ATV 1960 have an ATSC Tuner?

    Just to add to this Our ATV 495 PRO HDR works with our A681 USB ATSC Tuner I know it is not an embedded TV Tuner, but this solution does work well. Also, the testing we did on ATV 1960 with an ATSC Tuner was the Dual Tuner And the Dual Tuner was the issue, a single tuner would work fine.
  12. Justin

    CPU temperature

    Can you please explain this issue?
  13. Justin

    Does ATV 1960 have an ATSC Tuner?

    We were going to put an ATSC Tuner originally, but testing hasn't been good for it so far On the bottom left of the brochure you will see *product details are subject to change So we changed it and removed the tuner. Right now we do not have an ATSC model planned.
  14. Justin

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    We think it is an HDCP issue, as we're not able to transfer the HDCP keys onto 7.1 So this might be causing an HDMI Issue. This is something we're working on though. I will make 7.1 public soon for everyone to use, just fixing some minor details
  15. Justin

    DSTV Now App

    Thanks for sharing this info It is very helpful
  16. Justin

    CPU temperature

    Sorry about late response Without a Hard Drive, normal temp is about 50-60 So 65-78 with a hard drive seems normal.
  17. Justin

    Bluetooth Connection

    Sounds like you have a 495X Which does not have Bluetooth That is why you're having this issue.
  18. Justin

    DSTV Now App

    I would take up this issue with your seller then. Or take it up with the distributor I work for the distributor in North America, so I have no influence on this issue with the distributor or the seller that sold it to you.
  19. Justin

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    Great to hear Appreciate the feedback and thanks for testing it. I think we will make 7.1 Public to everyone for the 1900 PRO and 495 PRO next week Both units will have they're own FW
  20. What do you mean by this?
  21. Justin

    OS update

    I think the issue here is the remote that came with the 185 is a different IR Code Are you using an IR Remote + IR Cable to use the 185? If you can, try hooking up a USB mouse or Keyboard and see if that works instead.
  22. Justin

    mygica 1960

    Not everything listed on Geniatech's website is available off the shelf Some of the stuff listed is under development The ATV 1962 falls under this, in development We tested the 1960 with S905 and also S912 with Dual Tuners, but just felt it needed more work to be ready for the public. So that is why we have never released it for North America.
  23. Justin

    mygica 1960

    Sounds like a box I want..lol This is a box I've been trying to get developed 4GB Ram + 32GB Internal Memory USB 3.0 HDMI IN + HDMI OUT The USBs should be able to support the hard drives, but I haven't tried myself. Am looking at adding USB-C + Display Port as well. The issue is, this box would be $250+ lol Right now its just in development, not sure where it will go or if it will come out RK3399 is the same chipset that's being used in the new Google Chromebook's
  24. You can leave your feedback here for ATV 1800/1800E MARCH 31ST FEEDBACK THREAD