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    wv_7.1_20171221 - Useless Update

    I will have to try this on an Amp to see why it doesn't do what you describe. Chromecast needs to be certified by Google, and I have only seen it on Official Android TV Devices We have an official Android TV device coming out soon, the 495 MAX. It will have built in Chromecast. One of the better casting receiver apps that I have seen is AIRPIN PRO, it is about $5 in the Playstore. But it is worth it.
  2. Justin

    Root access for 5.1 beta

    Sorry but we do not have this available, as the version of OS is just Beta. You can always try to root it yourself using Super User or Kingroot I haven't tried this before myself, but I know it is widely used to Root Android Devices.
  3. Justin

    ATV 585 Unroot

    Here you go update_MyGica_ATV585_20160303_patch_unroot.img
  4. Justin

    mygica 1960

    We have been sold out of the 1900 PRO for about 4 months now. So your theory is wrong. The 1960 being sold in the US only comes with Android 6.0 When Best Buy starts carrying the 1960 in June, it will come with Android 7.1
  5. Justin

    wv_7.1_20171221 - Useless Update

    We will be updating the Android 7.1 FW soon It should be an OTA Server update directly to your box. In regards to Netflix, it is best to use a Mouse or Air Mouse remote, as the Netflix app being used is made for Tablets/Phones We have no way of getting the Android TV Version to work, because they need to certify the device in order to work for that version, and their requirements are very very high to do this. If you go into apps, Droid Settings, you will see all the settings for HDMI CEC. Please note you need to make sure you're using an HDMI Cable which supports CEC.
  6. Justin

    ATV1960 firmware update

    There is no update currently available Connect failed means there is no update available.
  7. Justin


    Have you tried these Factory Restore Files? If these do not work, then I think your HDMI out port has stopped working.
  8. Justin


    What files are you trying to download? Can you share a link
  9. Justin

    4TB internal HDD

    We haven't tried this so cannot guarantee that it will work If anyone else has tried this, they're welcome to share.
  10. Justin

    1800e rest didnt work

    Which files are you trying to use?
  11. Justin

    Driver s870

    You can try this https://mega.nz/#!Bu4UgIJa!f_1y_VscOyYhnujNkE8LFej2jg47DCtF8edgQeWCMeQ Please note this device is very old and no longer made or sold by us. If this does not work, try installing it in Compatibility mode. If that doesn't work, then we cannot make it work anymore.
  12. Justin


    Did you let it finish downloading and install the download? Also we're you taking a software update? Or trying to install apps?
  13. AMlogic has only ever given us 32 Bit OS I know it seems weird since its a 64 Bit chipset. But this is what they give us.
  14. Justin

    1900 Pro Garbled Audio

    When did you purchase them?
  15. Justin

    ATV495Pro Remote not working

    Thanks for sharing this
  16. Justin

    Miracast, Windows 10, very choppy.

    We have 4 boxes connected in the office, all have MyGica Share 3 are 495 PRO HDR and 1 is 495X I have tried using the MyGica Share PC App that mirrors the Video and Sound On all 4 boxes, the sound and video both work without issues. I would suggest trying to get the unit exchanged with your seller as it sounds like there is an issue with the box itself.
  17. As I have mentioned before You can upgrade the 586 to 5.1 using the 585/600 Files Just the TV Tuner will not work. You're correct, there are many other boxes running 5.1 that have 1GB Ram, we have never disputed this We have only stated we cannot get the TV Tuner to work on the chipset that is being used on the 586. There is a lot of modifications that go into making an embedded on board TV Tuner work with an OS. Amlogic only released a Beta version of Android 5.1 for the S805 Chipset and never updated it, and the issue is we cannot get the Tuner to work on it. Am closing this thread,
  18. Justin

    Remap remote control

    Am not sure then As far as I know there is only 3 types of settings for Power Button Sleep/Standby Power Off Reboot I have seen kill all apps on another version box we make when going into Sleep/Standby Mode, but we just didn't add it to MyGica FW We had to actually build this into the OS
  19. Justin

    Remap remote control

    If you convert the box to Android 7.1 Under Droid Settings and Power Key Definition, you can easily switch the Power button to POWER OFF. This feature isn't available in Android 6.0 though If you look in Root Explorer for the Remote.config file Then you can modify the power settings to do what you want.
  20. Make sure to change the USB storage devices format to NTFS It sounds like you have it formatted to FAT32, as FAT 32 caps out at 2GB in file size And of course recording will stop if video signal is missing
  21. Try emailing our China HQ directly about this issue sales@mygica.com Thanks
  22. Justin

    Miracast, Windows 10, very choppy.

    You need to type in the IP address into a web browser
  23. Justin

    No mouse add on with new update 7.1

    Good to here Cetus Play is more current and gets updated They haven't updated Remote IME in a few years now
  24. Justin

    Remap remote control

    Standby and Sleep mode are the same thing. If you long press the power button, you will get an option to Standby Reboot or Power Off Power off will fully power off the unit, if that is what you're referring to about sleep mode
  25. Justin


    Yes I found it was also an issue, you need to manually update each add on. If anyone wants to try and fix it and resign/rebuild a new APK they can Source code is here: http://mygica.tv/kodi