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    No not at this time.
  2. That was me who made that post And the request was made to Netflix But their requirements are about 1 million+ units a year to even be considered for a retail box. A lot of Android TV OS boxes coming out do not have Netflix. Even the adt-2 official device from Google doesn't have it, I just got one and it's not there. Their is even a few Reddit threads about it.
  3. Is there a Hardware Decoding setting on the Plex app? Sounds like you may be viewing video in software decoding.
  4. The standard warranty should be 1 year from the date of purchase. But best to check with your seller for a more clear answer.
  5. Justin


    Is this question about an app you're using?
  6. You can try the update that I suggested Seems your box is running 7.1 Android already, so the update I suggested will work.
  7. The MAC printed on the box is the Ethernet MAC If you're using Wifi, then it has a completely different MAC address Ethernet + Wifi + Bluetooth all have their own MAC addresses.
  8. If you're using the KR303 on the 1800E, it was never added for support to the firmware of the 1800e as it came out a few years after the 1800e was released. This would explain why it doesn't work for you.
  9. We have had the 1960 Android 7.1 Firmware available to download on our Forums for awhile now Can be found below We only sold the 1960s in Canada/USA with Android 7.1 If you want to update the 1960 with Android 6, which were bought in South Africa, I would suggest contacting the Distributor directly for this then.
  10. It's displaying sideways because it sounds like the app you side loaded was for a Phone/Tablet. Cravetv claims to have an Android TV app coming soon, but no set date. Have you tried casting Crave TV from your phone or tablet to the 495 MAX??
  11. So powerline adapters using Ethernet did not work? Sorry that was the post I was referring to. If wifi will not turn on, then it sounds like a hardware issue with the box itself.
  12. Its just a miss print on their part The 495 MAX uses Android TV OS I'll get them to try and change it.
  13. I personally use a Huawei Mate 9 for my phone. And was able to cast from the apps you mentioned above to the 495 MAX that is in our store front on display without issues. Am using the latest Chromecast update from the Play Store as well. Am located in Canada, so not sure if that makes a difference here when using Chromecast. Only Netflix did not work, as it won't work through Chromecast on the 495 MAX as were not Netflix authorized. And the Pin you mentioned on real chromecast 2 is just so you can setup wifi through the Google Home app on your chromecast 2, since original chromecast 2 has no user interface when plugged into your TV.
  14. Justin


    I think it would be better if you contacted DSTV Now about this As it sounds like an issue with their app/service.
  15. Justin


    These files and instructions should fix the issue you're having Please note that holding down the power button is the reset button
  16. This is sounding more like a hardware issue then I would try out the suggestions I made 2 posts above your post first
  17. You can try these files and steps to try and revive your box
  18. You may have not allowed the MIC as a permission setting after you upgraded the app. From the home screen, go to settings and select Manage Apps Find the You Tube app, and then go to permissions There should be a permission for the Microphone Make sure it is turned on If it was off, and then you turned it on. It should start working after this.
  19. May I know which app you're using exactly that is giving you the error messages that you mentioned? Based on what you wrote, am guessing you're using KODI??
  20. Justin


    May I know when + where you purchased this from?
  21. Please watch and try this video It should fix your issue
  22. Please watch and try this video It should solve your issue
  23. Justin


    Did you update the current version from the Aptoide App Store? If so, you will need to uninstall it and then use the Aptoide App Store to re-install You Tube However instead of selecting Install, go to "Other Versions" and select a version from like September or October of 2018 to install This should solve your issue.
  24. Justin


    May I know when and where you purchased the unit from?
  25. Are you able to try connecting a Computer Keyboard or Mouse via USB to the box? Most USB Computer Wireless keyboards/mouse should work when you connect them to the box
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