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  1. KODI 17.3 stuttering

    Ok SPMC is a very good fork of Kodi for Android. It is created by the original Android developer from Team Kodi, so good to know it is working better for you now. We will have to look more into this Kodi issue still though
  2. KODI 17.3 stuttering

    It has been reported working by other users on other threads within our forum. If you want, you can try a factory reset to see if that helps Please note it will delete everything you have installed onto your box
  3. Can't log in to google play store

    I responded to this same question you posted on a different thread.
  4. Sounds like the OS became corrupt Can you get into Recovery mode with the reset button and try reloading the firmware and resetting the box?
  5. Format not supported

    These are the latest files Make sure you are using an SD card when installing them, and make sure that SD card is formatted to FAT32
  6. Model 495 Pro - no connection!

    If you tried all of that and still no display, then it sounds like the unit is defective May I know when and where you purchased it from?
  7. atv 1800e

    If its from here Then that is latest version, and we mentioned that standby issue wasn't 100% fixed for all users.
  8. ATV 195 Remote is not working

    Glad it worked out, and thanks for sharing the info I will get our Admin to look into our search box feature on our forum and see why it does not work properly.
  9. Updates

    Glad it worked Although Automatic should work also.
  10. Kodi 17.1 audio passthrough issue

    Ok this makes more sense to me now. MyGicasupport admin and myself are actively trying this here all week and will work hard to get this issue resolved. Sorry about the delay on this
  11. Please contact support@mygica.com As we are not familiar with these apps since were in North America.

    Please contact support@mygica.com As we are not familiar with these apps since were in North America.
  13. Bluetooth

    This is the MyGica South African Distributors website So it is a mistake on their part. I would contact them about this. I only work for North American Distributor http://mygica.tv Were bringing in the 495X here next month and our version won't have Bluetooth.
  14. Supersport and DSTV App

    Sorry but were not familiar with these apps since were in Canada Please email support@mygica.com to fix these issues.
  15. UnROOT ATV582

    Sorry I am a bit confused by your posts Is there something we can help with here?
  16. Root Access

    This isn't available yet It will require a Root Patch Once available we will post it in the Root Patch section within Downloads.
  17. Exit from Plex - Hang

    Good to hear.
  18. MyGica 1900AC Green light No Picture

    Please report back and let me know
  19. 'Weather' icon in MyGica Launcher 2.2.8 ??

    This is a location setting within Android that just needs to be turned off
  20. OK Button doesn't work on KODI 17.1

    Re submit a ticket at http://mygica.tv/help Put Attention Justin on it I will take care of it there.
  21. Couple of issues

    I have never actually used this type of setup before and this sounds more like a Kodi Android issue Did you get this PVR add on from the Official Kodi Repo? If so, there might be an issue with the settings within Kodi. I think you would get the best support for this issue on the official Kodi Forum https://forum.kodi.tv/
  22. ATV495 Remote pairing

    Ok good to hear that you got it replaced and working now.
  23. Format not supported

    Where did you get these files? Can you post a link to it? Also what are you using to install them, an SD card or USB drive? Make sure either of them are formatted to FAT32
  24. Couple of issues

    1, You try a different HDMI cable? 2. What app are you using to view the Channels?
  25. Updates

    We cannot do anything then if your internet connection is slow. I can download a 600MB File within 5-7 mins on my home + office internet connection. I would suggest trying LTE, that sounds much faster at 20-30